Experience Points and Level Explained

Experience Level And Points
We are very proud to have such an amazing community here at Chipy.com. We owe our progress to you, our dedicated members, so we devised a way to reward you for being active on our site. Our reward system includes a range of different features, such as experience points and levels, coins and members only competitions.

In this guide we will be focusing our attention on experience points and level progression. Read on to learn more about what experience points are, how you can earn them, what you can do once you reach a certain level and what rewards we have in store for our most active users.

What Are Experience Points?

Experience points reflect the users’ activity & seniority on our site and the various actions they take part in during their time spent here. Once you as a user earn enough experience points, you level up. Each new level opens up new opportunities for buying premium items in our Community Shop.  

How Can I Earn Experience Points?

You can gain experience points through a variety of actions on our site, but keep in mind that high-quality content attracts an increase in reputation, as well as experience points and level. For instance, you will get a whopping 20 experience points each time another community member marks your review as “helpful”. 

We also encourage you to rate our casino games after you’ve played them, rate a bonus on our bonus blog once you’ve claimed it, try a new casino and share your experience with the community by posting a helpful casino review or check out our news articles and help us grow by rating them, as all of these provide additional experience points that will add up in no time. 

Down below, you can find a complete list of action you can take part in our site in order to gain experience points, as well as the corresponding value for each action and details explaining each action:

User Action Experience Points Received Details
Daily Login 20 points Every 24 hours, a login-in to your account will earn you with 20 experience points.
Shop Purchase 50 points For every purchase from our Community Shop, you’ll get 50 experience points.
Bonus Like / Dislike  2 points Liking or disliking a bonus on our Bonus blog will grant you 2 experience points. You can only do this action up to 50 times per day.
Bonus Comment 5 points Offer your fellow community members your genuine opinion on a blog bonus and you will win 5 experience points.
Casino Rating 1 point For each casino rating, you will win 1 experience point.
Casino Review 10 points Writing a review on an online casino will give you 10 experience points.
Helpful Review 20 points For each review your fellow community members mark as helpful, you will receive 20 experience points.
Games Rate 2 points Rate a casino game and you will get 2 points.
News Post Like / Dislike 2 points For liking or disliking our news bulletins, you will receive 2 experience points. You can only perform this action 50 times per day.

What can I do once I reach a certain level?

Level progression is linear and it can be quite fast, depending on your activity level. As we mentioned before, once you reach different levels you will be able to enjoy new items or benefits. With each new level you reach, you are rewarded with 100 coins x new level (for instance, when reaching level 5, you will receive 100 x 5 = 500 coins), to give you a boost in your gambling adventures.

With that in mind, let us turn our attention to the items in our Community Shop, all of which have a level requirement attached to them, as you can see in the image attached down below:

Whether it’s a real-money item, a bonus offer or an avatar customization item, these items require you to be at a certain level in order to buy them.  

To see how many experience points you need to progress from one level to another, check out the table down below: 

Level Points Required
0 100
1 500
2 1,000
3 2,000
4 4,000
5 7,000
6 13,000
7 21,000
8 31,000
9 42,000
10 53,000
11 65,500
12 79,000
13 99,000
14 125,000
15 155,000
16 190,000
17 230,000
18 280,000
19 340,000
20 410,000
21 490,000
22 580,000
23 680,000

Where can I check my level & experience points?

You can always check your level in our site’s header, as shown below:

Leaderboard & Monthly Competition

The leaderboard is the place where you find out if you’ve been active enough on our website to get rewarded for it. All of Chipy’s top-ranking players are found here and the most active of them will win prizes. 

This is a monthly competition which you automatically become a part of as soon as you register on our site. Every action you take on the site contributes to your final ranking at the end of the month. As a winner you can expect hefty prizes that will be automatically transferred to your account. The top 5 winners will receive real money prizes as well as coins. For additional information, visit our Leaderboard page.

Want to learn more? 

For more information on the benefits you can enjoy as a registered user here on Chipy.com, you can check out our guide on What are Coins?  

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