Chipy’s Exclusive Interview with Per Lindheimer Product Owner at Nolimit City

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Check out our must-read exclusive interview with Per Lindheimer, Product Owner at Nolimit City, where he talks future slot releases, game features, drawing inspiration, brand’s journey and more. Take a look at this gripping interview and learn more about Nolimit City and all the exciting plans they have for the future!

Chipy Interview with Per Lindheimer

Q: Greetings Per and welcome to Chipy’s interview series! Let’s break the ice by introducing yourself and by sharing with us a little bit about Nolimit City.

Myself, Per Lindheimer, 40+ years old, I’ve been in the industry since 2005. I am a former NetEnt employee with games like Guns n’ Roses, Wish Master, Neon Staxx and South Park: Reel Chaos under my belt. I joined Nolimit about 5 years ago and have been with the company since the 2nd game and onwards.

Nolimit was founded around 2014-15, but the first things were to build a solid platform. I joined a small group of people when it was ready to dive into the games production for real. We grew really fast and it’s now a solid group of seniors from the industry. Most of them came in around 2015-16 and are still with the company.

We’ve got the full packagegames, platform, promotion tools – you name it. 

Q: Nolimit City was founded by Jonas Tegman and Emil Svärd who have a long history of working together. What was the path they took to get to where they are today and how did they start the company?

They’ve known each other for ages, since they just came out of school. After they left NetEnt, they co-founded the operator ComeOn, but with a nagging feeling that they should start a supplier, which pushed Nolimit City a few years later. ComeOn came to be a very successful operator, and once they sold their shares in ComeOn, they founded Nolimit instead. 

Q: Evidently, Nolimit City is developing at a fast pace. What are Nolimit City’s goals for the future?

The first few years of a startup is always fast-paced and somewhat of a bumpy road. You need to find your foothold and place in the industry. We’ve for sure done that now and got a well-oiled organization. We’re still small in comparison since we’re around 45 people, but we’ll for sure grow the next coming years.

We will however focus on what we do today – great slots with lots of love and excitement. That’s what you can expect in the coming years! 

Q: Nolimit City has already developed and released a considerable number of slot games by now. We are curious about the creative process. Can you give us some insight into the whole operation?

The secret formula… No, we don’t have a recipe, but we do have a few ingredients that we love to use. We want to do something different and want to push ourselves. This goes in all parts of a slot, no matter if it’s math, graphics, animations, or sounds. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. It’s not easy – but we’ve found a few golden nuggets when working this way.
Nolimit City Slot Games

Q: What do you want to offer to your fans through your products? Name three of the most important characteristics of your games.

  • Excitement. That’s what we want to create, something that really makes your heart race and motivates you to play again. It’s supposed to be fun to play slots and you want the adrenaline pumping!
  • xNudge®. Our well-known feature that is used in Tombstone, Deadwood, and a couple of more games. It’s in your face, super-potent, and so much fun when it lands and will really make your adrenaline going when it lands.
  • xWays®. Another well-known feature that we’ve got in Punk Rocker and Dragon Tribe. Along with the xNudge mechanic, this combination becomes insane at times – especially when they land together like in Dragon Tribe.

Q: We know that fans are always looking forward to new games to try out. Are there any Nolimit City titles in line?

We do releases on a continuous basis for about 2 years now with one release in the beginning of every month. We also sprinkle a few extra releases, about one extra every quarter. This left us with 13 games in 2019 and 15 games during 2020. We’ll continue to build on the momentum we’ve got and you can expect new titles with xNudge and xWays, but also new mechanics like xPays.

Q: Like any other big industry, the online gambling industry is heavily influenced by trends. In your opinion, are there any key trends that majorly impacted the industry?

The standard stuff like pop culture – movies, tv-series, etc. The most noticeable trend within the industry right now is the more volatile games and also bigger reel areas. Nothing really surprising here really.

Q: You have recently released “Buffalo Hunter”, a slot game that has already become very popular among players. What can you tell us about this slot?

It’s a game where we took a step back and wanted to do something more of a classic approach. We try to differentiate ourselves and even though we look back at land-based classic themes, we want to reinvent it with some extra power and love. 

I think Buffalo Hunter is a great example of that. Three different bonus rounds, with the same triggering mechanic, but yet totally different feeling when playing them. And of course, you want to trigger the Stampede Super Bonus.

Nolimit City Buffalo Hunter Slot Game

Q: Where do you draw your inspiration from? Are there any game developers that you admire?

Inspiration comes from loads of places. Just like any pop culture as stated before, or just sitting in an airport looking at people. Ideas pop up at the strangest of places – but playing other slots is for sure a great place to start.

We’re a bunch of nerds that play all sorts of games – slots, board games, MMORPG’s, FPS, and also casual mobile games. I just admire people that want to do something fun and different. It doesn’t have to be a huge AAA studio, it can just as well be a small studio – just like Towerfall from “Matt Makes Games” (lovely name btw). I’m a big World of Warcraft fan and played it way too much.  

Q: We heard that the Tombstone video slot set you apart from the rest of the software providers and made players and streamers notice you. Can you tell us more about this game? 

We actually had the concept for Tombstone when we did Hot Nudge. We just didn’t have the courage to release it as the first iteration of our xNudge mechanic. I guess the gritty theme along with the hard-hitting mechanic really hit both players and streamers the right way. It’s hard to get noticed as a new supplier in this industry, there’s loads of new games to play each month.  

Q: Of all your game titles, do you have any favorites? If yes, please tell us why do they stick out?

Punk Rocker for its theme and fun bonus rounds. Got that inspiration from a ludicrous toilet in a shabby bar in London when we attended ICE. Tombstone for being such an iconic release for us, and Dragon Tribe, which I do love to play it myself. This one is a little kinder but still holds those huge wins and excitement levels that I search for myself.

Nolimit City Punk Rocker Slot Game

Q: Lastly, what can we expect from Nolimit City in the near future? Are there any releases coming up soon?

Next game up is Monkey’s Gold – which will be released on October 13th. It’ll hold our new xPays mechanic and is ranked as a medium volatility type of game. After that, we’ll see Warrior Graveyard, which is an homage to Barbarian Fury. I’m sure you’ll see some resemblance to that game, even though we’ll try to up our games in terms of adding some new exciting math to it.

Q: Now that we have to wrap it up, is there something else you would like to add?

Big thanks for giving us the opportunity towards your audience. It’s hectic days for us, but it’s also fun to get a break from it all and answer some questions that you all might find interesting to know – and to get a backstory to the games themselves! 

Final Thoughts

We hope you enjoyed reading this interview as much as we enjoyed chatting with Per! Don’t forget to check out Nolimit City’s website and try out some awesome Free Nolimit City Games here at!

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Diana is a Content Writer for and her areas of focus include overviews and in-depth guides on online gambling-related topics, casino news articles, interviews, newsletters, and more.

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