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Drake Casino logo
Drake Casino
United States 3.4 Very Good (2835)
60 Free Spins 300% First Deposit Bonus
Metaspins Casino logo
Metaspins Casino
United States 3.7 Very Good (1362)
100% First Deposit Bonus
DuckyLuck Casino logo
DuckyLuck Casino
United States 3.5 Very Good (3867)
Free Spins 500% + 150 FS First Deposit Bonus
CryptoSlots Casino logo
CryptoSlots Casino
United States 3.7 Very Good (1298)
exclusive image 177% + 25 FS First Deposit Bonus
Captain Jack Casino logo
Captain Jack Casino
United States 3.7 Very Good (3398)
exclusive image $55 No Deposit Bonus exclusive image 200% First Deposit Bonus
Gossip Slots Casino logo
Gossip Slots Casino
United States 3.4 Very Good (2172)
60 Free Spins 250% First Deposit Bonus
Lucky Tiger Casino logo
Lucky Tiger Casino
United States 3.8 Very Good (2130)
exclusive image $25 No Deposit Bonus 250% First Deposit Bonus
Wild Casino logo
Wild Casino
United States 3.7 Very Good (938)
250% First Deposit Bonus
Diamond Reels Casino logo
Diamond Reels Casino
United States 3.5 Very Good (2479)
exclusive image 40 Free Spins 250% First Deposit Bonus
Spin Dimension Casino logo
Spin Dimension Casino
United States 3.6 Very Good (852)
exclusive image 50 Free Spins 300% First Deposit Bonus
T&C applies
Shazam Casino logo
Shazam Casino
United States 3.8 Very Good (3563)
exclusive image $25 No Deposit Bonus 250% First Deposit Bonus
Super Slots Casino logo
Super Slots Casino
United States 3.7 Very Good (938)
250% First Deposit Bonus
ComicPlay Casino logo
ComicPlay Casino
United States 3.8 Very Good (1455)
275% + 50 FS First Deposit Bonus
Avantgarde Casino logo
Avantgarde Casino
United States 3.6 Very Good (1267)
400% First Deposit Bonus
Slots Dreamer Casino logo
Slots Dreamer Casino
United States 3.6 Very Good (1303)
400% First Deposit Bonus
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Play at the best USA casinos and have more fun than ever! Choose from top US gambling sites, compare them to one another, and register on the one that has everything you are looking for.

NewVegas Casino logo
NewVegas Casino
United States 3.8 Very Good (2919)
exclusive image 70 Free Spins exclusive image 300% First Deposit Bonus
Slotland Casino logo
Slotland Casino
United States 3.8 Very Good (2182)
exclusive image $40 No Deposit Bonus exclusive image 200% First Deposit Bonus
High Country Casino logo
High Country Casino
United States 3.8 Very Good (539)
500% + 50% CB First Deposit Bonus
Las Atlantis Casino logo
Las Atlantis Casino
United States 3.8 Very Good (1940)
exclusive image $35 No Deposit Bonus 280% First Deposit Bonus
Winaday Casino logo
Winaday Casino
United States 3.8 Very Good (2582)
exclusive image 200% First Deposit Bonus
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Find your new USA casino in the blink of an eye! Browse through these new US gambling sites, check out their features and bonuses, and make the choice that best suits you.

Ninbet Casino logo
Mar 08, 2023
Ninbet Casino
United States 3.4 Very Good (290)
200% + 50 FS First Deposit Bonus
Crypto Loko Casino logo
Jan 31, 2023
Crypto Loko Casino
United States 3.9 Very Good (1073)
exclusive image 105 Free Spins exclusive image 505% + 560 FS First Deposit Bonus
SlotsWin Casino logo
Jan 20, 2023
SlotsWin Casino
United States 3.7 Very Good (517)
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Dec 12, 2022 Casino
United States 3.7 Very Good (735)
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Vera Casino logo
Dec 01, 2022
Vera Casino
United States 3.5 Very Good (272)
125% First Deposit Bonus
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Gambling Laws and Regulations in the USA

USA casinos gambling laws and regulations

In the United States of America, gambling is legal under federal law. However, each state has the right to prohibit or regulate gambling within its borders. 

