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Dice influencer Bill Collins will provide you with well-informed and accurate guides. Here is the place where you can meet him and discover what he is all about. 

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Back in 2003, Bill Collins started winning big from craps using dice influencing. Right now, he writes craps guides professionally, sharing his story and advice with beginners that want to win more.

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Craps has been around forever. Originally used for deciding fate, it became a rather casual and entertaining activity in the years to come.

Nowadays, you can enjoy a good craps session in brick-and-mortar venues, but also in online casinos. While playing craps, you will bet against the bank, represented by the casino.

The goal of craps is to determine how the dice will land. Predicting it correctly will give you wins, according to the values of your bets.

Besides the chips, the essential elements of the game are the puck, the dice, and the stick. The team that will help the players use the elements and place bets are:

  • Two Dealers
  • The Stickman
  • The Boxman
  • The Floorman

Throughout our craps guides, you will get to learn all of this and even more in-depth topics! 

This table game and its jargon can become difficult at times. That’s why our guides are here to walk you through every aspect of the game.

The craps guides are accompanied by videos and images that will help you memorize the new concepts even quicker.

Plus, you always have the option to contact us if you have any questions or even suggestions for us, such as a tip we missed. Or maybe you have a revolutionary craps strategy that you want the world to know about.

Who are the Craps Academy Guides for?

The guides are created to suit all types of players, meaning that if you identify yourself as a beginner, intermediate or expert gambler, there are guides suitable for your level of knowledge and skill.

Each guide will have a difficulty level - Beginner, Intermediate, Expert, or All Levels - displayed at the start of the guide. Nothing stops you from reading whatever you want, so go ahead and level up and become a master in the craps arts.

Craps Academy FAQ

What can I do if I don’t understand something from your guides?
Contact us at [email protected]! In case you stumble upon any confusion while reading our guides, don’t hesitate to contact us and share your concerns. We will make our best effort to make it clear and get back to you as quickly as possible.
Can I play craps on Chipy without an account?
Of course! You can play our free craps titles without signing up. However, if you register, you will receive 100 Chipy Coins to spend throughout the platform.
Will the Chipy Academy Craps Guides actually help me win more?
Yes, but only if you apply the new strategies and tips & tricks presented in our guides. Of course, we cannot guarantee that you’ll win, but you can get much closer than before.

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