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Editorial Guidelines

Elena Rosu
Written by Elena Rosu

Elena Rosu

Content Writer
  • Over four years spent researching Game Development and Design and writing for various game-related online publications, such as Stylized Station and Cultured Vultures
  • Detail-oriented researcher with ample experience in gambling legislation and problem gambling.
  • In-training Cognitive Scientist with a focus on addiction and gamification at the University of Bucharest. 
Iasmina Bunea
Reviewed by Iasmina Bunea

Iasmina Bunea

Gambling Content Editor
  • Seasoned online gambling content editor and writer with over 7 years of experience;
  • Specialized in the UK gambling market for 5 years while also establishing a broad understanding of other markets, including the USA, New Zealand, and Canada;
  • Known for a deep understanding of casino players' needs and adept at converting intricate industry details into accessible content
  • Proven skills in coordinating editorial teams, ensuring the delivery of objective and transparent content.
icon-calendar Updated on Dec 15, 2023

editorial guidelines

This page explains how provides trustworthy, accessible, and error-free information.

Our team uses a well-established editorial process to ensure our content meets the highest standards of accuracy and coherence. 

At every step of the way, we consider our audience’s needs and preferences and strive to deliver well-structured, digestible, and engaging information. 

Our mission is to help all of our readers, regardless of background, make better decisions and promote impeccable fairness and safety standards in the gambling industry

Editorial Guidelines Overview

Our content is written and revised based on our pledge to respect three fundamental principles. 

  • Preserving flawless objectivity.
  • Prioritizing player safety.
  • Diligent monitoring of legislation updates.

Content Accuracy and Fact-Checking

Our editorial team understands the importance of thoroughly researched information in our industry. Since our content is meant to inform decisions regarding readers’ leisure spending, we demand the highest level of attention to detail. 

Our writers and editors consult reliable and diverse sources when gathering information, and fact-checking happens on several levels before the content is published. 

We only employ reputable and trustworthy sources such as:

  • official government data and organizations
  • professional and academic institutions and journals
  • white papers
  • interviews with industry experts. 

Moreover, we cross-reference multiple sources to verify the information and avoid mentioning facts or making claims that can’t be supported by at least one credible source

Data Accuracy

The punctual data presented on our platform regarding casinos, software, and games are subjected to a rigid quality control process. We train and employ several teams to communicate with brands, conduct research, and promptly update our readers on relevant changes. 

One crucial aspect of this process is our strong collaboration with a network of trustworthy, reliable sources, particularly our partnerships with various casino operators. 

Maintaining Accuracy in Casino-Related Data

The accuracy of casino-related data, such as licenses and certifications, is paramount to us. This is why we employ two teams, Marketing and Affiliation, to ensure the information we present is correct and always up-to-date.

New casinos undergo an in-depth assessment before being added to our platform. Our teams request relevant information from casino representatives and cross-check it with the Terms and Conditions pages and other reliable external sources.

Our partners promptly inform us of any policy updates or pertinent changes, such as new licenses or software partnerships, so we can adjust our database accordingly. 

We value reader feedback

Another essential step in this process is our readers’ feedback. We continuously evaluate and monitor user ratings and reviews and conduct thorough complaints reviews.  

Faced with evidence of unfair practices, we promptly update our Casino Blacklist to inform readers of potential issues. 

Data Accuracy in Promotions & Bonuses

A dedicated Promotions team ensures the accuracy of bonuses and promotions featured on our site. This process involves regular audits, cross-referencing various reliable sources, and direct communications with our partners. 

Moreover, our readers actively contribute to the accuracy of this data by voluntarily providing bonus feedback via documented evidence. 

Ensuring Accuracy in Free Games

Access to demo versions of high-quality, popular casino games is essential to making better gambling decisions. Our team references multiple sources, including player ratings, to select the newest and most beloved titles and add them to our collection. 

We consider the developer’s reliability, reputation, and the newest trends and player preferences. Extensive game testing is done to find and verify all features and game details. 

Lastly, our team contacts the developers to obtain data such as RTP and volatility if these aren’t yet available online. 

Data Accuracy for Software Information

We collaborate closely with an extensive database of software developers and publishers and keep a comprehensive documentation suite regarding their certifications, awards, and operating markets. 

We monitor user experiences and news to ensure our recommendations are up-to-date and reflect genuine industry opinions. Our Data Specialists promptly conduct corrections and updates when new information becomes available. 