Therefore, you can see there are many restrictions when it comes to interstate and online gambling. 

While there is no country-wide regulatory body when it comes to gambling, each state has its own regulatory agency. 

At the time of writing, online casinos are legal in only 6 states. Here are the authorities that regulate gambling in these jurisdictions: 

State Regulatory Agency
Connecticut The Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection Gaming Division
Delaware Delaware State Lottery Office
Michigan Michigan Gaming Control Board
New Jersey New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement
Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board
West Virginia The West Virginia Lottery Commission


Indiana and Illinois are expected to legalize online casino gambling as well in 2023.

Gambling used to be illegal in the United States, with the exception of Nevada and New Jersey. Nowadays, at least one form of gambling is allowed in 48 of the 50 states. The forms allowed differ from one state to another due to state laws. 

The main forms of gambling allowed right now are:

  • Online casinos - 6 states
  • Online Poker - 6 states
  • Online sports betting - 23 States and Washington D.C.

types of gambling in the usa

The 3 main federal laws that regulate gambling in the US are the following:

1. The Wire Act 

This was passed in 1961 and is the most important federal law that affects gambling activities within the United States of America. The law prohibits the use of wire communications (for example a phone) to place sports bets across state lines. 

While it has been unclear several times since the law was passed whether or not it refers exclusively to sports betting or it applies to any form of gambling. 

Today, according to many courts in the US Justice system, the Act only applies to interstate sports betting. 

2. The Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA)

Also known as the Bradley Act, was passed in 1992 and it outlawed sports betting across the nation, with only a few exceptions. Montana, Oregon, Delaware and licensed sports pools in Nevada were the only ones exempt from this law. 

In May 2018, the law was judicially overturned as the Supreme Court of the United States ruled that it conflicts with the Tenth Amendment. 

3. Unlawful Internet Gambling and Enforcement Act (UIGEA) 

This is the law that regulates online gambling. It was passed in 2006 and it prohibits gambling operators from accepting payments over the internet, making it unlawful under any federal or state law. 

The exceptions from this law are for skill games, fantasy sports that meet specific requirements, and legal interstate and intertribal gaming. 
It is unclear whether or not this affects lotteries, interstate wagering, or horse racing. 


In 2012, a law was passed allowing each state to issue its own gambling licenses through their regulatory agencies.

Responsible Gambling in the USA

responsible gambling

Casino, sports betting, and internet gambling businesses in the United States of America have to follow the Responsible Gaming Statutes and Regulations Guide imposed by the American Gaming Association (AGA).  
This applies to all 34 jurisdictions with commercial gaming operations and the District of Columbia. 

The responsible gambling laws and regulations vary between the jurisdictions, but they include the following:

responsible gambling icon

Responsible gaming plan

In 21 jurisdictions it is mandatory that both online and land-based gaming operators create and submit for approval a plan which addresses responsible gambling issues. 

The plan must include solutions regarding employee training as well as their efforts to create public awareness of responsible gambling practices. 

Employees of land-based casinos must receive training to be able to identify players who display risky or problematic behaviour on the casino floor. 

property signage

Property signage and responsible gambling disclosure

31 of the jurisdictions have strict requirements regarding property signage and the availability of information about the risks of gambling. 

These may come in the form of a brochure for land-based casinos and they have to also contain the forms of help a player can seek, along with contact information for counselling and assistance programs.

restrictions on payment methods

Payment methods restrictions

In 17 jurisdictions, American casino operators are forbidden from allowing deposits made via credit cards, stored-value cards that represent public benefits, as well as government-issued checks. 

limiting tools

Limiting tools

Online sports betting and casino operators in 25 jurisdictions have to provide their players with a tool to limit their deposits, bet amounts, and the time they spend gambling. 

casino self exclusion


All 34 jurisdictions are required to offer self-exclusion options to sports betting and casino players. 

By self-excluding, players choose a period for which they will not be able to sign up or log into any of the casinos and betting sites in the self-exclusion record. 

