Wire Transfer Casinos - Helpful Guide for Gamblers Using Wire Transfer

Wire Transfer online gambling is very popular even if it’s one of the oldest payment methods at online casinos. Even with the tough competition nowadays, many players still prefer to deposit using Wire Transfer. Read below and see why players are drawn to Wire Transfer casinos and why you should use it.

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Why should you pay with Wire Transfer at online casinos?

Wire Transfer has been around since the early days of online gambling, being one of the first online payment systems available all around the world. This payment system is extremely easy to use, even by beginners and this is one of the main reasons it continues to be so popular.

Also referred to as a credit transfer, Wire Transfer is also favoured by players who deposit and withdraw large amounts of cash because, compared to other payment systems, Wire Transfer offers stunningly high limits for both deposits and withdrawals.

To use Wire Transfer, you only need to have a bank account, even without a debit card attached to it. It’s as simple as that because you won’t be required to enter any card details when you want to transfer money to a casino or make any other sort of online payment.

Another reason why this payment option is so popular is the wide availability and coverage. There are very few gambling websites all around the world that will not accept Wire Transfer for deposits and withdrawals.

For players, this is fantastic, because they have a wider range of online casinos to pick from all around the world, at least in areas where gambling is legal.

wire transfer online casinos

How to join Wire Transfer

As mentioned above, you don’t need a lot of things to enjoy the casino Wire Transfer payment system. All you need is to have a bank account which is simple since nowadays most people do.


It has no importance what banking operator you decide to open your account with because all banking systems and other financial operators and merchants support this payment method.

There is indeed a tricky part with Wire Transfer and that’s the fact that it can’t be used in countries where gambling is illegal or under a grey zone. Since all transfers are made directly from your bank account and you can’t hide your personal details when you send money or make electronic money transactions, there is no way to gamble in legal sensitive gambling zones. 

Deposit and Withdrawal from a casino using Wire Transfer

Assuming that you already have a bank account with a couple of money in it and you live in a country where gambling is legal, you are simply set to go because both deposits and withdrawals are extremely easy to make at Wire Transfer online casinos.

How to make a deposit at online casinos using Wire Transfer

You don’t have to take a large number of actions when you want to make a Wire transfer deposit. The process is extremely simple even for those that make their first steps in the gambling world. However, to make things even simpler, we have prepared the next in-depth guide on how to deposit money at a Wire Transfer casino online.

  • Go to your favourite Wire Transfer online casino or pick a Wire Transfer gambling website from our list if you don’t have one and log in to your account.
  • Navigate in the Cashier section until you find the Wire Transfer option and select it as a deposit method
  • Enter the details required like your name, your bank address, and your home address as well as other pieces of information that might be asked like the IBAN and the SWIFT codes
  • Input the desired amount of cash to deposit at the casino
  • Wait for the bank to approve your money transfer. As soon as the transfer will be allowed, the money should become available in your player account quite fast. 

How to withdraw from a casino using Wire Transfer

Because many players ask how to withdraw money from Wire Transfer casinos and if it’s possible, we have prepared a simple step-by-step guide to make things easier for you. Wire Transfer withdrawals are possible and the actual process is just as simple as making a deposit.  

  • Go again to your Wire Transfer online casino and log in to your player account 
  • Head to the Cashier section and select Wire Transfer as a withdrawal method
  • Provide the required information again like your name, your address and your bank as well as the IBAN and SWIFT codes
  • Enter the amount of money you wish to withdraw
  • Everything is done and now you have to wait for the casino to approve the withdrawal and the money to arrive in your bank account. 

Pros and cons of joining Wire Transfer casinos

Wire Transfer continue to be one of the most popular online payment systems and for all the right reasons, however just like any other casino transaction option, you will encounter a set of pros and cons when using casinos online Wire Transfer. 

To help you make the right decision, we have prepared a table below where you can see for yourself the benefits and drawbacks of Wire Transfer. 



Wire Transfer casinos are extremely popular which means it’s extremely easy to find an online casino that accepts it for deposits and withdrawals

This payment method has some fees applied, each time you send money from you Wire Transfer account. The taxes are not big but compared to other payment methods, they exist.

Compared to other payment methods like a digital wallet or a cryptocurrency wallet, Wire Transfer requires no extra steps to be used. You only need a bank account and you are set to go

This payment system can only be used in countries where gambling is legal. In places where gambling is illegal, Wire Transfers can’t be used because banking operators are forbidden to allow transfers from and to online casinos.

