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Discover everything you need to know to make the most out of every Keno session! Read our Keno Guides written by experts and find out how the game works, what the rules are, and how to maximize your winning chances! 

Meet Our Keno Experts

Our Keno expert writers make sure every guide is clear and full of helpful information for all types of players. Their Keno expertise will bring a lot of tips and insights to help you master the game.

Vlad Mihalache
Vlad Mihalache Online Gambling and Slots Specialist 4 guides published

Vlad uses his vast online casino experience and marketing skillset to help gamblers make informed decisions. His main goal at Chipy is to provide actionable gambling advice.

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Alex Hoffmann
Alex Hoffmann Senior Content Writer 1 guide published

Alex Hoffmann is a content writer who specializes in iGaming. After 5+ years actively working in the online gaming industry as a journalist, he joined Chipy in January 2023.

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What Will You Learn From Our Keno Guides

keno academy

By going through our Keno gambling guides, you will learn plenty of useful information, acquire new skills, and gain insights into how this game works. 

Here are some of the most important aspects you will learn about

  • How to play Keno
  • How the game works
  • Keno rules
  • How to pick the right Keno numbers
  • Bet types you can make
  • All about online casino bonuses for Keno games
  • How to choose the best Keno casinos
  • How to increase your winning chances when playing Keno online
  • Keno terminology
  • Strategies and insights.

The guides we have in store are meant for all players, regardless of their level of experience with this game and gambling in general. 

They each come with a difficulty indicator:

difficulty levels

The indicator allows you to start with the beginner Keno guides if you are new to the game and gradually advance to learning more complex things. 

Reasons to Choose Our Keno Guides

You may think you can simply start playing and discover the game as you go, but here are some very good reasons why you should read our Keno Guides first: 

You get a great headstart

Diving into a game of Keno as a complete beginner may seem fun and adventurous, but it can turn out to be frustrating and time-consuming.

Having to discover everything by yourself usually takes a while, time which you could spend having fun and potentially winning big prizes. It only takes you a few minutes to read a Keno guide for beginners and it will help you truly enjoy your first gambling sessions.

Based on real experience 

Our Chipy Academy writers are experienced players who learned using their own money and playing in either land-based or online casinos.

Their experience is authentic and full of both successes and failures. Therefore, they can give you the advice they needed when they were starting out.

Also, they can speak to you from a player’s perspective, focusing on what can improve your journey with this fun game. 

Useful tips and tricks

Aside from general information about the game and how it works, you will also find tips and tricks to help you make the most out of every gaming session. 

They give you valuable information on how to handle your budget, what to pay attention to when choosing a Keno gambling site, and what promotions are better.

 These are all based on their own past and current experience with the game and the online casinos that offer this game.

Easy to read and understand

We know that players are looking to have fun, not spend hours reading and researching. This is exactly why all our Chipy Academy guides are written clearly and concisely.

All crucial information is highlighted, the text is neatly organized, and we rely on simple language, without too many technical terms.

Thanks to this, our Keno guides are easy to understand even if you have never played any casino game before. 

How to Apply What You Learn From Our Keno Guides

Once you go through our Keno guides and you feel confident enough to begin your journey, here are the next steps you could take: 

  1. Play Keno for free to get used to the game mechanics and the bets you can make
  2. Choose an online casino that offers this game after checking out what it has to offer and reading player reviews 
  3. Claim a Keno casino bonus without making a deposit and start playing with real money without risking your own funds
  4. Make your deposit, claim more casino bonuses to increase your balance and multiply your winning chances, and enjoy the fun of playing Keno. 

Join The Chipy Academy And Learn Keno Today

Choose the Keno guide you need based on your level of experience, and start learning how to play Keno and have higher winning chances! Apply your newly-acquired skills in free Keno games or play for real money at the best online casinos!

Keno Academy FAQs

Who are Keno Guides for?
The Keno guides in our Chipy Academy are suitable for all players who want to learn how to play the game or upgrade their skills. Some are specially written for beginners, while others are for intermediate and advanced players. You will also find some guides for all levels of experience.
Where can you apply what you learn from our Keno Guides?
You can apply what you have learned from our Keno guides in free games and real-money Keno games. We offer free options for you to test your skills and you can also find a variety of promotions to start playing real-money Keno with.
Will I win more at Keno after reading these guides?
It is impossible to predict exactly how much and when you will win when playing a game of chance. However, our guides help you better handle your budget and maximize your winning chances.

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