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Are you a fan of runner crash games? Then, you’re in luck!

Tune in for the editor’s pick in October 2022 and discover a real 3D runner slot that lets you watch your character running away from a fire breathing dragon!

As expected, the award-winning iGaming provider Evoplay has done a magnificent job forging a quick and suspenseful medieval action in Goblin Run slot, featuring a jackpot at 1,000x the bet, so make a run for it!

Help Gnos Steal the Dragon’s Treasure

Once you step into the world of this third-person runner crash slot game, get ready for a real adventure. Your mission is to help a goblin, called Gnos, to get his hands on the dragon’s treasure.

However, this fiery beast isn’t going to give it away without a fight. That’s why your job will be to collect coins and escape the dungeon, leaving the rampant wyvern snapping in anger.

goblin run slot intro screen

Goblin Run gives each player a chance to customize their experience thanks to its wide range of skins and settings. There are 5 levels to complete, including a 1000x multiplier to reach, which adds a lot of fuel to the fire in terms of payouts.

Nonetheless, dodging a variety of traps in this slot machine is ART, as it builds up the excitement and adrenaline.

If you belong to a more relaxed group of players or the so-called low rollers, you can start this adventure with €1.00 per run. Sweetening the pot with a €750 per spin is sublime.

The best thing about Goblin Run is that its theoretical RTP is quite fair, hanging around 96.04%, so expect an average payout frequency during play.

goblin run slot lava run

Escaping the Dungeon

As you can notice, there are no reels, rows, or any similar slot mechanics. Instead, Goblin Run is about maximizing your wins and minimizing your risks!

Basically, the idea is to outrun a huge dragon, but with so many obstacles and traps on the way, it could require a lot of patience.

The slot’s 3D visuals look great, and due to its social aspect, the game is even shared across other players who can chat with each other. Here are some of the biggest advantages during play:

  • Skins Shop. Before a round starts, players can customize their hero and choose different skins by clicking the ‘Change skin’ button. Although an important visual component, this feature cannot affect the outcome of payouts.

goblin run slot skin shop

  • Two Bets. In this runner crash game, there is an option to place two bets on the same round at the same time. Stakes can be different and cashed out independently.
  • Growing Multiplier. The maximum multiplier in the Goblin Run slot is x1000 the bet. It starts from 1 and grows when dodging traps, but it can also crash at 0 if you hit an obstacle.
  • Leaderboard and Chat. As you compete with other players in scoring the best result, there is a chance to get listed among the top 100 runners. Sharing results or communicating with other players via chat is also available.

goblin run slot leaderboard and chat

  • Cash Out. You can use this option at any time to avoid risks of losing a lot of money. Taking a risk to reach the maximum multiplier of 1000x the bet is for the brave only, as it can always instantly crash and leave you without any wins!

Come and Face the Dragon!

Do you think you can beat the dragon and crack its thrilling gameplay loop?

The Goblin Run runner crash slot will take you on an intense scoot with obstacles, so if you can stand a bit of fire at your heels, this is a good option!

Evoplay has made a huge comeback with this title back in April 2022, offering hours of immersive and exciting action in the style of popular, speedy ‘bandicoot’ runners.

It will also give you a chance to hit a 1000x jackpot at some point, so start up your engines!

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