A Wire Transfer transaction is very safe despite the fact that you are required to provide some banking and personal pieces of information

Compared to other casino payment options, Wire Transfers deposits and withdrawals tend to take a long time to complete. For example, withdrawals may take up to a couple of business days. 

Because the transfers are made directly between your bank account and the merchant, there is no third party involved with your electronic money

Even if it’s completely safe, Wire Transfer is avoided by gamblers who want to keep their privacy and don’t like sharing banking or personal information

Wire Transfer allows the highest limits for both deposits and withdrawals out of all other payment methods, being the go-to choice for high rollers


Wire Transfer casino transfer times

Wire Transfer has longer time frames compared to its competitors, whether use it for casino withdrawals or deposits or simply to make online payments.

First of all the casino needs to verify your wins before allowing a withdrawal and the time in which this is completed depends on each particular operator. 

Deposits are fairly fast, taking just a couple of minutes to make and from minutes to a couple of hours for the money to appear in your casino balance.

Withdrawals with Wire Transfer, however, may take up to a couple of business days.

How secure is Wire Transfer?

Wire Transfer casino transactions are extremely safe, going through complex security protocols. All banking operators have the latest security features in place to ensure complete customer protection against fraud.


All the transfers also need to be approved by you so there is no way that a third party can make transactions in your place.

Even if you do have to provide banking information like SWIFT and IBAN codes and some personal pieces of information like your name and address, Wire Transfer remains completely safe.

How to choose a casino that accepts Wire Transfer

This is one of the most popular payment methods all around the world so the number of gambling sites that accept Wire Transfer is never in short supply.

The process of picking the best Wire Transfer casino for you doesn’t have to be daunting because here at Chipy.com we provide a list of the best online casinos by taking into consideration other real players' experiences with these gambling websites.  


You can also check our no deposit casinos page to see which gambling websites currently have a no deposit promotion ongoing so you can enjoy your gambling experience to the fullest.

Alternative banking options

Wire Transfer surely has a lot to bring to the table for players in all corners of the world, however the fact that it can’t be used in countries where gambling is a sensitive matter or the fact that it does require some pieces of information may drive some gamblers to look for some alternatives.

Credit and debit card gambling websites like Visa casinos are a great alternative because they allow fairly high limits for both withdrawals and deposits but come with the added benefits of no fees and faster transfers.

Right after Wire Transfers and credit cards, E-wallets are by far the most popular choice especially since they hide all personal and banking information being able to be used in regions where gambling is a sensitive matter. PayPal gambling websites or Skrill casinos are perfect examples of E-wallet casinos and you will surely find one that suits your needs.

If you haven’t yet decided what payment option to go for, or which one is available at casinos in your region, go and check our all payment methods page to see all the available options and find out more about them.

International availability

Wire Transfer is available at most gambling websites worldwide. The only gambling websites that don’t accept are the ones that usually specialize in another payment system or in regions where online gambling is a sensitive matter and banking operators are unable to allow transfers from and to online casinos.

Check out all the Wire Transfer casinos

Even after decades of being on the market, Wire Transfers remain a go-to choice for many gamblers, especially for high rollers. Now that you have gone through our article and you know what this payment method can do for you, just go back up, pick one of the Wire Transfer online casinos on our list and register an account!

Wire Transfer Casinos FAQs

Why should I use Wire Transfer?

Wire Transfer is a well-rounded casino transfer system available worldwide that offers high deposits and withdrawal limits and only requires a bank account to be used.

Is Wire Transfer accepted by all online casinos?

Yes, Wire Transfer is available at almost every single online casino out there so finding a gambling website that accepts it is a piece of cake. Also, there are no bonus restrictions on this payment method.

Are my personal details safe with Wire Transfer?

Yes, even if Wire Transfer casino transactions require you to provide a couple of sensitive information your address, your name as well the SWIFT and IBAN account, the system remains completely safe thanks to the multitude of security systems in place.

Can I withdraw my winnings using Wire Transfer?

Yes, you can make both deposits and withdrawals at online casinos using Wire Transfer. Keep in mind that the casinos usually require you to select the same withdrawal method as the deposit one selected when opening an account.

What currencies are accepted by Wire Transfer?

Because Wire Transfer is basically a bank transfer and it is accepted worldwide, there are no restrictions when it comes to currencies. 

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