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The Secret of Ba

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The Secret of Ba
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TACAAA Level 14 New Zealand Oct 05, 2020

The game The Sercret Of Ba was very slow, It was very boring and good luck on wining anything big or small. 

Reply Helpful (10)
ffsreallynow Level 6 South Africa Jun 15

I agree. It costs more in bet than you ever win 

Reply Helpful (2)
Olympuska22 Level 9 Czech Republic Nov 19, 2020

Hra nevypadá špatně .....a kdyz mate štěstí..výhry jsou fajn +:-) 

Reply Helpful (8)
Ursala Level 3 South Africa Nov 10, 2020

My coins just dissapeared. 1 moment I had over 10000 coins  the next three were only 90. How can I fix this

Reply Helpful (4)
Admin avatar
Admin Nov 15, 2020

Hello Ursala,

Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention.

Usually, when the coins disappear suddenly due to system errors, they are automatically restored to the user's account shortly.  

We checked the records of your game sessions and we believe that there is a misunderstanding, there is no record of having over 10000 coins.

However, if the issue is occurring again, please contact our email support and we will do our best to rectify the issue.

We have added 500 coins for your inconvenience.


Reply Helpful (3)
Lililotka Level 12 Bulgaria Oct 11, 2020

I can't open this game, at first I was able to start and play it, but an error appeared "game ended incorrectly". It was before 2-3 weeks and it still exists.

Please, support team, resolve this issue!

Thank you in advance!

Reply Helpful (4)
Admin avatar
Admin Oct 12, 2020

Hi Lililotka! we have checked the issue and the games is working, perhaps  we advice to clear your cache and history and try again.

Reply Helpful (3)
Damn Level 6 Brazil Jun 12

whoa when I think I am with luck, BAM! U JUST LOST 700 COINS, CONGRATULATIONS. Just like the real thing indeed!

Reply Helpful (3)
cturne21 Level 7 United States Jan 20, 2021

This game ended up with me gaining less than 20 coins i an hour. Didn't do much of anything and was pretty boring.

Reply Helpful (3)
aca293 Level 26 Portugal Nov 24, 2020

Unreal!! Playing at 5 per spin, with 200 coins, only got one single prize which paid 2.5!! Thank you!!

Reply Helpful (3)
JessyL Level 12 South Africa Mar 02

I really enjoy playing The Secrets of Ba, at first it was slow and didn't really win anything. But now it's really awesome and you win a lot more.

Reply Helpful (2)
Nikki Feb 01

I really like this game. Its kind of addicting. I don't like that it goes such a long stretch without hitting anything good.. but when i hit.. i hit really good. Lol

Reply Helpful (2)
inga Level 10 South Africa Jan 16, 2021

It was fun for taking my mind off things as all good games do 

Reply Helpful (2)
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