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Welcome to our Local Casinos list, where we take you on a worldwide gambling journey! If you are in the mood for some gambling fun, you surely must be considering a trip to a local casino. But before you put on your coolest outfit, roll up your sleeves, and start throwing dice and cards, it’s important to understand a few things. 

From the types of local casinos and games to casino safety, regulation, and etiquette, this is the perfect starting point for you. 

Keep reading to learn how the fascinating world of casinos works and how you can make the most out of it!

Best Land Based Casinos Worldwide

1211 casinos


Aurora Casino

4 Very Good (5)
locate 1918 Grand Ave, Billings, MT, 59102
icon-oclock Closed Opens Monday icon-info-outline
icon-gametypes Slots

Viejas Casino and Resort

4 Very Good (1)
locate 5000 Willows Rd, Alpine, CA, 91901
icon-oclock Open 24 hours icon-info-outline
icon-gametypes Baccarat, Bingo, Blackjack, Craps, Poker, Roulette, Slots

Casino Royale

5 Excellent (3)
locate 2455 Central Ave Suite 2, Billings, MT, 59102
icon-oclock Closed Opens Monday icon-info-outline
icon-gametypes Keno, Poker, Slots

Heidis Casino

5 Excellent (2)
locate 2050 Rea Ave, Helena, MT, 59602
icon-oclock Closed Opens Monday icon-info-outline
icon-phone Unavailable
icon-gametypes Keno, Poker, Slots

Pin High Sports Bar and Casino

5 Excellent (1)
locate 1316 W Towne St, Glendive, MT, 59330
icon-oclock Closed Opens Monday icon-info-outline
icon-gametypes Slots

Loose Caboose

0 Not rated (0)
locate 1100 E Lyndale Ave, Helena, MT, 59601
icon-oclock Closed Opens Monday icon-info-outline
icon-gametypes Blackjack, Keno, Poker, Slots

MERKUR Slots Bradford

0 Not rated (0)
locate 43 Ivegate, Bradford, England, BD1 1SQ
icon-oclock Open 24 hours icon-info-outline
icon-gametypes Slots

Bingo Godz

0 Not rated (0)
locate 98 Queensmead, Farnborough, England, GU14 7SH
icon-oclock Open Closes icon-info-outline
icon-gametypes Bingo, Slots

Amusetime Casino Basingstoke

0 Not rated (0)
locate 10 Church St, Basingstoke, England, RG21 7QE
icon-oclock Closed Opens Monday icon-info-outline
icon-gametypes Blackjack, Poker, Roulette, Slots

Admiral Casino Stockton 100 High Street

0 Not rated (0)
locate 100 High St, Stockton-on-Tees, England, TS18 1BD
icon-oclock Closed Opens Monday icon-info-outline
icon-gametypes Slots

Admiral Casino Liverpool C

5 Excellent (1)
locate 62 Church St, Liverpool, England, L1 3AY
icon-oclock Open 24 hours icon-info-outline
icon-gametypes Roulette, Slots

MERKUR Slots Trowbridge

0 Not rated (0)
locate 41 Fore St, Trowbridge, England, BA14 8EJ
icon-oclock Open 24 hours icon-info-outline
icon-gametypes Slots

MERKUR Slots Spalding

5 Excellent (1)
locate 32-33 Hall Pl, Spalding, England, PE11 1SG
icon-oclock Open Closes icon-info-outline
icon-gametypes Slots

MERKUR Slots Slough

0 Not rated (0)
locate 127 High St, Slough, England, SL1 1DH
icon-oclock Open 24 hours icon-info-outline
icon-gametypes Bingo, Slots

Admiral Casino 20 22 Eldon St

0 Not rated (0)
locate 20-22 Eldon St, Barnsley, England, S70 2JB
icon-oclock Open Closes icon-info-outline
icon-gametypes Slots

Most Popular Gambling Countries

How to Choose the Right Casino Near You?

Before you jump into the action and throw dice and cards, the most important (and obvious) thing is to find the nearest local casino and the right one.

As you scroll your way up and down this guide, you will be able to pick a casino that best suits your preferences in no time. But to give you a better idea of what you should be mindful of, let’s briefly discuss the importance of choosing the best casino.