Also, operators are forbidden from sending any promotional material to self-excluded players and have to deny them any complementaries. 

funding for research

Funding for treatment and research

28 of the jurisdictions have committed to supporting problem gambling treatment, awareness, and research. Most of these states direct a part of the gaming revenue to this type of initiative and programs.

restrictions and bans on house credit

Restrictions and bans on house credit

Also in 28 of the jurisdictions, house credit in both land-based and US online casinos and sports betting sites is either limited or completely banned. 

This means players cannot receive credit in advance from gaming and betting operators. 

advertising restrictions

Advertising restrictions

While gambling advertising is not illegal, there are strict rules under which this is allowed. 
In many jurisdictions, any ads for casinos and sports betting sites are not allowed to target minors or be deceptive. 

restrictions on alcoholic beverages

Restrictions on the consumption of alcoholic beverages

In 18 jurisdictions, casino operators have to make sure that they limit the service of alcoholic beverages in their land-based gaming facilities. 

Also, they have to limit access to gambling services for all players who are visibly intoxicated. 


Besides the rules we have outlined, new laws and regulations are implemented regularly by each state when it comes to responsible gambling. It is advisable to simply research the ones for the state you reside in.  

Gambling Types Allowed in the USA

If you are new to gambling altogether, here are some brief explanations of the 6 gambling types allowed in the USA:

Commercial casinos 

These are casinos owned by private businesses. They are often located on boats, as this is usually the only way the state allows them to function.

Tribal casinos 

Casinos in Indian reservations or tribal land within the United States. The Native American tribes are sovereign nations, meaning that the state does not have general regulatory authority over these casinos.

State lotteries

These are lotteries organized by the state.

Sports betting 

Placing wagers on the outcomes of sports competitions made with the help of a bookmaker, also known as a sportsbook. 

Pari-mutuel betting

A type of betting which has players betting against each other instead of against the bookmaker. All bets go to the same pool and the amount is split equally between winners. 

Online casinos  

Websites accessible from desktop and mobile devices which offer a variety of games, from slot games to table games and even Live Casino games. 

Gambling Taxes in the US

gambling taxes in usa

Casino players in the United States of America have to pay taxes on their gambling winnings. Any income resulting from gambling is taxable like any other type of income you receive. 

This means you have to fill out a W-2G form

You have to type in the gross winnings in your tax return form and later you will be able to record your losses for the year. You cannot type in your net winnings, which is the gross winnings minus your losses. 

Be aware

Casinos are not obligated to automatically give you a W-2G form. Reporting your winnings and paying taxes are solely your responsibility.

However, some casinos will send you such a form when you reach a certain amount in winnings. When they do this, the same form is also automatically sent to the IRS. Therefore, if you fail to report the winnings, you will be notified by the IRS

State-by-State Comparison of the US Legal Gambling Age

The minimum age required to be able to gamble in the United States ranges from 18 to 21, depending on the state you reside in and the type of gambling you want to engage in. 

Check out the following table and see the state-by-state comparison of the legal gambling age in the US:

State Minimum Age

alabama flag 



alaska flag 



Arizona flag



arkansas flag



california flag


21 or 18 (depends on the casino)
18 (Lottery)

colorado flag


21 (casinos)
18 (lottery)

Connecticut flag



Delaware flag


21 (casinos)
18 (lottery)

District of Columbia flag

District of Columbia


florida flag


21 (casinos)
18 (lottery)

Georgia flag



Hawaii flag



Idaho flag



Illinois flag



Indiana flag



Iowa flag



Kansas flag



Kentucky flag



Louisiana flag



Maine flag


21 (casinos)
18 (lottery)

Maryland flag



Massachusetts flag



Michigan flag



Minnesota flag



Mississippi flag



Missouri flag



Montana flag



Nebraska flag



Nevada flag



New Hampshire flag

New Hampshire


New Jersey flag

New Jersey


New Mexico flag

New Mexico


New York flag

New York


North Carolina flag

North Carolina


North Dakota flag

North Dakota

21 or 18

Ohio flag


21 or 18

Oklahoma flag



Oregon flag


21 (casinos)
18 (other)

Pennsylvania flag



Rhode Island flag

Rhode Island


South Dakota flag

South Dakota


South Carolina flag

South Carolina


Tennessee flag


21 (sports betting)
18 (lottery)

Texas flag



Vermont flag



Virginia flag


21 (casinos)
18 (other)

Washington flag



West Virginia flag

West Virginia


Wisconsin flag



Checklist: Choose the Best USA Online Casinos

If you want to choose the best USA online casinos, the easiest way to do that is by using the following checklist: 

1. Filter and sort the options

Check out the list of US casinos we have in store for you. Use our filtering and sorting options to see the results closer to what you are looking for. 

