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Mobile casinos are all the rage for people who don’t want to be tied to a computer. Employing the newest technologies, online casinos can offer the best mobile experience or even allow you to download dedicated apps. Find below a list of all mobile casino apps and our in-depth guide on choosing the best ones!

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Best Mobile Casinos

Choose one of the best-rated mobile casino apps based on our users’ feedback. Take your time to pick one that suits your needs, or scroll down to read more about what makes them worth your time. 

Available android icon Android Available ios icon iOS
100% First Deposit Bonus
Available android icon Android Not Available ios icon iOS
No signup bonus available
Available android icon Android Available ios icon iOS
100% + 100 FS First Deposit Bonus
Available android icon Android Available ios icon iOS
exclusive image 150% + 250 FS First Deposit Bonus
Available android icon Android Available ios icon iOS
exclusive image 130% + 100 FS First Deposit Bonus
Available android icon Android Available ios icon iOS
exclusive image $20 No Deposit Bonus 200% First Deposit Bonus
Available android icon Android Not Available ios icon iOS
100% + 100 FS First Deposit Bonus
Available android icon Android Not Available ios icon iOS
exclusive image 100% + 80 FS First Deposit Bonus
Available android icon Android Not Available ios icon iOS
exclusive image 50 Free Spins 100% + 15 FS First Deposit Bonus
Available android icon Android Available ios icon iOS
23 FS First Deposit Bonus

All Mobile Casino Sites

319 Casinos

Available Android | Available iOS
Winning Casino logo
Winning Casino
United States 3.6 Very Good (496)
100% First Deposit Bonus
Available Android | Not Available iOS
Neospin Casino logo
Neospin Casino
United States 3.7 Very Good (550)
100% + 100 FS First Deposit Bonus
Available Android | Available iOS
Island Reels Casino logo
Island Reels Casino
United States 3.6 Very Good (1,838)
exclusive image 60 Free Spins exclusive image 350% First Deposit Bonus
Available Android | Not Available iOS
RichPrize Casino logo
RichPrize Casino
United States 3.6 Very Good (756)
exclusive image 300% + 100 FS First Deposit Bonus
Available Android | Available iOS
Play Croco Casino logo
Play Croco Casino
United States 3.8 Very Good (5,001)
exclusive image $20 No Deposit Bonus 200% First Deposit Bonus
Available Android | Not Available iOS
Red Dog Casino logo
Red Dog Casino
United States 3.7 Very Good (1,953)
exclusive image 300% First Deposit Bonus
Available Android | Not Available iOS
Golden Star Casino logo
Golden Star Casino
United States 3.8 Very Good (337)
100% + 100 FS First Deposit Bonus
Available Android | Available iOS
Red Stag Casino logo
Red Stag Casino
United States 3.7 Very Good (3,154)
exclusive image $15 No Deposit Bonus exclusive image 333% + 33 FS First Deposit Bonus
Available Android | Not Available iOS
Platinum Reels Casino logo
Platinum Reels Casino
United States 3.4 Very Good (2,514)
exclusive image 60 Free Spins 250% First Deposit Bonus
Available Android | Available iOS
Emu Casino logo
Emu Casino
United States 3.5 Very Good (935)
exclusive image 25 Free Spins 100% First Deposit Bonus
Available Android | Not Available iOS
Springbok Casino logo
Springbok Casino
United States 3.7 Very Good (4,704)
exclusive image 100 Free Spins exclusive image 300% First Deposit Bonus
Available Android | Available iOS
Club Player Casino logo
Club Player Casino
United States 3.6 Very Good (3,247)
exclusive image $75 No Deposit Bonus 450% First Deposit Bonus
Available Android | Available iOS
Desert Nights Casino logo
Desert Nights Casino
United States 3.5 Very Good (1,853)
$10 No Deposit Bonus 250% First Deposit Bonus
Not Available Android | Available iOS
SlotoCash logo
United States 3.5 Very Good (7,294)
exclusive image $31 No Deposit Bonus 200% + 100 FS First Deposit Bonus
Available Android | Available iOS
Oppa 888 logo
Oppa 888
United States 3.3 Very Good (98)
100% + 30 FS First Deposit Bonus
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What Are Mobile Casinos?

mobile casinos

Online casinos using HTML5 or JavaScript technologies alongside responsive design are classified as mobile. The essential feature of such a casino would be that it provides a smooth gaming experience for players who use mobile devices. 

