Endless Summer Jackpot Sweepstake 2023

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Summer may be ending, but the rewards just keep on coming. Join our latest JACKPOT and don't miss out on this great opportunity to win $500 and 5,000 coins.
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Sweepstake Details

icon-sweepstake-prize Prize Pool $500 + 5,000 Coins
icon-sweepstake-prizePrizes 1 prizes ($500 + 5,000 Coins per winner)
icon-sweepstake-prize Start Date August 01, 2023 at 12:00 am GMT-4
icon-sweepstake-prize End Date September 30, 2023 at 11:59 pm GMT-4
icon-sweepstake-eligibility Eligibility icon-info-outline

The eligibility refers to the user level. The level represents your progress as a community member. In order to enter a sweepstake you need to have reached a certain level. Read our guide to find out how to level up by gathering experience points.

Experience points and level guide Sweepstake Official rules
Level 1+ users
icon-sweepstake-entry Entry Frequency icon-info-outline

The entry frequency represents how many tickets you can buy in a certain period of time (per day, per 7 days, per 30 days).

Sweepstake Official rules
4 entries per day
icon-sweepstake-limit Entry Limit icon-info-outline

The entry limit is the maximum number of tickets you can buy at the sweepstake.

Sweepstake Official Rules
244 entries per user

Additional notes:

  • This JACKPOT sweepstake is available between August 1st and September 30th, 2023
  • All users can enter this sweepstake for 20 Coins per ticket.
  • The lucky winner will receive $500 +5,000 Chipy Coins;
  • You can redeem 4 tickets per day and 244 tickets in total;
  • Track your sweepstake ticket anytime you want in the “My Sweepstakes Tickets” section, on the User Homepage;
  • Once the sweepstake ends, the tickets are drawn at random;
  • The sweepstake winners need to be validated by our Community Review Team according to our T&Cs. Upon review, the winners will be published on the website;
  • The winners will be announced up to 2 business days after the sweepstake ends;
  • Please note that the transfer may take up to 7 business days.
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All Comments11 Comments
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    • Paula1973 Level 5 Aug 09

      Wow 😍 I would absolutely LOVE to win this one 🌈 Dreams are free but i Live in hope so maybe i will be blessed by the great gods & win it🍀 Whomever does will be very lucky Indeed 🤩 Thank you Chipy 🤗 again for showing your kindness to us all😊

      Reply icon-thumb-up Helpful (12)
      • AdelinaR account-check Community Expert & Sweepstakes Manager Aug 09

        Hi @Paula1973, we appreciate your feedback and are thrilled to see this burst of positive energy. Wishing you a lovely day! Cheers!

        Reply icon-thumb-up Helpful (7)
      • Paula1973 Level 5 Sep 12

        @AdelinaR Thank you & Take Care :) 

        Reply icon-thumb-up Helpful (2)
    • Anjelic14 Level 8 Aug 16

      Wohoo good luck fellow chipy friends 

      Reply icon-thumb-up Helpful (6)
    • Goldiejones Level 3 United States Aug 21

      So excited! This site has been amazing and not only fun but incredibly informative! I'm so happy I stumbled upon Chipy! 

      Reply icon-thumb-up Helpful (4)
    • Blackdimond Level 5 Aug 16

      I love the opportunity to end the day playing fun games and chances to win money for no cost to you.Great for folks who don't really gamble.

      Reply icon-thumb-up Helpful (4)
    • Hayleyoneill Level 9 Sep 08

      Such a amazing sweepstake. Hope i win it fingers crossed 🤞 good luck everyone 

      Reply icon-thumb-up Helpful (3)
    • fabiano12 Level 7 Aug 30

      thank you for the 20$ win Chipy!

      Reply icon-thumb-up Helpful (3)
      • chipywinnerr Level 8 United States Sep 05

        Awesome, thanks for sharing that you actually won here at Chipy.com

        Reply icon-thumb-up Helpful (2)
      • AdelinaR account-check Community Expert & Sweepstakes Manager Aug 30

        Hi @fabiano12, congrats on your win. We love your feedback and hope that your winning streak will continue.🍀Cheers! ✌

        Reply icon-thumb-up Helpful (2)
    • Pamiam58 Level 3 Aug 10

      I just want to say thank you for having me and letting me in the sweepstakes, more than once. I've never won anything in my life. I've won money in casinos but not like these. Sweepstakes. I finally got my profile all fixed and just wanted to wish everybody good luck. Thanks guys for letting me sign up. Have a great day to all. 

      Reply icon-thumb-up Helpful (3)
      • AdelinaR account-check Community Expert & Sweepstakes Manager Aug 10

        Hi @Pamiam58, we appreciate your kind words. Let us know if there's anything we can help out with. All the best!

        Reply icon-thumb-up Helpful (3)
    • Samadsheik786 Level 7 Aug 09

      Amazing that we get a chance to purchase more tickets for greater odds ,chipys off the charts 🙌🙌🙌

      Reply icon-thumb-up Helpful (3)
    • chipywinnerr Level 8 United States Sep 05

      Good luck everyone. Please share with the participants that you actually won! It would be great to get your feedback like how many tickets you bought and how often you enter the sweepstakes here.

      Reply icon-thumb-up Helpful (2)
    • OlenaKrykun Level 9 Poland Sep 12

      cool, it wouldn't be bad to win, good luck to everyone 

      Reply icon-thumb-up Helpful (1)
    • maiwen Level 37 Morocco 19h

      Summer ending and Summer Jackpot Sweepstake 2023 is coming to an end. I think this is the last Jackpot of the year 2023. I wish good luck to all participants in this great Sweepstake.

      Reply icon-thumb-up Helpful
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