This will ensure you have a convenient and pleasant experience.

“How do I find the best casino near me?” Now, to answer your question, I’d say there’s not really a ‘perfect’ way to do so.

Of course, it’s more than possible to hit the good old Google with a ‘local casinos near me’ search prompt, but I’d say this alone is not that efficient overall.

From my experience, I’d rather have you start your search by narrowing down your search.

What does that mean? 

Well, to find the right local casino near me, I’d start by laying down my preferences. 

Do this AFTER you’ve chosen your dream destination. First and foremost, pick a country/region/state/city you’d like to visit. 

Then have a general look at the number of the casinos that location features.

This way, you’re more likely to weed out what does not cater to your specific needs.

Think about what interests you the most about a casino, such as:

  • Game offers and other entertainment options;
  • Overall vibes and themes;
  • Gambling regulations;
  • Payouts and wagering requirements in general;

Of course, these should be the top priorities regardless of the casino. Aside from those, think about what you would like or wouldn’t like that casino to feature. For example:

  • Is indoor smoking allowed?
  • What is the minimum gambling age?
  • What perks and extra services does that casino offer?
  • Are you comfortable with the casino’s working schedule?

It all comes down to your own preferences, expectations, and interests. You’re more likely to find a suitable option by doing specific research. 

For once, it will save you time and money, which you’d otherwise waste if you eventually find out the casino you walked in is not really that good.

In addition, specifics help you hit bull’s eye and go right for the perfect casino that suits your needs.

Always Consider Other Players’ Reviews

This should go without saying. Fellow gamblers will always be the best source of information when you’re looking for a top-rated casino.

Honest and unbiased reviews are a goldmine. Many passionate players will go into specifics when leaving reviews, and that’s what you should aim for.

Users will often talk about the casino’s management, its rules, its services, its payouts, and other important things you could overlook in your hype for adventuring.

So, here’s what you could do to find the right local casino near you, in three steps:

  1. Pick your destination.
  2. Take the casinos of that destination and narrow your search, based on your interests.
  3. Read other gamblers’ reviews.

steps for finding local casinos

Let me make your life easier

At Chipy, we help you find such casinos easily and efficiently. You can have a look at our Local Casinos sections and filter casinos by country/state/city. 

And last but not least, you can examine reviews written by other gambling enthusiasts just like you. Stay informed, and have fun!

Know the Main Types of Local Casinos

Going to a local casino surely sounds exciting, but what do you do when you don’t really know where to start? 

First things first, let’s get a better understanding of the different types of local casinos and their ups and downs.

Land-based Casinos

These are the most common types of casinos, which can be found in cities all over the world. 

These buildings are easy to spot due to their eye-catching looks and offer a wide range of gambling activities, such as slot machines, table games, and sports betting. 

If they are more than your usual dose of fanciness, they may also include hotels, restaurants, and other entertainment options.

Huge variety of games and activities. They can be crowded, noisy, and overwhelming.
Loyalty programs and bonuses. They require much time and money to travel, stay, and play at.
A complete entertainment experience. Possible limited hours, which can be a bummer if you prefer to gamble during non-traditional hours.

Riverboat Casinos 

Local Casinos Riverboat Casinos

Now, this is where things get really cool. These casinos are located on boats that travel up and down rivers, typically in the United States. 

States like Louisiana, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Missouri, and Mississippi usually house such luxurious casinos.

They offer similar games and activities as land-based casinos but with a unique water-based atmosphere.

Fun fact

Riverboat casinos became popular in the US in the 19th century. Back then, they were used as a way to bypass laws that prohibited gambling on land. 

You could think of it as a workaround that allowed gamblers and casinos to enjoy themselves outside of state jurisdiction.

A unique gambling experience and a fun way to see new things while playing your favorite games. Weather and other factors can often lead to cancellations or delays.
They offer similar games and activities like land-based casinos, so you don’t miss out on game selection Stricter laws and regulations about safety. The number of participants may be smaller, and sometimes they may only operate within specific regions.

Native American Casinos 

Native American Casinos

Also known as tribal casinos, they are owned and operated by Native American tribes and are often located on tribal land. They offer a variety of gambling activities similar to land-based casinos.