Nowadays, it’s pretty rare to encounter a new online casino that does not have a certain degree of mobile optimization. However, mobile optimization is not an on-off switch. Some casinos invest more in their platforms to ensure mobile players have the best experiences. 


When accessing a casino from a phone or a tablet, the site should resize to fit that device’s screen perfectly. However, mobile devices come in a wide range of screen sizes. 

Some users might encounter many frustrating issues when a casino is not perfectly optimized for mobile. These can include being unable to see or press certain buttons, long loading times, or game staggering. 

Live dealer games are usually hard to enjoy on mobile devices unless the casino invests heavily in its mobile platforms. 

A common issue you’ll face relates to older slot titles. These might display poorly on specific devices, no matter how well-optimized the casino is. 

The casinos on this page have at least one dedicated mobile app, so the issues we mentioned should be non-existent. You can use these casino apps to access the full range of the casino’s functionality without lagging or errors.

Are Mobile Casinos Legal?

Mobile casinos fall under the legislative framework of online gambling. Whether they are legal or not will depend on your jurisdiction, so you should always check the laws relevant to your location. 

USA online gambling, for example, is heavily regulated at a federal level, and only certain states allow players to gamble in online casinos. Many European countries, on the other hand, allow the practice.

Keep in mind

Depending on your country, online gambling might only be permitted in casinos that are licensed by a local authority. 

What Should You Look For in a Mobile Casino?

mobile casinos highlights

Playing in a mobile casino for real money should only be done after some thorough documentation. The best casinos ensure all players have a satisfactory experience, but you’re the only one who can hunt for an exceptional one. 

Please consider the following tips to ensure you make the best possible choice. 

Device Compatibility

Most mobile gambling apps support both Android and iOS.

However, some might require certain versions of these operating systems to work properly. If you’re using an older device, ensure the app can run on your OS version

We’ve only listed casinos that offer a dedicated mobile app - be it for Android or iOS, but you should know that most online casinos are well-optimized for mobile, nowadays. 

When accessing a casino from a mobile device, you should always consider your screen’s size and maximum resolution. Some games have a recommended resolution in which they should be played. Otherwise, some elements might not display properly. 


The mobile casinos in our list are displayed based on your jurisdiction first. When browsing through your options, you should know that a valid gambling license is imperative. 

You’ll find information regarding licensing on the casino’s review page in the Details section. 

You can always cross-check the license information in the casino’s footer section or directly on the official website of the regulatory body.

Game collection

The game variety is paramount to ensure a pleasurable experience. Even if you’re somewhat conservative regarding the games you enjoy, having more options is always welcome. 

A vast game selection also means partnerships with several software providers. In these instances, the casino could have grounds to negotiate exclusive promotions and bonuses.

A notable downside to some casino apps is that they don’t always support the site’s entire selection of games. Instead, you may only be able to play a curated collection.

Proper SSL encryption

The privacy of your data should never be at risk, especially when you play mobile games online. Ensure your casino’s SSL certificates are up to date and that you only download casino apps from official sources. 

Disconnect policy

Playing on the go entails a bit of compromise. Without a stable internet connection, you should probably expect to be disconnected from your games from time to time. Before choosing a casino, make sure you understand its disconnect policy and that you consider it fair. 

Be aware

Depending on how the casino records betting history, a network error could sometimes void your most recent win. 

Using Our List to Find the Best Mobile Casino

On Chipy, you’ll find the essential details for every casino neatly put together for your convenience. 

