Chipy Launches HUGE New Real Money Items in the Shop - Up to $250!

Chipy Launches HUGE New Real Money Items in the Shop - Up to $250! image

Spring has come with thrilling news: We have released another MASSIVE update! Our Community Shop is now hosting New Real Money Items that come with huge prizes and unique features! 

This is a never-seen-before upgrade, as is the only online gambling portal on the market that is offering such an impressive package deal! Keep on reading to find out what this is all about!


More Items… More Fun

Shopping is all about countless options and loads of fun! And of course, fantastic deals! That’s why we’ve decided to make your experience with us even more exciting, by updating existing Real Money Items and by adding new ones to our Community Shop

Check out our amazing new additions!

Real Money Items at Chipy
We designed our new items to be more accessible and effortless to collect, in our bid to constantly upgrade your gambling experience and find new ways to entertain you. Purchasing Real Money Items from our shop has never been easier! 

How We Made Shopping for Real Money Items More Convenient

Well, now, you can purchase a Real Money Item every 7 days as opposed to every 30 days! Also, buying “$15 Real Money at PayPal” or “€30 Real Money at Skrill” is now a thing of the past! The Real Money Items are no longer linked to a specific payment method. You can choose now from a selection of e-wallets!

Real Money Items Payment Method


Real Money Items Prices & Levels 

As you can see, we’ve not only extended our item list but also made them even more accessible for you. 

For instance, you need to reach level 10 and have 14,000 coins in order to purchase the $100 Real Money item. For the $250 Real Money item, which is the biggest one on our list, you need to be level 13 and own a total of 20,000 coins. What’s more, we only have one $250 Real Money item available per month.

Real Money Items Community Shop New Update $250 Real Money
You can also purchase our Real Money items using the EUR currency!


Do you want to know more?

If your answer is yes, we recommend that you check out our compelling guides on “Experience Points and Level Explained” and “What are Coins?”, respectively. Our reward system is thoroughly explained in these guides, so you can have a better understanding of how everything works.

Keep an eye out for new additions to our Shop, as we add Real Money Items regularly! Also, we invite you to open an account on our site, if you haven’t done so already, and enjoy all the benefits that come with it!

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