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Contacts for Problem Gambling

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The internet made casinos more accessible. It also made it easier to use the tools to keep it fun. When the gambling rush becomes overwhelming, you can reach out for assistance.

Luckily, there is a large number of resources available to maintain healthy gambling sessions for you or players that are your family and friends.

Play Safely Everywhere In USA

If you are a casino enthusiast, according to NCPG you are part of 85% of the US gamblers across 48 states where these entertainment activities are legal.

Gambling problems develop when additional casino activity is needed to reach satisfaction from gambling.


According to NCPG, up to 3% of players are prone to have mild or moderate unhealthy gaming behavioral patterns

Reach out

Generally, all organizations can be contacted via phone, and are mostly available in all states.

However, if you prefer to first take a quiz to check your gambling behavior, then reach out in writing. Some platforms provide email or live chat features.

Organization Available States Contact methods




Before You Bet


Email, Live Chat, SMS

Nevada Council on Problem Gambling

Only Nevada


The Recovery Village



Gamblers Anonymous



National Council on Problem Gambling

For the last 50 years, NCPG has stood as an advocate for people, families, and communities that struggle with gambling problems.

They provide responsible gambling services through multiple educational and recovery programs that can bring awareness and guidance.

Before You Bet

The state of Ohio provides the campaign Before You Bet, which aims to keep gambling an entertainment source, and not an activity with serious consequences.

Besides the local services you can access, the website is loaded with interactive educational material.

Nevada Council on Problem Gambling

Since 1984, this non-profit agency has had a mission of meeting a better gambling approach of Nevadans.

The Nevada Council on Problem Gambling also creates the opportunity of involvement through volunteering or by becoming a donor.

Their goal is to reduce social stigma regarding gambling by spreading well-researched information and programs.

The Recovery Village

Through the community of specialized members, The Recovery Village creates a safe space for battling addiction of any type.

The Recovery Village was established in 2013, as part of the Advanced Recovery Systems. This implies a network of gambling treatment facilities located around the states.

Gamblers Anonymous

The first official meeting took place on 13th September 1957, after several months when the founders had realized the importance of having a supportive community.

In the United States, Gamblers Anonymous provides region-based helplines, physical or virtual meetings, as well as recovery programs.

31 Contacts for Canadian Gamblers

contacts for gambling addiction in canada

In Canada, between 76% and 79% of the population engage in gambling activities. From this group, approximately 2% present risky behaviors, as stated by KFL&A Public Health.

Therefore, multiple organizations are providing support, guidance, and help keep gambling fun and unproblematic.

  1. Reseau De Sante Horizon Health Network - Part of one of the largest regional health authorities in Atlantic Canada, they offer 12 hospitals and over 100 facilities, offices and clinics.
  2. Nova Scotia Health Authority - Offering multiple health services, it provides professional help in regards to addiction, including gambling.
  3. Addictions Foundation of Manitoba - If you are only preparing to fight for this cause, or help a loved one or yourself, AFM is giving classes, workshops, and programs of recovery.
  4. Government of New Brunswick - Right from their online platform, find responsible gambling advice and tools to be offered guidance.
  5. New Foundland Labrador - Besides their facilities, they can be reached through the email address or phone number.
  6. Health and Social Services - From here, you can select from one of the helplines available or even decide to become the one that offers help to others.
  7. eMental Health - This institution provides services, programs, and counseling for individuals who struggle with any type of mental health issues or addictions.
  8. Edgewood Health Network - Specialised also on addictions, the specialists from EHN not only offer services for combating addiction, but also for relapse prevention.
  9. Canadian Mental Health Association - It provides programs and classes focused on mental health awareness, and how to manage different situations.
  10. Richmond Addiction Services - Also known as RASS, they welcome you through an initial phone call, then determine what type of help to further assist you with.
  11. Allen Carr’s Easyway - This is an independent program that offers addictions related counseling.
  12. Canada Safety Council - Mostly, this institution will provide safety actions to take for such problems.
  13. Connex Ontario - Activating mainly online, benefit from services related to mental health, addiction, or problem gambling.
  14. Health Link British Columbia - Receive this institution to help with any sort of mental health struggle.
  15. Alberta Health Services - Contact them to receive health support.
  16. Mississauga Halton Healthline - As the name suggests, you will be provided with multiple health services.
  17. 211 Central - For gambling problem support, find the type of services that best suits your needs.
  18. The Healing Lodge of The Seven Nations - This institution aims to give health services to individuals that identify as Aboriginal.
  19. Smart Recovery - This association supports you under a self-help recovery program.
  20. GamTalk - Here you will be welcomed by a supportive community and counseling services.
  21. Gordon Moody - Receive online help for any gambling problems you could encounter.
  22. Responsible Gambling Council - Get directions as a youth or young adult.
  23. CAMH - Within this platform, you can use self-assisting tools, and find your way through help and support.
  24. Prince Edward Island Canada - Besides other health services, this clinic will help you with gambling addiction-related symptoms.
  25. Manitoba - From this institution, you will receive support for mental health struggles.
  26. Anonymous Gamblers - Become a member of the supporting community either through virtual or physical meetings.
  27. Gamblers Anonymous Saskatchewan - Find guidance through this local affiliate of GA.
  28. Alberta Gamblers Anonymous - Dedicated GA for the Alberta province.
  29. Gamblers Anonymous Montreal - As a Montreal citizen, you have access to a local GA community.
  30. GAM-ANON - From anywhere in CA, find the meeting in your area or look for the advice and tools from the online platform.
  31. Gambling Support Network - Through this website, you can receive a helping hand via SMS, live chat, or phone support.

