Sweepstakes - Enter & Get a Chance to Win Amazing Rewards (Including Real Money)

Welcome to Chipy’s online Sweepstakes! This is the place where you can find a sweepstake and earn exciting rewards, in the form of real money prizes and Chipy coins! Down below, we have listed all the types of online sweepstakes, along with useful information, and a comprehensive FAQ section. 

What are sweepstakes and who are they for?

Online sweepstakes are gambling competitions dedicated to Chipy.com’s registered users only, in which they can buy tickets with the purpose of winning a prize. A sweepstake is available for a limited period of time - once the sweepstake ends, the winning tickets are randomly drawn from the pool of all purchased tickets. 

Keep in mind that a user can have more than one winning ticket - therefore, the more tickets you buy, the more chances you have to win.

What’s more, each sweepstake has additional eligibility requirements related to the user level. So, based on your current level, you can see if you are eligible to enter a certain sweepstake or not.

For more information on how to level up, you can check our Experience Points and Level Explained guide!

The Advantages of Enrolling in a Sweepstake

If you decide to enroll in a sweepstake at Chipy.com, you must know that this comes with a lot of benefits:

  • You get the chance to add real money and coins to your bankroll
  • Enjoy the thrill of competition without spending anything
  • You engage and compete with a community of over 120k members

Free entry vs Paid Sweepstakes

All of our sweepstakes are free - you don’t have to pay any real money to enroll! However, you should keep in mind that you may have to spend some Chipy coins for certain sweepstakes. Taking this into consideration, we divide sweepstakes into two main categories:

  • Free entry sweepstakes. You don’t need to use Chipy coins to buy tickets for sweepstakes marked as “Free”. In these cases, you can enter the race for prizes without worrying about how much money you have in your Chipy account.
  • Paid sweepstakes. In order to enter, you’ll have to purchase a sweepstake ticket. Keep in mind that those sweepstakes give you the chance to win bigger prizes. The ticket price is expressed in Chipy coins, our site’s own currency.

free and paid sweepstakes

Even for the paid sweepstake, you don’t have to pay with real money. All you need to do is increase the number of your coins by being an active member of our community and engaging in activities on our website. To learn more about coins and how they work, take a look at our “What Are Coins?” guide.

Secondly, you should keep in mind that the more tickets you buy, the higher your chances to win. A user can have multiple winning tickets for a sweepstake.

The prizes are very generous - you can win 2 types of sweepstake prizes - Chipy coins prizes and real money prizes.

Sweepstakes Details

Sweepstakes, Playground & Shop

There are two sections on our site, where you can use your Chipy coins winnings - the Playground and the Shop

In the Shop, you can purchase cool items such as:

  • Real money items
  • Bonus offers
  • Avatar items

In the Playground, you can play exclusive games by using your Chipy coins winnings.

For more information on the Playground and the Shop, check out our “What Is the Playground & Why Is It Awesome?” guide, and “What Is The Shop On Chipy?”, respectively.

In addition, if you want to learn more about this exciting competition, check out Chipy's Guide to Sweepstakes!

Sweepstakes - Frequently Asked Questions

How can I enter a sweepstake?
In order to enter a sweepstake, you need to buy a sweepstake ticket. There are 2 types of sweepstake entries at Chipy.com: 
  • Free entry sweepstakes: entering these sweepstakes is free of charge.
  • Paid sweepstakes: for entering these sweepstakes, you’ll have to purchase a sweepstake ticket which is expressed in Chipy Coins, our site’s own currency.
What is the prize pool in a sweepstake?

The prize pool represents the total amount of winnings for a sweepstake. It is calculated as no. of winners x prize/ winner and you can check it out in the details section on the sweepstake page:

Sweepstakes Prize Pool

How many tickets can I buy for a sweepstake?

The maximum number of tickets you can buy for a sweepstake is called the “entry limit” and you can check it out on the sweepstake page in the details section:

Sweepstakes Entry Limit

How many tickets can I buy per day?

The number of tickets you can buy per day varies from sweepstake to sweepstake. It is referred to as “Entry frequency”  and you can check it out in the sweepstake page in the details section:

Sweepstakes Entry Frequency

How do I find out if I won?
If you have a winning ticket for a sweepstake, you will be notified in two ways:
  • On-site notification: you can check your notification by clicking the bell icon in the site’s header or in your User Homepage - Notifications section.
  • Notification via email: an email will be sent to you if you have one or more winning tickets, in the email, we will provide all the instructions.
How many times can I win in a sweepstake?
A user can have multiple winning tickets for a sweepstake. The more tickets you buy the more your winning chances increase.
How many winners can be in a sweepstake?
Online sweepstakes can have one or more winners. Check out the sweepstake details to see how many winners there are.
How are the winners selected?

All purchased tickets have a unique identification number. Once the timeframe to enter the sweepstake ends, an automatic random draw is made and the winning tickets numbers are drawn. All tickets get equal chances of being selected in a random draw.

Check out our Sweepstakes Guide to find out more about the random winners draw process.

How do I redeem real money prizes?
  • Log in to your Chipy.com account;
  • Go to your User Homepage, My Sweepstake Tickets section;
  • Click on the “Redeem Prize” to claim your real money prize;
  • Set up and verify your payment details on the User Settings page (if you haven’t already done so); For more information, check out our Payment Details help page.
  • You will be asked to confirm the prize redeem, so your winnings can be transferred to your e-wallet.

Sweepstakes Redeem Prize

To learn more about how to redeem your real money prize, check out our Sweepstakes Guide.

How do I redeem coins prizes?
Coins prizes will be automatically credited into your account after the draw is finalized and the winning tickets are validated.
Can I enroll in an ended sweepstake?
No, you cannot enter ended sweepstakes, but you can check out the winners, find out who they were and how many tickets they bought. 
Can blocked users win in sweepstakes?

Blocked users can’t buy tickets for sweepstakes. If you got blocked for violating Chipy’s T&C’s after you bought a ticket for a sweepstake, but before it is concluded, keep in mind that blocked users will be excluded from the draw.