How to Verify a Skrill Account - Step by Step Tutorial

Iulia Ionita
Iulia Ionita
Jul 01, 2021
3 min read
How to Verify a Skrill Account  - Step by Step Tutorial image

In this article, we’ll show you how to verify your Skrill account, step by step.

Account verification is mandatory if you want to use Skrill in full-feature mode. If you prefer not to verify your account, you can still make transactions, but the amounts are limited. 

The verification process is split into two:

I. Completing the registration;
II. Making the first deposit in order to verify your identity;

These can’t go one without the other. Verifying your identity is not available until you make your first transaction. 

You can check Chipy’s step by step video tutorial below, or continue reading the text transcript of it by
scrolling further. 


I. Complete the Registration


1. Go to

Enter the web address for Skrill in order to get to the official Skrill website.
Skrill Homepage

2. Login to Skrill

Login to your Skrill account. If you don’t have one, make sure you read our dedicated guide on how to create a Skrill account easy and free!Skrill Login

3. Choose the “Pay Online” option

Once on your dashboard, go to the “Pay Online” section and choose the “Get Started” option.
Skrill Pay Online

4. Complete Registration

Enter your personal information such as address, postal code, and phone number.
Skrill Complete Registration

5. Verify Phone Number

Enter the SMS code you have received on your phone.
Skrill Security Code

6. Create a Security Code

Create a strong unique security code and make sure you remember it!
Skrill SMS Verify

II. Account Verification

1. Make Your First Deposit

Choose a payment method. We opted for credit card.
Skrill Credit Card

2. Enter Your Credit Card Info

Don’t be scared! Skrill’s connection is secure and the data you enter is encrypted.
Skrill Credit Card Info

3. Choose the Deposit Amount

Enter the amount that you wish to deposit.

Note: This is where you choose whether you prefer to use Skrill for gambling purposes or not.


Skrill Deposit

4. Verify Your Identity

This section implies going to your account settings, in order to be able to choose the “Verification” option once you have made your first deposit at Skrill. 
Skrill Verify
From there, you need to follow the steps below:

5. Confirm Your ID

Take two photos of your ID document, back and front. Transfer them to your computer. 

Make sure they are high quality!
Skrill Upload ID Photos

6. Upload the front of your ID card

Transfer the photo of the front of your ID card and upload it.
Skrill ID Front

7. Upload the back of your ID card

Transfer the photo of the back of your ID card and upload it.
Skrill ID Back

8. Verify Your Address

Choose a document that contains your full name and address, not older than 90 days. 
Skrill Address Document

9. Upload the Address Document

We chose the receipt for the Youtube Premium membership.
Skrill Address Upload

10. Email Verification

In 1-2 working days you will receive the confirmation email from the Skrill team.
Skrill Verification EmailWe hope these steps will help you in the process of verifying your Skrill account. Please give this article a like, and don’t forget to also check out Chipy’s Skrill tutorials playlist on Youtube. Good luck!

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