Typically, these games fall into three categories, also known as Classes. Each one of the three Classes has its own rules and regulations.

In short, we have something like this:

  • Class I - Games and activities that are considered part of Indian traditions and celebrations, alongside gaming for minimal prizes.
  • Class II - Bingo and similar games, as well as non-banked card games.
  • Class III - Everything else, so games like slot machines, blackjack, craps, and roulette, plus any other wagering games or electronic versions.

Native American Casinos are an exciting part of the gambling world. 

Even if they are located in the United States, the native lands have tribal authority, which limits other states’ ability to enforce rules and regulations.

You could say Native American Casinos are in a league of their own and have a different approach to gambling.

A more relaxed atmosphere compared to land-based casinos. Limited availability due to remote or rural areas.
They can have cultural or historical significance, making the experience even more enjoyable Possible limited gaming options due to their smaller size and resources.
They are exempt from state taxes. Limited regulations might raise concerns over safety and fairness.

Card Rooms

Card Rooms Local Casinos

The name says it all. If card games like poker or blackjack are your passion, card rooms can be a great choice.

These are smaller casinos that focus on card games. They may be standalone establishments, attached to other establishments such as bars, restaurants, and hotels, or located within larger casinos.

Card rooms have you go against other players instead of the house. Because the house does not have a stake in the game or something similar, card rooms earn profits by charging you a fee or ‘rake’ for each hand played or by cashing in a percentage of the pot.

A more intimate and specialized gambling experience for those who prefer card games. Smaller than traditional casinos and can have a limited selection of games.
Wagering requirements are often low, which makes them more accessible for players with smaller bankrolls. Some card rooms in certain regions have fewer regulations, leading to concerns over cheating and other such behavior.
A more social and interactive experience. There may be a limited schedule or availability compared to traditional casinos.

Top 5 Most Popular Land-based Casino Games of All Time

Now that we've covered the different types of casinos, let’s have a look at the most popular games you can find at almost any such establishment. 

These are undoubtedly the most played and sought games ever, so if a local casino does not feature at least one, you’re probably in the wrong place.

Slot Machines

slot machines in local casinos

These offer a fun and exciting gambling experience for players of all levels due to their combination of randomness and beautiful symbols and visuals.

The gameplay is simple. 

You start by placing your bet and then spin the reels. Personally, I find it more satisfying when the machine features a lever instead of a button.

As the reels spin, you wait for the outcome. The goal is to get a winning combination of symbols, resulting in a payout.

If you want to try out your luck without real money, you can choose from dozens of Free Casino Slots Games featured on our website.


blackjack in local casinos

A popular card game originating from France’s 21. You are initially dealt two cards. The goal is to have a hand with a total value higher than the dealer’s without going over 21. 

The traditional blackjack game is relatively simple and easy to understand, which makes it fun for beginners and veterans alike.

Remember that there are other blackjack variations as well, each with its own rules and twists. This only adds to the excitement of playing the game and enjoying a quality gambling experience.

It’s a great idea to check out our Blackjack Academy guides. They walk you through everything you need to know, from the basics and the main strategies to more advanced techniques.


poker in local casinos

One of the oldest and most valued players in the industry. Poker is a game that combines luck, skills, decision-making, and psychology.

The idea is to outsmart and beat your opponents by creating the best possible hand combination of cards. Certain combinations have specific payouts, but these payouts can differ from one poker variant to another.

You can play the traditional variant, such as Texas Hold’em, against real players, or you can opt for a video poker console that lets you play against the RNG software. 

Many casinos feature both formats, so it largely depends on your preferences.

Texas Hold’em poker is the most popular game in land-based casinos. If you want to visit a local casino and impress both the house and the players with your know-how, make sure you go through this super useful, step-by-step guide.


roulette in local casinos

Another popular casino game even James Bond used to play. What you have to do here is bet on where a ball will land on a spinning wheel.

After you place your bet, the dealer spins the wheel and drops a small ball onto it. You will wait for the ball to land, and as it lands, the dealer will announce the winning number and color.

If you bet on the correct number or color, you are paid based on the bet's odds. 

Have a spin at one of the many free roulette casino games on our website. 

