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Forget everything you thought you knew about gambling and come here to to learn more about special casino games that will redefine the way you gamble. Read our article to find out more about these games, where you can try them for free and make them work for you!

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What Is an Online Special Game?

Many companies started to see that the market needs something new and that there are certain niches of players left aside. This led to the apparition of a new class of games, which, as their name suggests, are special and unique from top to bottom.

You can’t put them in any category like online slots or table games and these special online games have a category of their own. Whether you decide to play online special games for free or for real money, these games are guaranteed to offer an incredible gambling experience no matter what. 

Of course, players who venture to try these titles and enjoy a whole new gambling experience will also have to learn new rules and devise new strategies. 

Most of these special games resemble video games that you would play on a PC rather than machines that you would find at a gambling establishment.

No matter how they look or what gameplay they would offer, one thing remains the same, the ability to win real cash prizes and that’s the end game of any gambler out there, without a doubt. 

Why Should You Play Special Games Online?

Special online casino games are definitely something new and bold, coming as a breath of fresh air for all players looking for new and more exciting gambling experiences. 

Companies that produce this sort of game understand that all players are different and it's fine to get bored seeing the same sort of casino games being cloned over and over again.

These companies brought on the market their special casino games to meet the needs of a certain niche of players and shake the very way casino games were seen and played before.

There are many reasons why players choose to play special games online instead of regular casino games and we will explore all benefits down below:

Special casino games are unique

Even if they come with simple gameplay with no features or intricate rules with plenty of special options, special games offer a huge variety of experiences that a gambler can try. 

Forget about being limited only to a couple of casino games like slots, Blackjack, or Roulette, and try out a whole new experience that will redefine the way you look at gambling.

You are able to play with cryptocurrencies

A couple of these special games have been designed to mimic the trade market, appealing directly to cryptocurrency users. 

This is great because finally, this niche of players gets some attention. Additionally, by becoming very popular these cryptocurrency casino games will also force more casinos out there to accept cryptocurrencies in order to attract customers. 

They have raised the bar

Proving the impossible, companies that design special games have unintentionally raised the bar and set in motion a chain of events. 

There is no way to go back once it has been proven that gambling can also be done otherwise in more exciting ways. This means that we can expect great changes in the future and even more unique and entertaining special games to try out.

Special Games Introduction

Each special game is unique and even if some of them are very similar (crash casino games), each of them has its own set of gameplay rules. All of them are exciting, but the main goal is to find the one that better fits your needs and tastes.

For example, Spribe aviator game is among the simplest of them. You only need to wager and wait for a multiplier to go up. The end goal is to withdraw before the game crashes to enjoy the multiplier gained up to that point. Spribe casino games are popular without any doubt, but Aviator is the one that became a legend. 

free special games aviator game

Slot machine fans can take a look at NeoGames Sunset Winnings. It’s a very simple game where you just need to uncover star-covered positions on a 6x4 grid to reveal prizes or some sweet cherries that can trigger Free Games.

sunset winnings game

If you love fishing, you have to try out Spadegaming Fishing War, a more complex and entertaining, special casino game. Besides the incredible graphics and sound effects, this game is more intricate than the ones above. You can choose your difficulty level, which also affects the level of the wins. 

Fishing War comes with an autoplay feature, a double gun feature, and countless bonus rounds that can be triggered by taking down different creatures that appear in the game. 

fishing war game

You can plunder like a real pirate in OneTouch Loot or Boot, one of the simplest and most entertaining special games on the market. You just pick a wager, hit the play button and you have to click on the shovel hidden position to unblock prizes. A simple click-and-collect mini-game that’s surprisingly very entertaining and immersive. 

loot or boot game

How to Play Online Special Games

Special online casino games are designed for a certain niche, mimicking the trading market. This is one of the main reasons why these games became highly popular among cryptocurrency fans that are able to play them with various tokens.


Because most of these games are played with cryptocurrencies, you will first need a cryptocurrency wallet that can be created very similar to e-wallets.

However, things get more complex when you want to top up that wallet because you can’t simply do it from your credit card or through a bank transfer. 

To top up a cryptocurrency wallet, you first need to buy the cryptocurrency tokens from special trading websites. You will get a single-use key that needs to be introduced to your wallet so the transfer would be complete.

From there, things are pretty straightforward, at least for the most basic crash games.

Basically, the whole process of playing special online crash casino games is very simple as you can see in the step-by-step guide below:


You place a bet and you hit the play button.


The multiplier will go up and you need to find the sweet spot because the game can crash at random. If you fail to stop the game before the crash happens, you will lose the bet


If you manage to cash out before the game crashes, you will enjoy the multiplier displayed on the screen at the moment when you have chosen to end the session.

How to Win Online Special Games

Before we start with the most important tips you can follow to become a better special casino games player, it’s very important to mention that special games are unique and some strategies may not work for all of them.

It’s important to understand special online casino games are completely fair for one reason, their results are ensured by an RNG. 