Skimming through the list above, you’ll notice each card mentions if there’s an app available, either for Android or iOS.

And if you’re still on the fence regarding which one to choose, we included some handy information about the available bonuses. The rating you’ll see was given by real players, just like you. 

This way, we ensure you can spend your efforts where it matters - towards enjoyment. 

As you probably gathered, there are plenty of casino options listed above. However, you shouldn’t feel overwhelmed. You can find the perfect one for you through the use of our filters. 

You can display only the newest casinos or only casinos that offer free bonuses. 

And you can mix and match these filters however you see fit. Another helpful feature is the sorting menu. You’ll be able to sort every listed casino by relevance, number, quality of reviews, or release date. 

Top 3 Reasons to Gamble on a Mobile Casino

mobile exclusive bonus

1. Mobile-exclusive bonuses

Casinos are not uncommon to boast generous bonuses and promos for their mobile users. When playing on mobile, you’re much more likely to access the casino on the go, like when commuting.

This means that you’ll ultimately end up playing more frequently, which is a practice some casinos like to incentivize. As a mobile player, you can enjoy daily log-in rewards, cashback promos, free spins, lower wagering requirements, and loyalty points. 

Moreover, the welcome package you’d get as a new player might be considerably more lucrative if you’re redeeming it through a dedicated app. 

authentic gaming experience

2. An authentic experience for certain games

Many software providers are concentrating their efforts on mobile players. Many newer-released games, especially slots, will offer the best experience when played on mobile

That’s because the developers already created them with mobile players in mind. 

Desktop stots are a lot of fun, but there’s something more interactive about playing them on a mobile screen. 

You’ll sometimes get to spin the slots or feature wheels just by sliding your finger on your touchscreen. Pick&Click mini-games also get a rehaul when you’re not bound to use your mouse. 

And how could we forget about scratch tickets? When were those ever as fun when played with a mouse? 

fast payouts

3. Lightning-fast casino payments

Having your favorite casino with you on the go means you can make deposits and withdraw your winnings at record speed. There will be no more searching for your physical credit cards or long waiting for bank transfers to clear. 

Mobile phones and casino apps allow you to send and receive money with a couple of taps, no matter your payment method. Moreover, your transactions and balances will stay safe due to mobile casinos' unmatched encryption and security practices.

Your First Steps in a Mobile Casino

A mobile casino used to be a casino that provided us with a dedicated app. However, things have changed over the past years, considering most online casinos already optimize their platforms for mobile play. 

In those cases, an app is no longer necessary, although it does offer some distinct advantages that you might find helpful. Let’s explore these differences so you can make the best-informed decision. 

Mobile Casinos vs. Casino Apps

Casino apps are usually available for the most popular operating systems and offer a list of distinct perks. 

Mobile Casinos Casino Apps
You can access them anytime, with no extra steps. Require you to download and install them on your device’s storage.
Their interface might be more or less optimized for mobile. They are specifically designed for mobile, offering a smooth gameplay experience.
Only have traditional security options in place. Offer you the option to sign in via biometrics for enhanced security. 

Apps are quicker to load games and will always display the games at the highest resolution. They offer a smooth, simplified interface and quick access to the essential features of your casino account. 

Moreover, you can use the casino apps to securely save your account credentials and payment information for quicker transactions. 

Having a casino app installed on a phone or tablet with biometric features ensures you can only access your account with your fingerprint. 

The downside is that casino apps must be downloaded and installed locally on your device. This will demand some of your device’s storage space. 

Additionally, apps might require frequent updates to reflect new games or promotions held by the casino. 

Keep in mind

A common issue you’ll face relates to older slot titles. These might display poorly on certain devices, no matter how well-optimized the casino is. 

To counter these issues, the game selections on smartphone casinos usually don’t include the troublesome titles, even though they remain available on the web version of the casino.  

How to Download a Mobile Casino App

mobile casino download

The safest way to download a casino app would be to go through your device’s store. That would be Google Play Store for Android or App Store for iOS. From there, you can look for your desired app and install it with a button. 

