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If you always wanted to learn how to play baccarat, Chipy can help! We’ve gathered 43 titles for you to play entirely for free, and get used to the rules. So go ahead and scroll down below, pick a game and try your luck!

Most players are familiar with the name “Baccarat”, even if the term is generally used for only one version of the game - Punto Banco. This is because casinos, both land-based and online, will usually opt to focus on this particular variant. The goal of Baccarat is to accumulate a total of 9 points or to get as close to the amount as possible. If you cross this threshold, the point count resets to 0, and in the case of two-digit numbers, only the rightmost is taken into consideration. You can either play by yourself, against the casino or join a table that can accommodate a total of up to 14 punters.

On this page, you’ll find 43 free baccarat games to choose from. Among the software providers behind the titles are some of the most popular names in the online gambling industry, such as Betsoft, RTG, Microgaming, and even Playtech! You can try them all out with no expense, for as long as you want. Take your time to get accustomed to the rules and game mechanics, and don’t forget to have fun while you’re at it!

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Chipy’s Guide To Free Baccarat Games

The game has its roots in 19th century France when it was quite popular with the local nobility. The earliest form developed was Baccarat Banque, which requires one player to hold the banker position, while the rest are the punters. Punto Banco, the version we’re all familiar with today, only emerged in the 1940s and, to this day, remains the favorite version provided by casino operators.

As mentioned earlier, the goal of the game is to reach a total of 9 points or at least get as close to this number as possible. Cards from 2 to 9 have face value, while the Aces are worth 1 point, and 10s, Jacks, Queens, and Kings are worth 0 points. In the beginning, two cards are dealt for the Player and two for the Banker, and if their sum is either 8 or 9, it’s considered a natural win for that side. If the sum is below 5, an extra card is drawn, but no more than three cards can be placed on the table on either side. Punters are required to bet on the outcome, with Player and Banker paying 1:1, and Tie paying 9:1. Keep in mind that some games might have other betting options as well. For an easy to follow tutorial, take a look at the video below:

Since we’ve already discussed Punto Banco above, we’ll move on and tell you about Mini Baccarat. As the name itself suggests, this version is reduced in size, from the maximum number of players that can sit around one table to the required minimum bet amount. The rules are just like its bigger alternative, but only 7 players can enter a room at a time. And since it requires lower entry bets, it’s a great choice for punters with a lower budget or who aren’t willing to invest that much. Don’t forget that you can play this game at live dealer online casinos too and that you can always try your luck at the real money versions of the games on our site. Find out where by checking each game’s dedicated review page, where you’ll find a selection of online casinos where it can be played. Once you’re done, you can rate the game as you please, by using the Game Score tool right below the game window.

Baccarat Games FAQ

Does the Betting On The Bank Side Pay Less Than The Player Side?
Yes. Usually, player bets are paid 1:1, or even. However, banker bets have attached a 5% percent which represents the “commission to the house on the win", and which isn’t paid back to the punters. This means that banker bets pay 95% or 19:20 instead of 1:1.
Can You Play Baccarat On Mobile Devices?
Yes, of course! Baccarat is available at plenty of mobile online casinos, both in its common and live dealer versions. Furthermore, you can try most of the games available on this page on your smartphones and tablets entirely for free, since they’re cross-platform compatible.
Where Can You Play Online Baccarat For Real Money?
If you’re ready to put your money on the Baccarat table, you can easily find online casinos that allow you to do so. For a narrower selection of gambling sites, you can pick a game from the list above and enter its review page, where you’ll be able to see where it’s available. If you want more options, simply visit our Real Money Casino Reviews section and browse at will.