We don’t have a dealer or a live James Bond, but hey, it’s fun, enjoyable, and risk-free.


craps in local casinos

Probably Julius Caesar’s favorite game, should he have lived enough. “The die is cast” in this exciting dice game played on a table with a specially marked layout.

The game involves betting on the outcome of rolls of two dice. You need to understand how bets are placed on the Pass Line or the Don’t Pass Line.

The shooter will roll the dice, and the outcome is based on the total number of the two dice. If the total is 7 or 11, the Pass Line bet wins, and the Don’t Pass Line bet loses.

If the total is 2,3, or 12, the winner and loser are reversed. 

If the total is any other number, that number becomes “the point”, and the shooter must roll that number again before rolling a 7 to win the Pass Line bet.

The Pass Line bet loses if the shooter rolls a 7 before rolling the point again.

Note that you and other players at the table can also place bets on various other outcomes, like whether the shooter will roll a specific total.

The game continues with the shooter rolling the dice until they roll the point and win the Pass Line bet, or roll a 7 and lose the Pass Line bet.

Yes, that was indeed a mouthful. Craps can be a fast-paced and exciting game, with many different betting options available, but it can be a bit intimidating and tedious if you are a beginner. 

That’s why I’d recommend you give our craps guides a read to get an understanding of the rules and gameplay.

Make sure you understand the rules and strategies!

Each game has its own set of rules and strategies. It's important to grasp the basics of each game before playing and to develop a strategy that works best for you.

Don’t worry, though. If you found a game that you really want to play, Chipy Academy features many useful step-by-step guides that will surely help you better prepare to face the house. 

Read This If It’s Your First Time Visiting a Local Casino

We can’t let you out in the wild without some advice. Even if you understood the rules and strategies of a particular game, never bite more than you can chew. 

Therefore, it is important to start slow and small until you get used to how playing for real money works.

Choose a simple game

If you're new to gambling, start by playing simpler games with lower stakes.

Some casinos offer free lessons and tutorials you can take advantage of. Otherwise, ask for tips and tricks from other experienced players 

Set a Budget and Stick to It

Bankroll management is crucial if you want to continue having fun playing and not going broke. 

Combine a well-thought budget plan with lower stakes of simpler games to keep going nice and smooth and see how things go.

Gamble Responsibly

Don't chase losses or get too caught up in the excitement of the game - remember that gambling is meant to be a fun and entertaining activity, not a way to make money.

Casino Culture and Etiquette

Casinos are often seen as glamorous and exciting places, and it might feel cool to go hit the tables in a tuxedo and golden buttons.

However, casinos also come with their own set of cultural norms and etiquette. 

Let’s explore some key aspects of casino culture and etiquette, including dress codes, behavior at the casino, tipping etiquette, and understanding casino slang.

Outfits to Blow the Dust Off

Many casinos have a dress code, which can range from casual to formal, depending on the venue. 

Some casinos require patrons to wear formal attire, such as a suit or dress, while others may simply require neat and tidy clothing.

It's important to check the dress code before visiting a casino to avoid being shooed right at the door. 

It's also worth noting that some casinos may have specific dress codes for different areas of the casino, such as a formal dress code for the high rollers' area.

Behave Yourself

When visiting a casino, it’s important to be respectful and have common sense.

Don’t cuss, be considerate of other patrons, and don’t start any bar fights.

It's also important to remember the casino's rules and regulations. This may include restrictions on smoking or drinking and limitations on using smartphones, tablets, or other devices.

Be a Gent and Tip

Tipping is a common practice at casinos, particularly for table games and other services such as waitstaff and dealers.

As a rule of thumb, tipping means 5-10% of your winnings at the table, or tipping waitstaff a few dollars for their service.

It's also worth noting that some casinos may automatically deduct a percentage of your winnings as a service charge, so it's important to check the casino's policies before tipping.

Speak Their Language

Casinos have their own unique language and terminology, which can be confusing for newcomers. 

Some common terms include:

  • House Edge: The casino's advantage over the player in any game.
  • Pit Boss: The manager in charge of a section of the casino, such as the table games.
  • Comps: Free perks and rewards offered by the casino, such as free drinks or meals.
  • Fish: Commonly used in poker for a novice player.
  • Shark: You’ll be glad to be told this once you are no longer a beginner poker player and gained some experience.