If you can’t find the app in the App Store, you can just download it from the casino’s site. Look for the “Mobile App” section and follow the instructions to download the file.

Pro Tip

Some devices don’t allow apps downloaded from unofficial sources by default, so you will need to turn that setting off. The instructions are usually laid out on the casino site. 

Once installed, you can log into your app with the same credentials you use on the casino site. 

How to Create a Homescreen Shortcut for Your Online Casino

If your casino does not feature an app, or you’d just like to play on the site without downloading anything, don’t fret. 

You can always create a shortcut to the casino directly on your homepage, from where you can access the casino just like you’d do with an app. To do so, you’ll need to go through the following steps. 

  • Access the relevant casino and ensure you’re on the official page. 
  • Open the page options on your device. On Android, those look like three dots in the top-right corner, while for iOS, there’s a square box with an arrow in the middle of the bottom bar. 
  • From the open menu, select “Add to Home screen.”
  • You will need to rename this shortcut and confirm the action. 
  • That’s it! The casino will be available on your home screen, just like any other app, but it will open in your browser whenever you click it. 

As you can see, the process is nothing complicated, and the new shortcut won’t take up any space on your phone. 

However, you should remember that you’ll still be using the mobile site version, and your experience might not be as smooth as playing from a dedicated app. 

Devices Compatible with Mobile Casino Applications

mobile casinos compatible devices

In a nutshell, any mobile device with an internet connection is suitable for playing casino games on the go. Depending on the operator, the dedicated apps could be optimized for Android, iOS, and Windows, three of the most popular operating systems. 

As long as your device, be it a mobile phone or tablet, uses a supported OS, it won’t generally have any issues running the casino games. You can even use older devices, as online casino games don’t require a lot of hardware processing power. 

However, a stable Internet connection is a prerequisite, so make sure your device can connect to the Internet via either Wi-Fi or mobile data. 

The Best Mobile Casino Bonuses

Mobile players enjoy the full range of bonuses and promotions offered by a casino. New players, especially, will play with no deposit bonuses and the generous welcome packages we all know by now. 

However, the fun does not end there. Many casinos offer promotions and certain bonuses exclusive to mobile players. These could be rewarded for downloading the app, logging into the app, or performing certain transactions on mobile. 

Be it extra free spins or bonus funds for you to play a bit longer, mobile casino bonuses are usually quite generous. That’s because players who download the app or regularly access the casino through their mobile devices are more likely to stick to a certain brand. 

And that’s exactly the type of player a casino would want to reward. 

Most Popular Mobile Casino Games

Mobile gambling wouldn’t be all the rage if there were no mobile games to keep you hooked. There are plenty of titles that work great on mobile devices, but there are some that truly shine on smaller screens. Here are some of them. 



Blackjack must be one of the most popular casino games ever, and it’s no surprise that developers made it so you can play this card game on your phone without worry. 

Many casino apps have the blackjack games down to an art, creating a seamless experience, even though the playing area is a bit smaller. 

video poker

Video Poker

A great game to enjoy directly from your phone is video poker. For those of you who spend hours playing several poker tables, a desktop is probably the last place where you want to be.

Many providers developed video poker games that work perfectly on mobile with this information in mind. 



Roulette is yet another one of those games where you don’t need to take a lot of action. Just place your bets on a grid that fits well on mobile and watch the wheel spin with anticipating delight. 

Since the betting and the roulette spin happen in two distinct stages, these are both displayed sequentially on your screen, solving the issue of the small screen size.


Most Slots

Although some modern slots boast impressive graphics and sound design, there’s no reason why you couldn’t enjoy the same quality on mobile. Most slots are already optimized for phones or tablets, with the only condition being smaller buttons and symbols

Frankly, I enjoy playing real money mobile slots, as they offer a lot of variety and are very engaging.

They also don’t require too much thinking, so you can focus your attention on the graphics and features until your next exhilarating win. 