Payment Information Accuracy

We cross-reference official sources and communications with trusted payment providers to deliver accurate information about payment platforms and security measures. 

Our agents keep close contact through direct channels with well-known and reputable payment providers and conduct strict audits before featuring new ones on our platform. 

When assessing the availability of various payment methods on our advertised casinos, our team conducts testing via registered accounts and references the information on the official Terms and Conditions pages. 

Plagiarism and Copyright

The editorial team at solely provides original, objective, and useful content. The information presented on this site is the proprietary work of our staff members, and we strictly adhere to our local copyright laws and regulations. 

We link to the primary external source whenever we mention objective facts, such as legislation snippets or statistics. 

A word on technology

All content goes through plagiarism detection software during the quality control phase to ensure we are not infringing on anyone’s intellectual property rights. 

It is against our guidelines to publish automatically generated content using AI (artificial intelligence) writing tools. We might use such tools for research purposes, but the final content is completely human-generated

All visual content, including illustrations, graphs, icons, and videos, is produced in-house. Stock footage and visual elements used in video guides are properly licensed for commercial use. 

The use of screenshots or game footage for promotional purposes is in line with the international standards for Fair Use

Objectivity and Independence is a casino affiliate site - we make money when players engage with certain casinos from our pages. However, we maintain a strict separation between our editorial content and our advertised casino brands

The information on our website is unbiased and provided by gambling specialists who are free and encouraged to express their true, unhindered opinions. Any potential conflicts of interest are stated in our Advertiser Disclosure

Unless explicitly stated, we don’t promote any specific products, services, or brands. Every staff member and contributor is held accountable to a high standard of honesty and transparency. 

We present information objectively and completely avoid making misleading or exaggerated claims. 

All ratings and reviews are given by real players, and we do not accept any payment from casinos to alter or remove players’ reviews. You can read more about our pledge to transparency and accountability on the Why Trust Chipy page. 

Responsible Gambling invests a lot of time and resources into creating an active, engaged community where everyone can feel seen and supported. 

Chipy's editorial team believes gambling is a fun way to spend your time and wishes to teach our community how to stay in complete control of this hobby. 

We are proud to say that responsible gambling is a moral duty for casino operators and affiliates first

Consequently, we strive to provide information-packed, well-cited, and evidence-based tips and guides for our readers. 

We provide self-assessment guidance and plenty of resources where at-risk players can receive high-quality education regarding problem gambling. 

Legal and Ethical Standards is committed to protecting reader data. We collect data to improve the way we operate and provide a better service, prevent abuses, and detect and mitigate security threats. 

Details on the type of data we collect and how we manage it can be found in our Privacy Policy

We encourage our players to read more about our terms on our Terms and Conditions page. 

User Engagement and Interaction

We are, at heart, a community, so we take special measures to ensure players feel safe and comfortable sharing feedback on our platform. 

We encourage players to leave ratings and reviews wherever they see fit, and we pledge never to adjust or delete negative comments, regardless of our contracts with casino brands. 

Be aware

We do moderate content which might be deemed spam, inappropriate, or offensive to certain groups.

The Q&A section is also where you’ll find our Community Managers, who promptly reply to questions and give users the opportunity to express their opinions, concerns, or wishes regarding new features. 

For frequently asked questions regarding our site and responsible gambling principles, players can access the Help Page, where they’ll find quick guides to managing their accounts, using their Chipy coins, or contributing casino reviews. 

Lastly, players can contact us directly through an online form or by sending an email to the appropriate department. 

Support Team For any difficulties or questions regarding our website and services.
Marketing Team For business inquiries.
PR Team For media inquiries or working with us.

Editorial Review Process

Our content team is guided by clear, well-defined frameworks in line with our company's short and long-term goals. A talented and dynamic team of in-house writers and editors performs in-depth research on scheduled topics and takes note of new developments and trends. 

This way, the team collaborates in a symbiotic way, inspiring, developing, and supporting each other's ideas. 

Our collaborators

We collaborate with established deep subject matter professionals to deliver comprehensive guides for games, compliance, and player safety. 

Moreover, we stay in contact with various professionals ready to fact-check our content for regulatory, statistical, and medical accuracy. 

We conduct regular editorial meetings for content planning and inclusive, transparent, and well-documented coordination. 