United Kingdom Gambling Support

Gambling activities in the United Kingdom are regulated by the UK Gambling Commission, aiming to keep millions of players safe on any casino platform.

Additionally, UKCG has dedicated pages and sections for safer gambling, where you can read articles about the prevention and maintenance of responsible behavior.

No matter if you spin the wheels online or on land-based casinos, multiple institutions will come to your help if gambling becomes overwhelming.


One of the biggest problem gambling authorities, GamCare, provides treatment methods, counseling, and advice.

Safer Gambling

Besides the helplines to reach, Safer Gambling organizes the SG Week annually, during which the attendees will receive the educational information and tools to play more safely.

Be Gamble Aware

Benefit from support and guidance from the first steps on Be Gamble Aware. Learn how to recognize symptoms, as well as reach for the most suitable tools.

Age UK

To constantly remain updated with the responsible steps and tools to use, Age UK purpose is to make them accessible to every player.

Big Deal

The Big Deal platform creates a safe space for young people to speak about gambling, either for staying informed or for assistance.

Youth Access

Through Youth Access, young folks can receive online counseling for multiple situations or problems they could face.


Either by phone, email, live chat, or the self-help app, Samaritan is available at all times to provide addiction support.


By reaching Dunlewey you will receive help step-by-step for any type of addiction-related symptoms.

Extern Problem Gambling

Providing services mainly for Ireland, Extern Problem Gambling  offers counseling to combat gambling issues.


The residential center Aiséirí believes in recovery. You can begin your treatment journey after taking a screening test.

Betting & Gaming Council

The BGC is working on improving the responsible gaming methods offered to players. One of the main ways of doing that is by organizing annual conferences.

Gamblers Anonymous

Available for Ireland, Dublin, and Great Britain, Gamblers Anonymous is open to creating and providing a supportive community.

Prevention Tools

Besides the organizations that will be help players along the way with problem gambling, there are some tools that will restrict access to gaming sites or prevent underage gambling.

  • CyberSitter
  • Better Internet for Kids
  • GamBlock
  • Net Nanny
  • GamBan

Please note

For self-exclusion on most online British casinos, you can count on GamStop, which is exclusive for UK punters, with an intuitive website.

Safer Gambling Around the World

According to EUbusiness, it is estimated that 26% of the world population is made of gambling enthusiasts, with some countries making it illegal, while others implemented methods of safe use, such as helplines to maintain the safety of gamblers.

Country Helpline


1800 858 858 - National Gambling Helpline


0800 100 101 - Peluuri

Hong Kong

183 4633 - Gambling Counselling 


800 800 40 - Hjelpelinjen


(02) 9516 2188 - Greek Welfare Centre


0800 800 099 - Joc Responsabil


711 2054 345 - Evangelische Gesellschaft Stuttgart e.V


+386 (5) 33 83 200 - Center za bolezni odvisnosti

Czech Republic

00 420 222 580 697 - Prague Helpline


00 372 6825 243 - Gambling Addiction Counselling


00 36 431 9792 - Emberbarát Alapítvány

San Marino

00 378 (800 788 883) - Gioco del Titano


00421 800 800 900 - Centrum pre lie?bu drogových závislostí (CPLDZ Bratislava)

New Zealand

0800 664 262 - Problem Gambling Foundation

South Africa

0800 006 008 - The South African Responsible Gambling Foundation


1422 - Cyprus Gaming and Casino Supervision Commission


1800 753 753 - National Gambling Helpline


(505) 260-7272 - Compulsive Gambling Treatment Center


0808 8020 133 - National Gambling Helpline


088 – 0900-500 - National Gambling Helpline

Keep Your Finances Straight

gambling finances resources

An important aspect in regards to having safe sessions is financial responsibility. You can get guidance by reaching out to different organizations, such as:

Gambling Help

When reaching the platform of Gambling Help, hover through the upper section, and learn about how you can manage problem gambling.

Under the Self Help section, you can read articles and access tools about how to better manage your money. 

Gambling Help Online

To learn about how to keep your finances safe, Gambling Help Online is expressing its advice through the Money Management page.

This can be found by clicking the Making a Change section. Further on, you can view the management strategy and use their online tools.

Citizens Advice

The website of Citizens Advice is easy to browse and find the info you were looking for.

To get help with gambling problems, access the designated section for finances and select the suggested article.

Money Helper

As the name suggests, Money Helper’s website is here to guide you financially from multiple perspectives.

The article on gambling is placed under the Money troubles category from where you can also access different tools and helplines.

Harm Prevention

When problem gambling becomes overwhelming or you are concerned about a close one, reach out to the following associations or institutions:

Additionally, for a better understanding of prevention strategies and support, head over to the following articles:

The Start of Your Recovery Journey

start of the recovery journey

Reaching out to specialized institutions and associations can be of great help, as the journey of recovery and prevention will not have to be walked alone.

This road begins from the moment you understand that gambling is a problem and the unfavorable impact gambling can have on you or a person close to you.

As problem gambling can reach unhealthy levels and cause real personal and professional issues, various communities, including ours,  are working hard to help and create a more sustainable future for the iGaming industry

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