The whole arsenal of popular casino games is available for mobile players, as you can see. It’s true that some titles will be better optimized than others, so don’t worry when you start a game of blackjack, and you can barely see the cards. 

Chances are that your casino is using an old software version, a case in which you’re probably better heading out to a bonafide mobile casino. 

Best Withdrawal and Deposit Methods at Mobile Casinos

The best thing about mobile casinos is that they allow unmatched convenience when making deposits or withdrawing money. All details are in your phone already, so you can be good to go with just a couple of taps. 

Below are some of the best payment methods for players who enjoy casino games on the go. 

payforit logo


Info: Originally developed by UK phone carriers, Payforit is a safe, secure, and lightning-fast method to deposit funds into your desired casino or casino app. 

With Payforit, you can use your mobile credit to pay for several services, including making casino deposits. You can stay on top of your spending since Payforit sends you text-message reports of all your transactions.

Deposits: Yes
Withdrawals: No

pay by phone


Info: Pay-by-phone is one of the fastest and easiest payment methods in a mobile casino. Using your mobile credit, you can deposit funds at all available casinos in a matter of seconds at all available casinos and start playing with no delays. 

Bonuses are still available to you if you choose this payment method, so don’t be discouraged if you can’t use a traditional payment method in your preferred casino. 

Deposits: Yes
Withdrawals: No

boku logo


Info: Just like the previous options, Boku relies on mobile billing to facilitate online transactions. There are plenty of online casinos that accept Boku without any additional fees or processing times. 

Payments via Boku are safe and really fast. Boku users still get to enjoy welcome bonuses and promotions. What differentiates Boku from the previous methods is that it allows for speedy withdrawals from your casino, as well. 

Deposits: Yes
Withdrawals: Yes

skrill logo


Info: Skrill is one of the most popular digital wallets out there. You’ll be pressed to find an online casino that does not accept Skrill as a payment method for deposits and withdrawals. 

Skrill can seamlessly connect to any of your cards or your bank account and features its own balance that other Skrill users can fund, as well. 

Deposits: Yes
Withdrawals: Yes

You’ll find that mobile credit options are often available on casual casino sites. Some mobile casinos that feature penny slots or plenty of bingo rooms will always offer these mobile payment options before anything else. 

The key takeaway here is “convenience.” Using these methods, you’ll skip a lot of waiting for identity verification processes or, even worse, bank processing times. 

With the methods listed above, you’ll be a few minutes away from playing with real money, even if you’re a total newbie. 

Ready to Play Mobile Casino Games for Real Money?

If your phone is burning with excitement for some new fun games, this might be your chance to give it what it wants. You’ll find all the same if not more, bonuses and promotions in mobile casinos than in regular online casinos. 

The casino games will be perfectly suited for mobile play, especially when they come from the operators we listed above. You already saw that using our site to find the perfect casino for you will be a breeze, so why not take advantage of that? 

P.S. If you’re a new player, you should probably check our new player casino bonuses. You can thank us later. Happy playtime!

Mobile Casinos FAQs

Can I play mobile games that pay real money?
Of course. As long as you’re playing in a casino with real games, not the demo versions, you’ll be able to win real money, regardless of the device you use. 
Is it safe to log into casino apps?
Casino apps are one of the safest options for keeping your credentials and personal data safe. Not only are they encrypted, but some devices will let you use your biometrics. This way, your casino app will only be available after you unlock it with your fingerprint. 
Can I use the same casino account on my phone or the app?
Yes. As long as you have a valid casino account, you are supposed to use those credentials in the app. It is frowned upon or even downright prohibited to create multiple accounts in a single casino. 
Can I also play mobile casino games for free?
Sure thing. Many games have demo versions you can play without spending any real money. You will start the game with a certain sum of fun funds that you can use to test out the game and have some fun without worrying about your finances. 
We even recommend doing that before committing to a certain game because you’ll get to learn the game mechanics beforehand. 

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