Any Craps Bet: Is It Worth It?

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In this guide, pro craps player Bill Collins will take you through the ins and outs of the Any Craps bet, a single-roll bet that protects you from the dreaded 2, 3, or 12.

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What is the Any Craps Bet in Craps? 

Any Craps is a one-roll bet that pays 7-to-1 if the next roll is a 2, 3, or 12. Any other number rolling on the next roll loses your bet.

How to place an "Any Craps" bet 

The Any Craps bet is usually positioned at the top of the Prop Bets section in the middle of the table. Any Craps bets are not self-serviced bets; instead, they are serviced by the stickman. 

When it is your turn to bet, toss your bet in short of the Prop Bet section and tell the stickman that you are betting "Any Craps." 

The stickman will then move your bet to the Any Craps Betting area, locating it so that he knows who placed that bet.

Odds, Payouts and House Edge for the Any Craps bet 

Your odds of winning an Any Craps bet are determined by how many ways, out of the 36 possible roll outcomes, add up to 2, 3, or 12. 

Ones on both dice or sixes on both dice will get you a win, as well as a 1 on one die and a 2 on the other.

Every other dice combination loses the Any Craps bet. 

Since there are only 4 ways out of 36 possible roll outcomes to win the Any Craps bet, the odds of winning are 1 in 9.

In other words, in the long run, you can't expect to win the Any Craps bet more often than 11.1% of the times you bet it. 

The house advantage on the Any Craps bet is 5.56%, which is not as high as some of what we would label "sucker bets" in that Prop Bets Area of the craps table.

any craps bet payout

The payout for the Any Craps bet is 7-to-1, so if you bet $5 Any Craps and you are lucky enough to see a 2, 3, or 12 on the next roll, you would be paid $35. 

The stickman would probably ask you if you wanted your Any Craps Bet to stay up for the next throw after the win. 

If you tell him to leave it up, he will; otherwise, your original Any Craps bet will be returned to you so that you can put it back in your chip rack.

Any Craps Strategies in Craps 

Some craps players use the Any Craps bet to hedge their pass line bet against being lost to a normally losing 2, 3, or 12 rolling on a come-out roll. 

For instance, you would only have to bet a $5 Any Craps bet on a come-out roll to protect your $35 pass line bet from losing to a craps number rolling on the next roll.

any craps bet strategy

Still, it offers that protection for only the very next roll, so it is limited protection that you must replace if your Any Craps bet loses and you want the same protection for the roll that follows that loss.

Expert's Advice: Should you make the Any Craps bet 

expert advice in any craps

Consider making equal 1/3-sized one-roll hop bets on each, 2, 3, and 12, as those bets have bigger payoffs and offer the same protection. 

If you hop 1-1, 2 or 6-6, 12, and 2 or 12 rolls, you win, with a 30-to-1 payoff on the winning number, less the amount of your two losing hop bets on the numbers that didn't roll. 

If a 3 is rolled, since the 3 can be made two ways, the payoff is at 15-to-1, again, minus the amount of your two losing hop bets. 

All three hop-bet payoffs beat the Any Craps Bet payoff of only 7-to-1 by a country mile and then some!


This marks the end of my guide on the Any Craps bet. I hope it will help you make more informed decisions at the table.

However, if you want protection from a craps number rolling on a come-out roll from costing you your pass line bet (or even your come bet when making one), remember that you have better alternatives.

My recommendation is splitting up that Any Craps Bet amount to make 1/3 sized one-roll hop bets on each 2, 3, and 12 over making the Any Craps bet.

That's because the hop bet has more generous payoffs and offer the same protection as the Any Craps.

Good luck at the tables, and may all your sessions be winning ones! 

The more you learn about craps, the more likely it is that those winning sessions will happen; so keep studying how to win at craps, too. 

Knowledge of the game helps you overcome the casino's built-in house edge.

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Back in 2003, Bill Collins started winning big from craps using dice influencing. Right now, he writes craps guides professionally, sharing his story and advice with beginners that want to win more.
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