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Australia online casinos are no longer legal based on the Interactive Gambling Act (IGA) of 2001. Keep on reading and find all the information you need about the gambling laws in Australia.

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Is Online Gambling Legal in Australia? 

It is illegal for Australia casino operators to offer gambling services to the residents of the country. This was decided through the Interactive Gambling Act (IGA) in 2001.

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It is also prohibited for operators from outside Australia to accept players from this country. The only gambling services operators can legally offer Aussies are sports betting and race betting. This type of activity is overseen and regulated by the Totalisator Agency Board, a special authority in charge of processing all fixed odds bets and tote bets.

Please note

Betting is allowed only as long as bets are closed before the event starts.

A very interesting fact about how this law works is that Australian-based gambling operators are allowed to function as long as they only offer their services to players from other countries. 

The IGA’s main goal is to protect the country’s citizens from the effects of gambling addiction. 

Given the laws of the country, offshore online casinos cannot obtain any license for this jurisdiction

About The Interactive Gambling Act 2001 

The Interactive Gambling Act of 2001 was passed by the Australian Government in June 2001. Ever since, it has been reviewed multiple times and has received modifications which includes:


  • The Interactive Gambling Amendment Bill 2016 was passed. 

  • Online casinos are illegal to function in Australia even if they have licenses from trustworthy and reputable authorities such as Malta Gaming Authority or the United Kingdom Gambling Commission.


  • Advertising gambling services is no longer allowed to Australian players. 

  • ACMA (Australian Communications and Media Authority Act 2005) can now investigate operators who break this rule and make an industry code. 

  • ACMA may notify websites that offer online gambling content and ask them to only provide content in accordance with the industry standard they set.

  • Gambling operators can no longer provide lines of credit to players who live in Australia

  • ACMA publishes a list of legal betting services on their website.


  • The National Self Exclusion Register was founded. This allows you to self-exclude from all the legal betting sites in ACMA’s list for a period of 3 months to lifetime. 

Gambling in Australia - How Does it Work?

Considering the Australian laws regarding gambling, you might be surprised to know that over 80% of the country’s residents engage in gambling activities. This shows just how popular and appreciated this industry is. 

Fun Fact

Most of the activities that make up this high percentage are carried in land-based casinos across the country, which generate considerable amounts of money in revenue.

New Australian Online Casinos - What the Future Holds

Are you wondering whether or not you will be able to join new casinos Australia anytime soon? 

The European Business Review released a report showing that the country’s gambling industry will reach its highest potential by 2025. By then, many players are hoping for a change in regulations and a chance to play at local and fully licensed new online casinos Australia.  

Land-based gambling is available in over 6,800 pubs, clubs, and hotels. Also, there are about 4,700 lottery outlets residents can play at. 

Now you know all there is to know about online casinos in Australia and what the gambling laws are in the country. Since there are no casinos that accept Australian players available, you may decide to go for sports betting on the legal sites or engage in gambling activities in land-based venues.

Australian Casinos FAQ

What online casinos are legal in Australia?

Online casino operators are not allowed to offer most gambling services to Australians. There is a list of sports and race betting sites on ACMA’s website. These are the only ones that can legally offer betting services to residents of the country. Players, however, are not prosecuted for gambling on offshore casinos.

Can Australians gamble online?
Residents of Australia may legally enjoy sports betting and race betting. 
Can you play pokies in Australia?
Yes, you may play pokies in bars, clubs, hotels, and other venues around the country.
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