How to Verify a Neteller Account

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Here we will show you how to verify your Neteller account, step by step. You can check out our Youtube video or read the transcript below:

The process is divided into two, and one can’t go without the other. You will first have to make your first deposit in order to be able to verify your account. We will get into both of them, so if you want to know how to verify your Neteller account.


I. Making the First Deposit

It is easy to do transactions with Neteller, especially if you follow our steps below, as we are using a more special method which involves picking up your mobile phone and completing a few steps. This will make the process easier and you will 100% be verified after that.


1. Log In

Log in to Neteller using your email and password.
Log in Neteller Dashboard


2. Choose to Pay

Once on the dashboard, go to the “Pay Online” section, and click the green “Get Started” button.
Pay with Neteller

3. Fill in the Form

You’ll be sent to an advanced registration form, where you’ll have to provide your Address, City, Postal Code, Date of birth, and Phone Number.

Neteller Registration Form

4. Verify your Phone Number

The next step is the SMS verification. You should receive an SMS with a code. Enter that code when you’re asked to do so.  
Neteller SMS Verification

5. Create the Security Code

Now go ahead and create a security code. Make sure you remember it!
Neteller Security Code

6. Proceed to Deposit

Look over the payment methods available.
Neteller Payment Methods

7. Choose Skrill as a Payment Method

We chose Skrill, as it is easy to use and convenient. Click on “Skrill” from the list of available payment options.
Neteller pay with Skrill

8. Choose “Withdraw” from the Menu

Log in to your Skrill account and choose “Withdrawal”. 

Skrill Withdrawal Neteller

9. Choose “Neteller”

Continue the procedure by selecting “Neteller”. 
Skrill choose Neteller

10. Pay with Skrill

Enter your Neteller email address and choose an amount.
Neteller pay with Skrill


If you wish to pay via credit card, you can choose “credit card” from the list of available payment options, and continue with submitting your credit card information, similar to what we did in our How to Verify a Skrill Account tutorial.
Neteller Deposit with Credit Card

II. Verify Your Identity

Now we are halfway through the verification process. You will need to provide more information, but don’t worry! Neteller’s security standards are some of the highest today, so go ahead and continue with the verification!

11. Choose “Verification”

Go to your Neteller dashboard and choose “Settings”. Then choose “Verification”.
Verify Neteller Account

12. Choose “ID”

Here you will have to choose ID verification.
Neteller ID Verification

13. Identity Verification

Choose “identity card”. You can continue verifying the account via desktop by transferring two photos to your computer: the front and back of your ID, passport or driver’s license. Then go ahead and turn your webcam on for face verification.

Neteller Identity Card Verification

14. Choose the ‘Mobile” Option

For a faster and easier procedure, we chose ‘mobile”.
Neteller Mobile Verification

15. Scan the QR Code or Enter Email

The QR code will appear. You can scan it or enter your email address. You will be sent a link. Either open the email app on your phone in order to access the link, or continue via scanning the QR. Both send you to the same page on your mobile browser.
Neteller Scan QR Email

16. Continue the Procedure via Your Smartphone

This step doesn’t require any downloads. Allow camera permissions for Neteller. Take two photos of your ID document and then stand still for face verification.
Neteller Identity Verification Complete

17. Address Verification

After you complete the procedure from your mobile phone, you will be redirected to another page on your browser, and that is the address verification form. Upload a document, not older than 90 days, which contains your real name and address.
Neteller Verify Address

You will just have to wait for the Neteller staff to confirm your documents. This usually takes less than a day, but it depends on the volume of submissions per day.
Neteller Verification Complete
We really hope our tutorial has helped you get in the hang of Neteller’s verification process. Don’t forget to watch Chipy’s tutorials on Neteller for more information. If you are curious about what casinos you can use with Neteller, you can look at our Neteller Casinos dedicated section here on Chipy.

Good luck!

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