The Random Number Generator is a marvelous piece of technology, an algorithm that generates completely random results, ensuring that nobody can mess with the game to influence its outcomes.

While the RNG makes these games completely safe and fair, it also makes the gameplay impossible to control as there is absolutely no way to determine the outcome of a session. This is why you need to follow some general gameplay strategies to improve your chances to win or at least, make sure that you are losing less. 

Learn the Rules

Special casino games are “special” because they don’t follow any standard rules and most of them are unique in terms of gameplay. Some of them are quite simple to understand while others are more complex.

Being so different means that you will have to learn their rules first if you want to stand a fair chance of winning, which leads us to our next piece of advice. 

Try the Games for Free

Sure, gambling for real cash is definitely more fun not only because of the adrenaline rush of knowing that you have a real risk of losing money but also because of the excitement when you win real cash.

It’s a good idea, however, to take some time and try free special casino games like these on our website.

star guardians game

You can spend as much time as you please learning their rules and trying out different strategies without risking anything.

When you play free special casino games for fun, you might even find out that that’s not the title you are searching for and you want to try out something new and all these without having to lose any money in the process.

Lastly, if you play the special casino games for free also means that you don’t have to commit to a casino right away and you can afford the time to pick the one that better suits your needs.

Bankroll Management

This is one of the most important pieces of advice you need to keep in mind. It’s easy to lose track of both time and your budget when you are having a great time. However, losing track means that you can both drain your balance and can also lead to many serious problems like gambling addiction.


Never gamble more than you can afford to lose and don’t chase a losing streak.

We all have our bad days so it’s better to just call it a day and come back at a later date when you are rested and you can make better decisions.

Also, try to spread your budget in multiple sessions with smaller bets. Not only will you make the fun last longer, but losses will also affect you less. It’s better to score smaller wins than to take the risk of losing all your budget at once.

Pros and Cons of Special Casino Games

Nowadays, special casino games are extremely popular and for all the right reasons. They are fun to play and they come as a nice breath of fresh air on a market oversaturated by casino games that seemed cloned. 

Just like any other casino games, the special ones also come with a couple of pros and cons, and before you decide if they are right for you or not, it’s a good idea to check the table below. 

Special Casino Games Pros

Special Casino Games Cons

Because there is no sort of personal or card information used when making cryptocurrency transactions, you will be able to play online special casino games for real money anonymously. 

This is fantastic, especially for players in countries where online gambling is under a gray zone

At the top online special casino games sites, not all cryptocurrencies may be accepted. 

There are plenty of cryptocurrencies nowadays so it’s a bit hard for these gambling sites to keep up to date

Cryptocurrency transactions are very similar to e-wallet casino transactions. 

Because you don’t have to use any sort of personal or banking details, all your deposits will be completely safe and no third party will gain access to your sensitive details

Because casino transaction procedures are a bit more complex than others, the waiting times are also increased and can take longer compared to other payment systems

Other casino games like Crash are completely fair. 

They have been tested and certified for fairness by independent labs which ensures that all players will get an unbiased gambling experience

Transactions with cryptocurrencies are often free compared to other FIAT currency payment systems that may have some taxes applied

Play Special Games Online for Fun

You can try out plenty of special casino games online free no download required here on Chipy for as long as you want. We are offering a wide selection of special casino games online free of any charge from great software providers specialized in the field. 

The first title or better said, set of titles we recommend you to try is the Crash casino game. These sorts of games have appeared recently and just like Aviator they involve increasing your bet till the moment of the crash, hence the name. Crash gambling free games are by far the most popular in our library. 

Spribe is a company that has already been made a name for itself thanks to its two very popular games, Aviator and Spribe Pinko, casino games that are at the top of the list at any gambling site offering special casino games. 

spribe plinko

It’s simply incredible just how many Spribe casinos have emerged on the market, especially considering that this company is very young. 

Powering many online casinos, Spadegaming is another great software development company responsible for highly popular special games like Alien Hunter and Fishing War. This software provider managed to build an extensive collection of games and it’s now offering some of the best online special casino games on the market.

We can’t invite you to try out our special casino games online free section without mentioning NeoGames, a company with over 15 years of experience in the industry. Besides Sunset Winnings, which is by far their most popular title, there are also other great special casino games that came out of their doors like Zodiac or The Lost Maya.

Best Special Games Bonuses

When you decide to play the best online special casino games for real money, you can also look to claim a casino bonus. Casino bonuses and promotions are great because they help both the casino operators that get new customers and the players that are just starting out.

This way, you can play special casino games online with more money than you would originally have, therefore increasing your chances to win and the amount of fun you can have.

In terms of bonuses and promotions you can claim to play special casino games, it pretty much depends on each casino operator and the game it decides to make eligible for the bonuses and their wagering requirements. Generally, all casino bonuses are able to be used, especially the most popular ones. 

Welcome Bonuses

The most popular and widely encountered casino promotions out there have to be the welcome bonuses. These are the backbone of every online casino because they are offered a single time to new players only. 

