Meet Chipy’s 1st buyer of the $250 real-money item

Meet Chipy’s 1st buyer of the $250 real-money item image

Following our massive update with huge real-money items in our Shop, we are delighted to announce that one lucky player became the first user that qualified for purchasing our biggest real-cash item of $250. 

Our Shop hosts a wide range of real-money items that users can purchase with Chipy coins, and some of the biggest items on the list are worth $50, $100, and $250 of real cash that goes straight to your account.

Bluespirit24 became eligible for the staggering $250 real-money item by reaching level 13 and collecting over 20.000 coins, the required level and amount of coins that qualify users for purchasing this particular item.

Bluespirit24 was very excited about his achievement and kind enough to share with us how he ended up winning such an amazing money prize. He told us all about it down below, so if you’re curious to see what Bluespirit24 did to purchase the biggest real-money item on our site, read on!

CHIPY: How long have you been a member of the community? 

Bluespirit24: I've been a member of the community for over 2 years now, and I must admit that in the beginning, I was a member of other online gambling communities, as well. However, after finding, I was so happy with the services you provide, that I never went back to other sites. From then on, I’ve logged into my account nearly every day.

CHIPY: How does it feel to know you were the first member of the community to purchase the $250 item?

Bluespirit24: I’m absolutely honored to be the first member to purchase the $250 real-money item in the Community Shop. At first, I wasn’t very lucky, but then I decided to play a few slots in the Playground, and little by little, I ended up winning 9.000 Chipy coins in Spinosaurus.

I continued with another slot game, The Secret of Ba, and all of a sudden I noticed that I had gathered a whopping number of 22.000 coins. Then, I realized that with that amount of coins, I could buy the $250 real-money item. So, I did it!

Three days later, had already transferred the real-money prize to my PayPal account, just as promised. Wow, absolutely amazing! Thank you!

CHIPY: What do you think about the new real-money items added to the Shop?

Bluespirit24: The new real-money items are totally awesome, and I hope I’m going to win again enough Chipy coins to purchase these ones, as well. I think that giving us the opportunity to win real money without having to spend any money is amazing. That’s why we all here made it our mission to level up and be able to purchase these great items.

I used to play slots in the Playground just for practice, before playing for real money in the casino, but knowing you have the chance to win real money in here too makes the whole experience even more exciting. 

CHIPY: What do you like the most about

Bluespirit24: In comparison with other sites, I have noticed that always makes sure to engage users in numerous activities, encouraging them to test out as many casino bonuses and depositing offers as possible. 

I also like the fact that I’m able to share my opinions and experiences with other users. As a result, you really get that community feeling, especially when fellow members click on "helpful" and "reply" options. On top of that, you get to help other players, when, for instance, they have doubts about a certain bonus deal. 

To top it all, there’s the Monthly Competition, which I’m proud to say I’ve won many times. I’ve been rewarded every time with the first prize of $50. To be honest, when I won my first real-cash prize, I thought it was too good to be true. 

When I forwarded my PayPal details to, I didn’t think I was going to receive anything back. However, after a couple of days, when I saw the money in my account, I just couldn’t believe it! sure knows how to keep promises!

We asked Bluespirit24 to share the proof of transferring the real-money prize to his PayPal account, as we believe in creating full transparency with our users.

Proof of transferring the money to Bluespirit24's account

CHIPY: What do you think does best?

Bluespirit24: One of the things does best is keeping the community a safe place by controlling users who disobey the rules and those who have an aggressive attitude towards other members. I, myself, had a bit of a problem, but solved it immediately! 

Playing in a secure environment is very important to the overall online gambling experience, and doesn’t hold back when it comes to players feeling safe and comfortable.

I see as an ambassador of online gambling players, as it’s always there to fix incidents between depositing players and online casinos. never disappointed me when I had any queries or technical issues. Thanks for these efforts and for your professional attention!

I will try to keep it up and buy more real-money items. With a little bit of luck, maybe all of them! :) 

Final Thoughts would like to thank Bluespirit24 for sharing his experience with the entire Chipy community, and for being such an active and dedicated member. We congratulate you, Bluespirit24, for your impressive achievement! Here’s to many more! 

If Bluespirit24’s story inspired you, feel free to give our Playground games a shot, and you too will have the chance of becoming the next buyer of our biggest real-money prize!

Stick around for yet another round of exciting surprises that we have prepared for you! Soon only at! Best of luck!

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