You can choose:

  • The Chipy filter to only see the platforms that come with an exclusive deal for Chipy users. 
  • The Free Bonus filter only shows you the casinos that offer you no deposit bonuses to start with. These are great especially if you are a beginner and need more funds and less risk. 
  • If you are looking for newly launched platforms, click the New filter

You can then sort the US Casinos list by the number of reviews, the highest rating, and the date of launch. 

chipy sorting options

2. Read the reviews and check the ratings

It is imperative that you check out the platform you are planning to join before signing up and investing money. Check out the complete casino reviews list, read real players’ reviews, and check out their ratings to find out exactly what the casino has to offer and what it lacks. 

player reviews on

The reviews and ratings come from real players and they reflect their personal experiences with the top USA online gambling sites. 

3. Make sure it offers bonuses

Casino bonuses are very useful and entertaining. Regardless of your level of experience, we advise you always look for casino promotions, especially when joining a new gaming site. You can go for: 

  • No deposit promotions like free spins, free chips for Live Casino games, or free funds to use on any game on the casino site.
  • First deposit bonuses are provided for your first payment on the site. It can include free spins, funds, chips, or a combination of these.
  • Welcome packages contain from 2 to 5 different gambling site offers credited upon your first up to five consecutive payments. 
  • VIP deals become available to you once you join the top USA real money online casinos loyalty program. These keep you entertained long after you have signed up and allow you to have something to look forward to every time you come back to play. 

4. Check if it offers your favorite games

game collection

The best online casinos for USA players have many games in their collection and collaborate with top software providers

A good thing to check out is the variety they offer, as you will want to try new games and eventually find more favorites. It is great to have plenty of options and especially newly-launched games

The United States casinos have plenty of games in store for you and they regularly add new ones to their collection. 

5. The T&Cs are clear and fair

The Terms and Conditions have to be clear and fair in the best USA online casinos, as they completely shape the experience you are going to have on the platform. 

Read them with close attention and make sure every rule and requirement makes sense and is fair. 

You can reach out to customer support for any questions you may have and they should be able to answer clearly.

6. You can use the payment methods you prefer

payment methods

After signing up, your next step will be to make your first deposit. For that, it is better if the US casino offers the payment methods you use and prefer. 

Take a look at their payment options page or the cashier and see what deposit methods they have available. It is equally important that you check out their withdrawal options as well, as these may differ from the deposit ones. 

7. Check our Blacklist

Before you sign up on a new US casino, make sure they are not on our Blacklist. This list contains platforms that have proven themselves to be unfair or unprofessional. 

The list constantly changes, as new platforms are added and some are removed after they have fixed the issues that got them added to the list in the first place. 

8. Check for their mobile app

mobile casino app

Being able to play your favorite casino games on mobile is no longer a preference, but a standard in all the top real money online casinos for US players. 

Almost all online casino sites now offer full compatibility for mobile devices in-browser play. However, some come with their own casino apps you can download from their official website, and, in some rare cases, even from the iOS or Google Play Store. 

Depending on how you prefer to play, make sure the US casinos you choose have their own app or work flawlessly on your mobile devices

How to Join an Online Casino in USA

If you are ready to join your first US online casino, simply follow these easy steps and you will be playing in no time: 

casino selection

Step 1 - Choose a casino

Choose a platform that suits your wants and needs from the top USA online casinos, after reading the player reviews and checking out the ratings for the ones you are interested in. 

sign-up on casino

Step 2 - Sign up

If you have found a platform you would like to play on, it is time to sign up. Make sure you complete the sign-up form with correct and up-to-date information. 