It’s worth some time to familiarize yourself with such lingo to improve your experience and avoid awkward situations where you feel like casino staff and participants are speaking gibberish.

Casino Safety and Security

Casinos are fun and games, but there’s also a lot of risk involved. This is why special safety and security measures need to be put in place.

Safety and security are the responsibility of both the casino management and the patrons to ensure that everyone stays safe.

Such measures should prevent unfortunate scenarios like cyber-attacks, physical conflicts, or money laundering.

Measures Taken by Casinos

Casinos employ various safety and security measures to ensure the well-being of their patrons and staff. Some of the most common measures include:

  • Security cameras: Casinos use surveillance cameras to monitor all casino areas, including the gaming floor, entrances and exits, and parking areas.
  • Security personnel: Casinos typically have a team of security personnel on hand to handle any safety or security incidents that may occur.
  • ID Checks: To prevent underage gambling and other illegal activities, casinos require players to provide valid identification before entering the casino.
  • Secure financial transactions: Casinos use secure systems to ensure that all financial transactions are safe and secure, including encryption and multi-factor authentication.

Responsible Gambling Practices

Casinos must promote responsible gambling practices. This includes measures such as:

  • Self-exclusion programs: Casinos offer self-exclusion programs, which allow individuals to voluntarily ban themselves from entering the casino or engaging in gambling activities.
  • Staff training: Casino staff is trained to recognize and respond to signs of problem gambling and to offer support and resources to those in need.
  • Funding for research and treatment: Many casinos contribute a portion of their profits to fund research and treatment programs for problem gambling.

Licensing and Permits

In most countries, gambling is heavily regulated. Operators must obtain a license or permit to legally offer gambling services. 

This process typically involves a background check of the operator and its owners, a review of the company's financial records, and an evaluation of the gambling products and services being offered.

The requirements for obtaining a license or permit may vary by jurisdiction, but they generally include compliance with certain rules and regulations, such as:

  • Age restrictions;
  • Responsible gambling policies;
  • Anti-money laundering measures.


Another important aspect of legal regulations governing gambling is taxation. 

Governments often impose taxes on gambling activities, with rates varying by jurisdiction and the type of gambling being offered.

Taxes on gambling revenue can be lucrative for governments, which can be used to fund public services and infrastructure. 

However, high tax rates can also have negative consequences, such as driving operators to operate illegally or underground.

In some cases, governments may offer tax incentives to encourage gambling operators to locate in their jurisdictions. 

For example

Some countries offer reduced tax rates for online gambling companies that base their operations on their country. 

Malta, Gibraltar, and Costa Rica, are among the countries with favorable tax system

Loyalty is Rewarded

Being a loyal customer to your favorite shops surely brings you extra perks. Keeping a certain casino on your priority list works in a similar way.

Casinos use loyalty programs (or reward programs), as a way to reward their most loyal customers.

These programs offer different benefits, such as:

  • Free play;
  • Meals and drinks;
  • Exclusive events;
  • Hotel room upgrades.

Playing at a Casino is a Game Itself

Sounds weird, right? Actually, no. 

Let’s put it like this

When you join a rewards program, you can earn points for your play. The more you play, the more points you get.

These points can then be traded for rewards, like further play credits or food and drink.

In some cases, such reward programs also have tier systems, allowing you to earn additional benefits as you level up.

You can, for example, start at a basic level and earn basic rewards. 

With further levels, you climb the tier list and get more exclusive rewards, such as priority services or access to exclusive perks.

Local Casinos as a Double-Edged Sword

Local casinos are great destinations for gamblers worldwide. 

Because of their complexity and huge popularity, local casinos have a big impact on the local economy (both positively and negatively).

The Good Part

The most obvious economic benefit of local casinos is the revenue generated for the local community.

Casinos create jobs. They can do so by supporting other local businesses like hotels, restaurants, and entertainment venues.

The equation here is simple: The more entertainment and investment, the more the economic activity grows.

Moreover, local casinos can be tourist magnets. Famous casinos in famous locations generate huge revenue for the local community. 

