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Chipy’s Guide to Online Casino Tournaments

About Online Casino Tournaments

A casino tournament is an event where online gamblers can play against each other at the online casino they signed up with. They can play using real money on a selection of games, with the purpose of winning the pot, the pool prize, or both. These kinds of tournaments are usually aimed to be played on slot games, blackjack games, poker, and sometimes even roulette games.

Hosting a tournament is one of the best ways to entertain existing players and to keep them motivated. However, besides exciting promos and fun games to play, an online casino tournament is also appealing to new players, and casinos know very well that this is a good strategy to attract more customers.This is a great opportunity for new and veteran players alike to win money while interacting and competing with each other in a diverting and enjoyable manner.

How Tournaments Work

The process of competing in an online casino tournament couldn’t be easier. First, you choose a tournament you want to be a part of, then you have to register for it early, in order to reserve your seat. Some tournaments are very popular and have limited seats available that sell out in seconds, so make sure you register as quick as possible. In these tournaments, players are given a certain amount of cash that they can spend in a limited amount of time on the slot games they chose to play. When the tournament is done, the players with the most money split the prize pool, which is credited to their casino account.

Types of Tournaments

Considering there are many options you can choose from, Chipy has put together a compelling list of all the most popular online tournaments that you can compete in. Regardless of your experience as a player, sometimes having to make a choice can be difficult. Therefore, we are here to help you make the best choice when it comes to these types of tournaments.

Knockout or survival tournaments

These types of tournaments are quite popular within card games, such as poker. The participants are in a direct competition, which means they can eliminate each other at any time, without having to to wait for the end of the tournament. When the player with the lowest score of each round is eliminated, the last participant left standing is going to become the winner of the tournament. However, top players will also receive prizes regardless.

Buy-ins or extended tournaments

During this tournament, the competition between players is not as tight as in the previous one. It’s a more “laid back” tournament, as you won’t automatically lose when you run out of funds. Players have unlimited chances to get back into the tournament if they pay a re-entry fee. These tournaments are aimed more at players that always wish to win big. At the end of the tournament time, the players with the highest score win the big prize.

Time-based or Bet-based tournaments

These types of tournaments are very popular within slot games. Players will have a time limit or a bet limit in order to get the highest score possible and win. In these competitions, participants should play all of their chips/credits, in order to get the big prize at the end of the tournament.

Sit n’ Go tournaments

This type of tournament doesn’t always have a starting time, but it does have a starting date. They usually start when a certain number of players have signed up for the tournament. Sit n’ Go tournaments are also known as instantaneous tournaments, as they announce the winners and the prizes as soon as the competition is over.

Free tournaments or free rolls

As their name suggests, these types of tournaments don't require any previous deposit in order to join the competition. These tournaments have very simple rules and medium sized prizes that usually include casino bonus deals.

Regular tournaments 

In general, these kinds of tournaments are used to promote certain casino games and they don’t necessarily involve direct competition between players. The rules of a regular tournament are very easy to follow: the player who has the most points at the end of the tournament wins. Usually, all top players get prizes and not only the first one.

Ticket based tournaments

In order to compete in these kinds of  tournaments, players will need an invitation from the casino. Most of the time, these tournaments are used as a way to thank loyal and recurrent players. Ticket based tournaments are often a part of a casino’s VIP or loyalty rewards program. Players receive not only money but more prizes, such as smartphones, laptops and even trips. 

High roller tournaments

Every now and then, online casinos give away special events for players that are not afraid to bet large sums of money and win huge prizes in the process.

Tournament Bonus Codes FAQ

What happens when you get disconnected during a tournament?

If you get disconnected during an online casino tournament, but you are able to reconnect within the tournament time, you can continue the competition. If not, the winning total will remain unchanged and reflect the amount you had at the time of getting disconnected.

Can you play the same tournament more than once?
In general, each player can register to each tournament one time. However, certain tournaments have a ‘rebuy’ option that allows participants to compete in the same tournament again. Players won’t be able to win more than one prize, so only the highest score will be counted for a certain position at the end of the tournament.
How do you collect your winnings?
All winnings will be automatically added to the player's casino account. Once the tournament is over and the participants’ names appear on the scoreboard, players will be able to check their winnings. Some casinos might ask the winners to grant them the right to use their names in press releases or promotionals materials, and even invite them to any events arranged by the casino.