Read the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy before agreeing to them. 


  • you will have to verify your account either via email, SMS, or, in some cases, over the phone or video call;
  • you may go through the KYC (Know Your Customer) process now to be able to cash out your money later.

If you chose a free signup bonus at a no deposit casino, you may at this step claim your offer and enjoy some fun for free.

make deposit

Step 3 - Make your first deposit

Once your account is verified, head to the cashier and take a look at the available deposit options, pick one of the methods available, and type in the required information to make your first payment

claim casino bonus

Step 4 - Claim your first bonus

You want to benefit from any promotion the US casino is offering, especially the First Deposit Bonus or Welcome Package. 

Pay attention as some online casino bonus codes in USA come with special codes you have to type in when making your first deposit to claim them. If you miss this step, they become unclaimable after you have already made your first payment. 

play at online casino

Step 5 - Enjoy the fun 

With your casino balance set and your bonus claimed, you can go ahead and choose any game you prefer

Top 5 Popular Real Money Casino Games in the US

The top 5 real money casino games US players prefer are the following: 

avalon II slot logo

1. Avalon II

  • 97% RTP
  • 243 paylines
  • Multipliers, Free Spins, Bonus Game

guns n roses slot logo

2. Guns 'n' Roses

  • 96.98% RTP
  • 20 paylines
  • Bonus Game, Multipliers, Free Spins

thunderstruck II slot logo

3. Thunderstruck II

  • 96.65% RTP
  • 243 paylines
  • Free Spins, Multipliers, Bonus Game

mega fortune slot logo

4. Mega Fortune

  • 96.6% RTP 
  • 25 paylines
  • Progressive Jackpot, Multipliers, Free Spins, Bonus Game

wheel of fortune slot logo

5. Wheel of Fortune

  • 96% RTP
  • 5 paylines
  • Bonus Game, Special Symbols

US casino players mainly prefer online slots and these are some of their favorites. However, this is not the only game type American players go for. They also play:

  • Blackjack
  • Roulette
  • Poker
  • Craps
  • Baccarat

Popular Software Providers in US Casinos

The top US online casinos come packed with high-quality games from the top software companies in the industry. Check out the most popular ones:

realtime gaming logo


RTG, Realtime Gaming, is a top-rated casino software provider founded in Atlanta, Georgia, in 1998. It still has some offices in the United States of America, but its headquarters moved to Costa Rica in the 2007-2008 timeframe


Microgaming has been creating high-quality games for players all around the world since 1994. American players can also enjoy their top products on a variety of online platforms. The company is based in the Isle of Man. 

betsoft logo


Betsoft created over 200 games since it was founded in 2006. The software developer works with over 500 clients from many countries, giving many players the chance to enjoy their fun and rewarding products.


IGT is one of the biggest names in the casino software providing industry and has over 30 years of experience. Its headquarters are located in London, England but has operating offices in Las Vegas and Reno, Nevada, Providence, Rhode Island, and Rome, Italy

bally technologies logo

Bally Technologies

Bally Technologies is an American casino software provider founded in 1968. Its headquarters are located in Enterprise, Nevada. They have created a huge portfolio of games for players in a variety of countries and you can find their products in many of the top online casinos in the US.  

novomatic logo


Another big name in the casino software providing industry is Novomatic, a company founded in 1980 which is still incredibly successful. It has office locations in 50 countries and its products entertain players from around 100 countries.

pragmatic play logo

Pragmatic Play

Pragmatic Play is a software developer that has won many awards for its products. They create games for mobile and desktop devices in 33 languages and all currencies. Their games are certified and licensed in over 20 jurisdictions.

US Casino Banking Options & Currency

If you are ready to begin your gambling adventure at a US casino, you have to know what banking options and currencies are available for you to use. Here are the go-to US casino payment options: 

play+ logo


Play+ is one of the most popular payment methods at regulated US casinos. This is a prepaid card that you can load with cash and use to make deposits and gamble online. 

