What Are Coins?

What Are Coins
At Chipy.com we appreciate each and every registered member of our community for their continued dedication to our website and for always choosing us as the world’s best source of Online Casino Bonuses, Games, Reviews, and Information.

In order to show our appreciation, we created a reward system for our community members, which has multiple layers: coins, experience points and level, as well as members-only competitions. In this guide we will focus on coins, as one of the most exciting features of our rewards system. Keep reading to learn what coins are, how they can be earned and what can be done with them.

What Are Coins?

Coins are basically the “money” on our site, it is an exclusive currency that our registered users can earn and spend here on Chipy.com. It is, as mentioned before, a part of the reward system we offer to members of our community, to repay them for their continued dedication. Coins can be earned in a number of ways, as long as you are an active user on our website. 

How Can I Earn Coins?

As an active member of our community, you will be rewarded appropriately. Logging in daily, sharing your feedback on our games or casinos, bonuses or news articles – all of these will grant you a certain number of coins. 

Bear in mind, however, that community members who contribute with quality feedback to our site can earn more. Helping your peers by providing them with helpful information on your experience makes you a contributor to the growth of this community.

Down below, we have compiled a complete list of the activities a user can engage in in order to earn our coins, as well as the corresponding coin value for each action and details explaining each action:

User Action Coins Rewarded Details
Daily Login 30 - 100 coins Every 24 hours, you will be automatically granted 30 coins. In case your balance is below 100, the login reward will increase the balance to a 100 coins.
Level Up 100 x (new level) coins With each new level you reach, you will earn 100 coins x your new level value. For example, at level 5, you will earn 100 x 5 = 500 coins.
Bonus Like / Dislike  2 coins Liking or disliking a bonus on our Bonus blog. Up to 50 times per day.
Bonus Comment 10 coins Give your fellow community members your honest opinion on a blog bonus and you will win 10 coins.
Casino Rating 1 coin For an honest casino rating, you will earn 1 coin.
Casino Review 10 coins Try a new casino and share your experience with other members by writing a review; this will give you 10 coins.
Helpful Review 20 coins Every time your fellow community members mark your review as helpful, you will receive 20 coins.
Games Rate 2 coins Rate a casino game once you’ve played it and you will be granted 2 coins.
News Post Like / Dislike 2 coins Check out news articles and gain some knowledge in the gambling field! Liking or disliking them will get you 2 coins. You can only do this 50 times per day.


Where can I check my balance?

In order to check your balance, head over to our site’s header, and there you will see the total number of your coins, just as shown in the picture down below.

What can I do with my coins?

You can do a lot of fun things using your coins, such as visiting our shop page and buying cool items. Put your hard-earned coins to good use and reward yourself with awesome avatars, bonus offers to your favorite casinos, as well as real money items. You heard that right, you can turn your coins into real cash, and all you have to do is engage with our website and community!

You can also have a blast visiting our Playground, a unique space where you can play exclusive games using your coins and win even more if you’re lucky. Our website is the only one that provides players with such a fun opportunity to both spend and earn their coins while enjoying their favorite casino games. 

Want to learn more? 

For more information on the benefits you can enjoy as a member of our community, you should check out our guides on Experience Points & Level and Community Members Benefits. Being active on our website ensures that you keep earning both coins and experience points, and leveling up actually translates into a significant number of coins (100 per each new level). 

Join us!

To gain access to all these exciting features, you simply need to join our amazing community by opening an account on our website. You will start off with 100 coins and you can keep collecting coins every day. The simple sign-up process is free and takes only 30 seconds to complete! It unlocks a wide range of benefits. We can't wait to welcome you to our amazing family!