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Big Update to our Coins & Experience Points/ Level System

We are happy to announce a big update to our coins & experience points / level system. As you may already know, coins and experience points are both part of our one-of-a-kind reward system designed for registered members, based on user activity here on Through this system, we make sure active users of our site as well as valued contributors to the community are justly rewarded for their dedication.

Coins can be earned by taking part in a wide range of actions here on, as well by playing exclusive games in our Playground. Once earned, you can use them to purchase items from our Community Shop

At the same time, collecting experience points (which can be earned by being active on our site) will allow you to progress through different levels and unlock many more items in the Shop. All the items there have a level requirement attached to them.

What’s new?

We have updated and simplified the user actions list so that it’s much easier for members to understand and use as a guiding tool in the future. We also added rewards for some new actions, such as posting reviews that are marked as “helpful” by other users and liking or disliking our news articles.

Below you can see the new coins and points values for each action: 

User Coins Experience Points
Login (every 24 hours) 30 coins (if balance is below 100, login reward will increase balance to a minimum of 100) 20 points
Level Up 100 x (new level) coins -
Bonus Like / Dislike  2 coins 2 points
Bonus Comment 10 coins 5 points
Casino Rate 1 coin 1 point
Casino Review 10 coins 10 points
Helpful Review 20 coins 20 points
Game Rate  2 coins 2 points
Shop Purchase  50 points
News Post Like / Dislike 2 coins 2 points

As you can see, simple actions such as logging in or rating a casino game will earn you experience and coins, but actions that imply quality feedback which adds value to the community are much more appreciated and appropriately rewarded. 

For instance, users who post high quality casino reviews can even reach a point where they start earning passive income. Case in point, a quality comment that helps other members of the community will provide you with 20 coins and 20 experience points every time it is marked as “helpful” by other users. 

With that in mind, we encourage you to share your feedback on our casino games, bonuses, online casinos and news articles to help your fellow community members better navigate our website, while at the same time earning some useful points and coins for yourself. 

What’s the action plan?

To sum it up, in order to enjoy the benefits of our updated (and improved) reward system, you need to take these simple steps: 

1. Join our amazing community or log in if you are already a member.

2. Start earning coins and experience by taking actions on the site and playing games in the Playground.

3. Gather coins and increase your level.

4. Reward yourself with amazing items from our shop, including real money items.

Final thoughts

We constantly strive to improve ourselves, as well as the products and services we offer, so that we can create the best online casino experience on the market for you. Your feedback means a lot to us and it helps us grow and learn. 

This is why we designed a reward system around this concept of active users that contribute to the growth of our community by sharing their honest opinions on any casino, bonus, game or news article they access on our site. 

We hope that you find this update to our reward system useful and that you feel you are justly rewarded as an active user here on For more information on Coins and Experience Points, we suggest you check out our guides What are Coins? and Experience Points and Level Explained, respectively.

With these things in mind, we invite you to join our awesome community if you haven’t already, and start having fun by gaining coins and experience points and using them to buy cool items for our Community Shop. It’s a wild ride, and we’re already looking for new ways to make it more fun and rewarding for our dedicated users!

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