Thus, visitors stay in local hotels, eat at local restaurants, and shop at local stores, further supporting the local economy.

The Not-So-Good Part

Even if local casinos are a cool way to interact with other people and have tons of fun in amazing environments, such venues can have a couple of minuses.

Some argue that increased gambling can lead to financial strain for individuals and families.

There may also be concerns about the social and cultural impact of casinos on the local community.

Despite these concerns, many regions have embraced casinos as a means of economic growth.

The revenue generated can be poured into the development of useful projects, such as improving infrastructure.

But it all comes down to you, other players, and responsible gaming overall.  

How did Casinos Come to Be?

Casinos have a long and interesting history behind them. 

In ancient times, people from China and Egypt didn’t really have much interesting stuff to do, so gambling became a popular pastime.

From bored ancient people to today’s multi-million dollar industry, lots of things happened, but if you are interested in the overall history of casinos, here are some key takeaways you should know:

  • The first ‘modern casino’ is believed to have emerged in Italy in the 17th century. 
  • The word ‘casino’ originates from the Italian word for ‘small villa’.
  • From Italy, casinos spread to other parts of Europe before making their way to the US.
  • In the United States, local casinos first appeared in the form of saloons and gambling houses in the 19th century. They became popular among cowboys and miners.
  • Modern American casinos emerged in the early 20th century. By the 1930s, Las Vegas had become a hub for gambling and entertainment.
  • The first major casino in Las Vegas, Flamingo, was opened in 1946 with the help of mobster Bugsy Siegel.

The Future of Local Casinos - What to Expect?

This industry is constantly evolving. Technology and changing demographics have a solid word in shaping the future of local casinos.

As you might have guessed, technology and the online environment have a big impact on this.

Soon, you’ll see gambling making its way in virtual reality, and artificial intelligence will make the games more interactive and exciting.

Not to mention the increased popularity of online casinos that offer players worldwide the opportunity to socialize and gamble worldwide from the comfort of their own homes.

Naturally, the population ages, and local casinos will likely see a shift in their customer base. 

Perhaps they will need to offer more social and interactive games to attract the newer audience. 

Only time will tell.

Potential Regulatory Changes

As we saw earlier, the local casino industry is heavily regulated. Changes in these regulations can have a big impact on the future of casinos.

In the future, it is possible to see the legalization of sports betting in more states, which will open up a new market for casinos and result in increased revenue.

And last but not least, we would probably see the legalization of online gambling in more states. This would allow casinos to reach more customers in more states through online gaming options.

The Numbers Speak for Themselves: Local Casinos Stats

Even though things change in time, local casinos are here to stay. 

They offer lots of fun and excitement and contribute to the growth of both local and international economy. 

For example, have a look at these three facts outlining the development local casinos in recent years:

local casinos infographic
Local casinos are a memorable experience. If you follow proper etiquette and understand how the casino world works, you will have the time of your life.

Local casinos are a great place to have fun, meet new people, and feel the thrill of winning and watching the dice roll, the reels spin, and the cards getting shuffled.

Before planning any visit to a local casino, keep in mind a few things:

  • Know what type of local casino you want to visit;
  • Set a budget and stick to it;
  • Behave yourself and be respectful;
  • Dress nicely;
  • Understand the slang;
  • Gamble responsibly.

We hope local casinos will bring you an exciting experience and check our dedicated pages where we talk in-depth about specific local casinos.

If you have a casino from a certain country or state, Chipy will surely be your guide!

Local Casinos Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the best gambling destinations?
The United States, Macau, and Monaco are among the most popular gambling destinations worldwide. They are jam-packed with lots of gaming options and entertainment.
What should I know about the local laws and customs around casino gambling in different countries?
You always want to make sure you are of legal age to gamble in that particular region. Study what kind of games are allowed within that region, as well as laws pertaining to smoking and drinking.
Are there any tips for traveling to casinos as a tourist, such as finding the best deals on accommodations or navigating language barriers while gambling?
Generally speaking, English is the best choice for any casino worldwide. The staff and dealers always welcome foreign tourists and are ready to assist them. As for accommodations, study off-season deals or exclusive promotions on the casinos' websites. Alternatively, you can consider services like Airbnb.

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