You can also cash out your winnings via your Play+ card and, even more, you can withdraw the money using ATMs that accept NYCE, Discover, and PULSE.

visa logo


There are online casinos in the United States which offer you the opportunity to make deposits using your Visa debit card. These are very safe payment options and casinos often charge you no fees for such payments. 

The payment may take a while as the casino staff has to verify your personal details and a drawback would be that not all online gambling sites allow you to cash out using Visa.


Mastercard payments are also accepted at many online casinos for US players. This very popular payment method offers high security levels, a mobile banking app, and fast transactions

Most online casinos will not charge you any fees for deposits, but you may have to pay a 2% fee on withdrawals

Cashouts via this method may take up to 5 days to be completed and they are not always available at every online casino in the US.

paypal logo


While PayPal is very popular in the United States of America, it is rather difficult for players to find US casinos that offer this option. However, there are some that allow fast payments via this secure and trustworthy method. 

It is very easy to connect your PayPal account to the casino account and it acts as a protection layer for your personal information. It may, sometimes, incur fees.

neteller logo


Neteller is a very fast and safe method to deposit money in a variety of online casinos. 

However, gambling platforms dedicated exclusively to US players may not offer this option. You may also have to pay fees on withdrawals.


Skrill is a fast-processing payment method available in over 200 countries and accepting 40 currencies

The service offers very high security thanks to Two Factor Authentication and you will also be able to benefit from their VIP section. In there, you will find perks such as the option to lower transaction fees.

When it comes to currency, all online casinos that cater to US players should offer USD as one of their options. 

Most of them do, so you will not have to worry about exchanging money and losing some of your funds in the process due to exchange rates.

Best Bonuses from USA Casinos

The best bonuses for US casino players can greatly improve your gaming experience. Here are the most popular promotion types among American players:

no deposit bonuses

No deposit bonuses

These are offered by casinos to attract players but they are also hunted by gamers as they are the safest way to gamble. No deposit promotions come with a low amount of funds or a few free spins or free chips for Live Casino games. 

Even if considerably smaller than deposit bonuses, these are completely free of costs and you get them by simply signing up at a US casino that offers them. 

Their wagering requirements are often very high and they have a low cashout limit, so you will not always be able to keep much of your winnings. However, you get to have fun for real money without using any of your own.

welcome packages

Welcome packages

Welcome packages are deals you only get if you are a new customer at a US casino and it contains more than two bonuses credited upon your first consecutive payments

The number of deals in the package can be as high as five and they come with higher amounts of credit, more bonus spins or Live Casino chips. 

Their requirements are often lower than the ones no deposit bonus have and you get to enjoy a full package of deals right at the beginning of your experience with the online gaming site you choose.

deposit bonuses

Deposit bonuses

You can get deposit bonuses created for newcomers or for existing players, as part of recurring promotions at US casinos. They are credited upon a single payment and can come with credit, spins, chips or a combination of these. 

Some work exclusively on a game, series of games, or game type, while others allow you to use them on any game in the collection the casino offers.

Other Bonus Types Available to Claim

While those are the most popular casino promotions in the United States, you have a variety of other options such as: 

  • Loyalty bonuses - being a loyal customer of a US online casino often brings you rewards such as exclusive promotions. These come in various shapes and sizes, for different games and with different rules and requirements.
  • Daily promotions - these are created for both the existing and new customers of an online casino and they can come with multiple different perks. They usually require a deposit.
  • Cashback deals - these give you a percentage of your lost funds back if you meet the requirements. The percentage is not always high, but it often is enough to keep you in the game and maybe change your luck. 

Mobile Casino Apps in USA

mobile apps for USA casinos

US casino players can enjoy their favorite games on mobile apps. If you reside in any of the 6 states where online gambling is allowed, you can play at online casino apps as long as you are over the age of 21. 

Many famous online casinos have their own apps, and even some of the land-based casinos we all know created their own mobile platforms. You will find apps from Vegas-based casinos such as MGM, Caesar, and others. 

They offer a variety of games compared with the ones they have on their desktop websites, which means you have no chance of getting bored or have to play the same few games over and over again. 