Before content is published, it goes through a polishing process which includes proofreading for clarity, grammar, and spelling, as well as a quality assurance check that ensures the information is up to date, accurate, and in line with fair advertising standards. 

Tone and Style

Our team spends a lot of time ensuring our content is useful, accessible, and engaging for our readers. We employ a consistent tone and voice across all our content, emphasizing clarity, expertise, and relevance. 

The style

Our staff members rely on a proprietary style guide based on the Associated Press Stylebook to ensure coherence. 

This dictates our principles regarding grammar, spelling, punctuation, and language use, including the avoidance of stereotypes and unintentionally offensive language. 

Our writers and editors receive training regarding the ideal content’s brevity, accuracy, and consistency. We strive to provide enough context when using industry jargon but aim to avoid repetition in common abbreviations or definitions. 

We strictly prohibit promoting illegal gambling activities, underage gambling, or encouraging unhealthy gambling habits. 

Continuous Improvement

Our published content is under constant scrutiny and undergoes frequent updates to reflect the most accurate information and our team's optimal expertise. 

We conduct in-depth research not only to improve our knowledge base but also to monitor industry changes and find any unanswered questions we could address.

Content updating and reviewing relies on several processes:

  • Regular audits. Chipy performs frequent audits to address changes in local legislation or advertising regulations. This way, we ensure we deliver the most reliable information in an ever-changing and fast-paced industry.
  • Trend monitoring. We streamline information from various accredited sources and scour the Internet for new developments so we can deliver valuable news in a timely manner. 
  • Annual reviews. We analyze published content annually and replace dated requirements or statistics with the newest developments. 
  • Immediate adjustments based on feedback. We immediately consider player feedback regarding old, inaccurate, or erroneous information. Upon research, we update our content as soon as possible with the correct information. 

Expectations from Our Teams

We undergo ongoing training and development for our staff members to ensure they understand the industry at a profound level and consequently deliver a product that's more informative, easily digestible, and user-centered. 

Throughout the training process and beyond, we hold our team members to high standards of integrity and performance. 

Here are some of our key demands:

  • Attention to Detail. Our colleagues should always pay meticulous attention to their tasks and only deliver reliable, accurate information to our readers.
  • Commitment to Quality. We expect our team to demonstrate a strong commitment to delivering the highest quality products.
  • Effective Communication. Clear and effective communication is crucial within our team. This includes timely reporting of any issues or concerns and efficient collaboration with other team members.
  • Proactive Problem-Solving. We encourage our team to proactively identify and address potential inaccuracies, seeking solutions and verifying information from reliable sources.
  • Continuous Learning. The team should stay updated on industry trends, best practices, and new developments to enhance their knowledge and improve the accuracy of the information they provide.
  • Accountability. Each team member is expected to take responsibility for their work, ensuring that the information they deliver is not only accurate but also useful and easy to comprehend.

By setting these expectations, we foster a culture of excellence and dedication within our team, ensuring everyone understands the impact of their work.

Our Editorial Process, Tailored to Your Needs

Our readers are our top priority, which is why staff members adhere to the highest editorial standards. We put a lot of time and effort into crafting content that reflects our readers’ best interests. 

We adhere to player-centric principles and strive to deliver unique, practical content that doesn’t require more of our readers’ time than necessary. Our content is a backbone for our community, which we take extreme pride in. 

Consequently, we take community feedback very seriously, so we’d love to hear how you think we could improve. If you have any questions or concerns regarding our editorial process or the content on any of our pages, feel free to contact us by email. 

We’ll take any opportunity to prove our outstanding commitment to our readers. 

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Elena Rosu

Elena Rosu

Content Writer

About Elena Rosu

  • Over four years spent researching Game Development and Design and writing for various game-related online publications, such as Stylized Station and Cultured Vultures
  • Detail-oriented researcher with ample experience in gambling legislation and problem gambling.
  • In-training Cognitive Scientist with a focus on addiction and gamification at the University of Bucharest. 
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Iasmina Bunea

Iasmina Bunea

Gambling Content Editor

About Iasmina Bunea

  • Seasoned online gambling content editor and writer with over 7 years of experience;
  • Specialized in the UK gambling market for 5 years while also establishing a broad understanding of other markets, including the USA, New Zealand, and Canada;
  • Known for a deep understanding of casino players' needs and adept at converting intricate industry details into accessible content
  • Proven skills in coordinating editorial teams, ensuring the delivery of objective and transparent content.
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