They are promotions designed specifically to attract new players to a casino and they can take many forms, from first deposit offers to no deposit bonuses.

Match-Up Bonuses

The match-up bonuses represent an amount of cash that the operator offers to match your deposit. You’ll generally find these types of promotions offered for the first deposit that a player makes after he registers a new account with a casino. 


The gambling site may offer 200% as a match-up bonus for any deposit of up to $100. This means that you make a $100 deposit, you will get another $200 and you will have a total of $300 to play with.

Match-up offers are not only offered for new players and veterans can also enjoy deposit bonuses for their 2nd, 3rd deposit, and so on at a casino. 

No Deposit Bonuses

As you could already figure out from their name, no deposit bonuses require no sort of deposit like match-up bonuses do. These sorts of bonuses will require you however to register an account with the specific gambling site and confirm it.


No deposit bonuses come as a fixed amount of cash and will also have wagering requirements applied most of the time.

The bonus consistency is smaller compared to match-up promotions. However, being completely free makes it extremely popular, especially for casual players and those on a tighter budget.

Low Wagering Bonuses

Absolutely all bonuses on the market will have some sort of wagering requirements and other special conditions for claiming. Basically, after you get the bonus and you start playing, all the potential wins go to a separate balance in your player account and will only become available for withdrawal once you complete the playthrough requirements or the conditions in place.


Wagering requirements are a special safety measure to prevent players from abusing a bonus and then repeating the action at another casino. These playthrough requirements will be mentioned in the terms and conditions of a bonus and it’s extremely important to read them so you know how much to wager in order to get the bonus.

Playthrough requirements will be displayed as a multiplier of your bonus and the deposit or just the bonus in case of a no deposit offer.


If the casino offers you a 100% match-up bonus for up to $50 with 25x wagering requirements it means that you need to gamble $2500 in order to be able to get the potential wins from the promotion.

Wagering requirements may be the devil we need to live with, however, depending on each player’s budget, some of these playthrough requirements may be just too much to handle.

Low wagering bonuses are designed specifically for those on a tighter budget and will vary roughly between 3x and 25x to be more accessible to casual players. Anything above 25x is considered the market’s average and anything above 60x is considered high wagering. 

No Wagering Bonuses 

We have already explained above what wagering requirements are and that there are specific bonuses designed for those with a thinner wallet. 

Sometimes, however, a casino operator may decide to offer a no wagering bonus. Of course, the amount of cash will not be very big but there will be absolutely no playthrough requirements in place. 

Online Special Games on Your Mobile

Being designed with the latest technology on the market means that there are plenty of online mobile special casino games that can be played however you desire. If you feel more comfortable playing from home, you can open them right away on your PC or Laptop. 

save the hamster game

If on the contrary, you are constantly on the move, you can try out free mobile special casino games on your smartphone or tablet. As long as there is a stable internet connection, either your mobile data or a secure Wi-Fi connection you can literally play from anywhere, anytime you desire.  

There are still a lot of misconceptions on the market regarding mobile casinos. Many players still think that there are differences in either the graphic quality or the gameplay. All these myths are fake because, besides the smaller screen, there is absolutely no difference between regular online versions and mobile versions of the special casino games.


The menus of these games are adaptable and intuitive to fit any screen size, from smartphones to tablets and the graphic quality will adapt according to your mobile connection.

There are also no differences when it comes to the overall functionality of the online casino where you play at. You are able to claim casino bonuses and promotions, take part in tournaments or make casino deposits and withdrawals on whatever device of your choice, either a PC or a smartphone.

With so many benefits and no drawbacks, it’s understandable why so many players are shifting towards mobile casinos preferring to play special mobile casino games on their smartphones or tablets and enjoying more freedom of movement than ever before.


Special casino games are, without a doubt, something new and they brought a lot of changes and challenges to the market. Many software development companies will approach the design of their games differently now that the bar was raised so high.

Also, with some of these special games being catered toward cryptocurrency users, we can expect an increase in the number of gambling sites that accept crypto coins. Overall, if you want to try out something new and the “classical” casino games bore you, special casino games are definitely what you need.

Now that you’ve read our special casino games guide and you know what makes them tick and where you can play them for free, just go and pick one of the recommended casinos on our lists and try these special games for real money!

Casino Special Games FAQs

Are special casino games popular?

Special casino games are somewhat rare right now. They are a new addition to most online casinos and it will take some time before more gambling websites operators will see the potential of these hidden gems.

Can I play special casino games for real money?

Yes, just like any other casino game, special games can be played to win real money because, at the end of the day, that’s the purpose of gambling. However, you can also play a wide variety of free special casino games no download and no registration required right here on Chipy if you don’t feel like committing to an online casino yet. 

Can I play special casino games with no deposit bonus?

You can play special casino games with a wide variety of bonuses including a no deposit offer if the specific online casinos include the special games among the eligible titles for the bonus.

What are the volatility and RTP of special casino games?

Special casino games are unique and their gameplay varies from one title to another. Since the odds of hitting a win is completely random, RTP and volatility do not apply.