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INetBet Casino Review

3.5 United States United States is not accepted
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$30 No deposit bonus at INetBet Casino
Games allowed:
All except Craps,Sic Bo,Roulette & Baccarat
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300% First deposit bonus at INetBet Casino
Games allowed:
Slots, Bingo, Board Games, Keno and Scratch Cards
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1106 reviews
Fairness 3.4
Bonuses 3.5
Games 3.6
  • Casino Fairness 3.4
  • Withdrawal Credibility 3.6
    Very Good
  • Promotions and Bonuses 3.5
  • Games Variety and Graphics 3.6
    Very Good
  • Support Professionality 3.5
    Very Good
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    • Panda09 Jun 02, 2019

      SORRY FOR THE LONG REVIEW, BUT WORTH THE READ* Let me start by saying this. Inetebet was one of my top casinos for about the past two years. Easily over a 4.4 just based on how there customer service USED to be. That being said, I'm actually truly upset that I have to leave this raiting and review. When you find a casino that you can finally trust,that has good support ,fair and frequent bonuses and payouts that are less than 3 days to receive, you feel like you finally found a "home". Especially in this day and age of shady online establishments. I sifted through literally about 100 casinos, and finally,happily, settled on inetbet and it's sister company, kudos casino. I've never had an issue with payouts, until now that is. I won on a free chip recently. Completed wagering, requested a withdrawal and thought all was well. The next morning, I was greeted by the customary "payout authorization" email followed by the" payout processed, thank you for your continued loyalty" email. Checked my Bitcoin wallet and it was empty. Contacted support. They said sometimes they can take a while ( anytime I've woken up to that payout processed email from them, the funds were in my account) and that If I hadn't received anything by the fallowing day to contact them. This was odd to me. I contacted them later that night via email, and was assured that the issue would be passed on to the accounts team and I'd hear from them shortly. Woke up the next morning to nothing. Went to live chat, here is a transcript of the conversation:. Conversation started on : Sunday, June 02, 2019, at 15:57 (GMT+0) [15:57] V1550941705225875: Hello [15:58] Rachel has joined the conversation [15:58] Rachel: hi [15:59] V1550941705225875: Hi. My username is -------. I had a payout request authorized and processed at around 4 a.m. on June 1st it was a $100 withdrawal but ended up being $95 for fees because it was a free chip. I got the authorization email and then the processed email saying that my withdrawal had been sent. I haven't gotten anything yet, and nothing is showing up on the blockchain. [15:59] Rachel: Please hold while I'm checking for you. [15:59] V1550941705225875: Ok [16:02] Rachel: I am sorry to hear that you haven't received your funds yet but we have been payed by us 48 hours ago. Bit Coin are obviously experiencing delays so that is outside our control. We are sorry for any inconvenience that this may have caused. [16:03] V1550941705225875: It hasn't even appeared on the block chain after 48 hours. [16:04] V1550941705225875: I got ahold of somebody twice yesterday and they said if it wasn't there by today to contact you guys again [16:04] Rachel: Definitely it will hit your blockchain tomorrow [16:04] V1550941705225875: If it was sent then there was a transaction number [16:05] V1550941705225875: Can I please have the transaction number so I can fallow the transaction [16:06] V1550941705225875: I've always been a very loyal player and always let anyone who ever asked know it. I don't have the most money, but when I do I always play with you guys [16:06] V1550941705225875: I've never had a payment that's showed as processed not show up anywhere for over 48 hours [16:07] V1550941705225875: From you guys [16:07] Rachel: i can assure you that the payment has been done and you will get your funds in your wallet [16:14] Rachel has left the conversation They claimed to have sent the payment, and then tried to blame "transaction time on the block chain" for the delay in receiving funds. Not only did they say the payout was sent, their cashier shows that the payment was processed, and two emails saying the payment was sent. Here's the thing. They took $5 out for the processing fee.If it was sent, like they claimed several times, there would be a transaction number, regardless of "how congested the block chain is". As you can see in the transcript, my request for the transaction number was just flat out ignored.. I'm obviously being lied to, but what's not obvious is why. Why not just decline my payout request if they weren't going to pay. If it was going to take a couple days to process the payment, why not just let me know? They have an independent mediator for issues related directly to payout discrepancies that I'll be contacting. Their system reflects a payout to a customer that was never sent, which I'll repeat, they claimed it was sent sveral times over several days. I'm mostly genuinely disappointed that I've been given the run around and repeatedly lied to by a casino that has literally made feel "at home" for a couple years. I may not have been a VIP customer, but I was still a happy,loyal, paying customer.

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      • pavel8 Level 4 Czech Republic Aug 10, 2019

        someone need to take away theyr licenses!!!!!!

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      • hitwhit Level 1 United States Dec 05, 2019

        What you describe is typical conduct for both Inetbet and sister casino Kudos Casino. Published time for processing REQUEST for withdrawal is same day but in way does this mean same day actually being paid. In fact, neither casino issues Bitcoin payments over weekends.

        When a player endeavors to play at a Casino operating without a valid license issued by a regulated authority such as Inetbet and Kudos, a player leaves himself at the mercy of the casino and more so at the Casinos sense of fair gaming and fair practices which in my opinion is a contradiction in itself.

