What Is The Shop On Chipy?

In the following page, you will find all the information you need in order to successfully use our Shop section. Learn what the Shop is, where you can find it, how to use it, and what are its benefits.

What Is The Shop?

As the name suggests, The Shop is a virtual shopping section on our website, an awesome spot where you can buy a series of cool items such as Shop Bonuses, Avatar Items, and even Real Money Items.

The Shop Section
It’s worth noting that there are only three gambling sites that host a virtual shopping section and Chipy.com is one of them. This means that there aren’t a lot of places where you can find a virtual shopping section packed with fun items that can be purchased using your balance’s coins.

Our Shop section is a rare feature that can provide you with many benefits if you decide to stick around! We guarantee that you won’t forget your gambling experience at Chipy.com any time soon!

What Makes The Shop So Awesome?

Down below we have detailed all the cool items that make our Shop so very awesome and that you can benefit from using your hard-earned coins. Don’t wait any longer! Check out the Shopping section now and feast your eyes on our carefully crafted collection of items!

Simply go to the right corner of the page and check out the Shop categories shown there:

Real Money Items

You can turn your coins into real money that goes straight to your account. This is available for players that use Skrill, Neteller, and PayPal.

The Shop Real Money Items

Shop Bonuses

You can get the most exciting bonus offers to your favorite online casinos by using your coins. The bonuses displayed in this section are exclusive, rare, and very rewarding.

The Shop Bonus Items

Avatar Items

We offer you the opportunity to express yourself and to catch the eye of your peers by purchasing fun items, like the ones shown down below:

The Shop Avatar Items
If something caught your eye, you can purchase it by simply clicking on the Buy Now button. 

The Shop Buy Button

How To Use The Shop?

First off, you need to find the Shop on our website, which can be easily done by going to the right side of the site’s header and then clicking on the section, just as shown in the picture down below:

The Shop Header
Piece of cake, right?

Now that you found your way to the Shop, let’s see what you need to do in order to use this feature:

Open an account on Chipy.com;

Engage with the community by doing a series of actions on the website, or playing games in the Playground;

Earn coins and experience points for these actions;

Use the coins to buy items from the Shop. 

Bear in mind that in order to buy a Shop item, you need to reach a certain experience level and a certain number of coins. Every item comes with a price and a minimum level requirement, so before you proceed to make any purchases, you might want to check your balance and see if you have enough coins for your desired items.

If you ticked all the boxes, all you need to do is follow the instructions and make the purchase. However, you should be aware of some restrictions regarding the buying frequency (some items can be bought once a month).

Want To Learn More?

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Join Us!

What are you waiting for? If we caught your attention with our awesome and exciting Shop section, all that’s left for you to do is join our amazing community by signing up on our website. We are looking forward to welcoming you to the Chipy.com family!