Choosing mobile casinos is great if you want more accessibility, and more freedom to take the fun with you wherever you may be. You will also be able to benefit from exclusive deals for mobile players, which is definitely an advantage. 

USA Gambling in Numbers

us casinos statistics

Here are some of the most interesting statistics about gambling in the United States of America in 2021:

  • The gambling industry generated gross gaming revenue of almost 53 billion U.S. dollars. This is significantly higher than the previous year, showing that this activity becomes more popular by the year.
  • Slot machines brought the most revenue out of all casino games.
  • The number of commercial casinos in the US reached 466.
  • Las Vegas recorded 32 million visitors. Around 73% of them gambled there.
  • The gambling revenue of Nevada was 8.45 billion USD in 2021, higher than the previous year. The Vegas-based MGM Resorts recorded the world’s highest casino revenue.

History of Gambling in US

The United States of America has a long history with gambling. Let’s break it down and see where it all started and how the gambling environment in the country became the one we know today. 

The 1600s - Lotteries and Horse Race Betting in the US

In 1612, King James I of England created a lottery to raise funds for the first permanent British settlement in North America - Jamestown, Virginia. This became the main way the construction of towns, hospitals, roads, and schools was financed in the colonies. 

By the late 1600s, horse racing gained massive popularity in Virginia and beyond. 

The 1700s - The Great Awakenings

The Great Awakening was a religious revival which had Christian leaders go from town to town to preach and promote religious values and morals. 

The series of Great Awakenings from 1730 to 1859 caused many to view gambling as a sinful activity
In 1774, the Continental Congress urged colonists to stop horse race and cock fight betting. Most cities and states in America banned betting during this time. However, gambling remained very popular across the colonies

The 1800s - Poker and Faro

In the 1800s, gambling was thriving on Mississippi riverboats and in settlements in the Wild West. The most popular games at the time were Poker and Faro.

Faro was a game also played with cards where all 13 cards were placed face-side up and the players could place bets on any of the cards available. Then, the dealer, also called a Banker, draws two cards. The first one is the losing card and the second one is the winning card. 

If the losing card is, for example, a 9, then the players who placed bets on the 9 will lose. At the same time, all players who placed bets on the winning card will collect their winnings. 

The game disappeared from the history of gambling in the United States because of how much dealers would cheat. 

The 1900s - Legalization of Casino Gambling in the US

New York, New Mexico and Nevada banned horse race betting and casinos at the beginning of the 1900s. 

However, as the United States was recovering from the Great Depression and needed to have more forms of revenue, these forms of gambling were once more legalized

Nevada made casino gaming legal again in 1931 and Atlantic City, New Jersey, followed in its footsteps to legalize casinos in 1977. 

This was just the beginning, as many other states passed their own laws allowing casino gaming in the following decades. 

The 2000s - Online Sports Betting Becomes Legal in the United States

The US Supreme Court removed the federal ban on sports gambling in May 2018

This allowed a variety of online sports betting sites to become available to American players in many states. 

Find the Best USA Casino Today with Chipy

With all the information on how to gamble online in the United States of America you are now ready to begin your journey with the best USA online casinos. 

Find the perfect one for you using our checklist, sign up, grab top US casino bonuses and start playing! 

USA Casinos FAQ

How much money can I win at US online casinos?
The amount of money you can win at any online casino, including those from the US, only depends on your luck. How much you can cash out from what you have won depends on whether or not you won the money using a bonus offer and what type of bonus offer that was.
Which US states allow online casino gambling?
You can legally play online casino games in Connecticut, Delaware, Michigan, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. 
Who regulates gambling sites in the United States of America? 
Each state where gambling is allowed has its own regulatory authority. On top of that, there are the three main federal gambling laws: 
  • The Wire Act
  • The Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA)
  • Unlawful Internet Gambling and Enforcement Act (UIGEA). 
What types of bonuses can I claim at USA online casinos?
You can claim no deposit promotions, welcome packages, and other types of bonuses such as loyalty deals and daily offers.
Can you win real money with no deposit casino bonuses?
Yes, you can win real money when using a no deposit casino bonus. However, the amount you are allowed to cash out from these offers is usually rather low. 
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