        I too, thought the same and had been a loyal player in good standing for years, but when I finally realized I was being treated unfairly and continued issues gave cause to question the Casinos fair gaming and fair practices I left but not before I was denied more than 800.00 dollars in monthly Kudos cash back for a single months losses. 

        Best thing we as players can do in situations such as yours and mine, Inform other players through site reviews and NEVER not EVER deposit another dime with the Casino. 

        Neither Kudos nor INetBet publish RTP or House Edge.

        Both have Very Low Frequency in Hits

        Both Fail to publish RNG Certifications 

        Nither Operates with a Valid License issued by a regulated authority. 

        Each statement of fact herein based in my personal experience, supported in fact through emails, documented play records, available upon reqwuest.   

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      • Damn Level 1 Brazil Jan 29, 2020

        RNG Certification FAIL! Damn your case is umbefreakingleaveble! Tnx for sharing.

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    • l47d15 Level 6 United States Apr 04, 2019

      Well they they give out a lot of bonuses but they don't let u cash out but when they have to give u some bonus they cry u have too many bonus so they give u less or none at all. Fucker.

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    • TACAAA Level 6 New Zealand Jan 25, 2020

      3.2 Average

      I joyed INetBet Casino through Thebigfreechip Casino which I like to joy most Casinos. It was nice &easy to register, I didnt get the 20free spins instead I got $10 free chips, I was pleased with that. There was no need to contact INetBet Casino support team about the 20 free spins as they already had the offer on the $10 free chips, I think its the 1st time this has happen that I know of with any Casino Suites without having ti contact support team, huge thumps up to INetBet Casino for that. I didnt make it to the waggering but that was ok because I was more happy about how organgized there Casino Suite is, so thank you to INetBet Casino Reply Helpful (2)

    • CaligulaHaHa Level 3 Canada Jan 17, 2020

      1 Terrible

      I’m gonna start branding these casinos with identical interfaces. I’m calling this type, bubble hub. Kinda bored signing up to the same casinos which only have a different name. It’s becoming hard to keep track of which is which. 

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    • Leyest Level 2 United States Jan 03, 2020

      4.6 Excellent

      I've been playing at Inetbet for a few years now, and so far my experience has been ok. They offer lots of free spin and free chip bonuses, plus they let you redeem 2 no deposit bonuses between deposits which is nice. The support staff are kind and helpful, and I always get someone to help me when I contact live chat. The only down side is that thier slots are VERY tight, I've made lots of deposits over the years and have only made one withdrawal. 

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    • Belle3385 Level 3 New Zealand Mar 14, 2019

      Had fun software is a little slow

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    • robsspot3131 Level 5 United States Feb 07, 2019

      2 Poor

      Easy as pie to deposit in any method you want. When it comes time to withdraw, not so much, if at all. They will staple some obscure, grey area ruling on a declined withdrawal. Don't get mad at them either, tho, when trying to figure out what's up, b/c then they resort to veiled threats, like telling you where you live and what your IP address is. There are plenty of credible RTG casinos that have impeccable financial backing for you to deposit at. Don't do it here.

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    • Bluespirit24 Level 14 Spain Dec 11, 2019

      2.4 Poor

      Inetbet has over 1000 reviews, very much. 

      I registered here just before last summer, as I saw it is RTG casino, so great then. it might be RTG  but the bonuses are the same, here they are low and cheap offers, and if there is something normal they'll put the wager sky high and cash out to a minimum amount that it does not matter if it can be won. 

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    • Elesde83 Level 4 Germany Nov 29, 2019

      2.2 Poor
      I just post here the chat history I had earlier with the customer service and would like to know if such a handling tone is normal with those
      [23:21] V1575069642475426: hello again ;)
      [23:21] Antonio has joined the conversation
      [23:21] Antonio: hi there
      [23:21] V1575069642475426: Elesde83 here :)
      [23:21] V1575069642475426: I have now also tried a deposit with Bitcoins. also works because OKpay unfortunately discontinued the service for customers from Germany. What other option do I have to make a deposit? Already stupid that it's nivht to make a REAL MONEY deposit :(
      [23:22] V1575069642475426: I am already in despair
      [23:22] Antonio: sorry you had issues but there are no other methods ;-(
      [23:23] V1575069642475426: And what can I do now? Re-delete casino software and forget everything?
      [23:24] V1575069642475426: how can it be that you can't deposit anything with you?
      [23:24] Antonio: seems the issue is your location
      [23:24] Antonio: sorry but nothing that can be done as you have tried and didnt work
      [23:25] V1575069642475426: AND NOW?
      [23:25] Antonio: if you can not deposit then you cant play
      [23:25] Antonio: sorry nothing I can do
      [23:27] V1575069642475426: An online casino with no deposit option! TBFCL and the world probably haven't seen anything like this
      [23:27] Antonio: there are depsoits options
      [23:28] V1575069642475426: BUT???
      [23:28] Antonio: your country doesnt allow you to use them
      [23:28] Antonio: the problems you are having using the deposit methods is not something we are creating
      [23:28] Antonio: even using bitcoin shouldnt be a problem for you
      [23:29] V1575069642475426: and why doesn't it work?
      [23:30] Antonio: Elesde83 here
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    • Lulu418qc Level 1 Canada Oct 02, 2019

      5 Excellent

      Good tres bien aucune embrouille pour retirer sans lady

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