Token of Trust Interview Series: Featuring Vitaly Shevchenko, Affiliate Manager at 7Bit Casino

Diana Nicolae
Diana Nicolae
Jul 22, 2021
7 min read
Token of Trust Interview Series: Featuring Vitaly Shevchenko, Affiliate Manager at 7Bit Casino image has recognized the outstanding gambling services that 7BitCasino is offering to its customers and decided that the casino is worthy of receiving our reputable Token of Trust. To honor 7BitCasino for this incredible achievement, we’ve conducted an interview with Vitaly Shevchenko, the gambling platform’s Affiliate Manager

We invite you to read this compelling conversation between and Vitaly Shevchenko in order to learn more about 7BitCasino and its unique products. Enjoy!

Q: When did 7Bit Casino’s journey start? Can you share with us a little bit about the beginnings of 7BitCasino? has been operating successfully since 2014. It was created as a charming online casino with a cozy vintage style of Las Vegas of the 60s and one of the widest game pools on the market. We received Curacao's gaming license and other necessary documents and started to work.

In the beginning, we only had 2000 games and accepted a limited number of fiat currencies. Now we have changed the main design concept, updated some security and payment methods, currencies and cryptocurrencies, and added brand new features to satisfy all the possible requests of our players. Since then we also enlarged the number of games and their providers. Now our game pool has around 6000 games

Q: The casino has quite an interesting name. Is there a meaning behind this identity?
Well, our name derives from the famous 8Bit notion in technologies, culture, and gaming, if you know what I mean, but we have changed it to 7Bit to underline that we are working in the sphere where luck is a necessary component of success. No wonder that we chose the 7 as it is one of the renowned lucky numbers all over the world. It definitely can work if you believe in luck and rely on your lucky symbols.

7BitCasino About Us
Q: 7BitCasino is known to offer excellent services to its customers. How do you manage to keep on doing this? Do you face any challenges?
The main secret to it is our amiable 24/7 Support Team and its cooperation with other departments. It provides us with all the necessary information about our players’ needs and requests. Being very flexible, we constantly update our casino according to the customers’ requirements and word gaming trends and technologies. 

As for the challenges, we work for players from different countries and we need to take into account all peculiarities of the region, as different time zones, currencies, campaigns, and cultural novelties and preferences to stay interesting for our customers. But it's a pleasant challenge as it makes us better, we learn something new every day and change our services and products accordingly.

Q: 7BitCasino is one of the best online casinos in the industry and is successfully keeping this position. Do you have any tips to share on how you achieved this?
I think all of you know the main components of a successful casino: good reputation, lots of various fair games, quick and safe service, and instant withdrawals. However, in every sphere, there are many other specific things one should take into account in order to be successful, such as the technologies used. 

It should be a flexible and secure online casino platform, the newest computing methods and encryption algorithms, the best famous game providers, and new ones with interesting products and great potential. We constantly improve our website for quicker service and we are always on guard to immediately resolve any question or issue. 

7BitCasino Provability Fair Games
Q: As a successful brand, you must have some competition. How do you differentiate yourself from your competitors?
7BitCasino is famous for its reliability, regular pleasant bonuses, and a variety of options to choose from according to your preferences and possibilities (games, currencies, languages, payment methods, etc.). Plus we constantly initiate different tournaments and promo campaigns. These are the main reasons for choosing our casino among others. 

7BitCasino Enjoy Great Promotions

Q: When it comes to achieving success, do you think it is better to maintain your values as a brand or to try reinventing yourself every time?
7BitCasino is a respectable and serious online casino, but at the same time we love fun, as our sphere is the entertainment of people, so we do our best to satisfy them. This means we are very flexible and change a lot of out of date approaches. At the same time, we are trustworthy and stable. So our receipt of success is a careful balance between the old reliable core and new up-to-date skins. 

Q: Do you gamble yourself? If yes, what types of casino games do you enjoy playing?
Yes, of course. I’m supposed to test out all the new products we offer to our players. I prefer graphically interesting video slots, we have a lot of them, and many of the new providers have presented great products recently where you just enjoy the layout and dive into the atmosphere of the game, listen to the sounds, and admire its wonderful animation.

I love it when everything in the game makes you totally thrilled. It is necessary to feel entertained all the time, only after that, you can be way happier when you win. Also, I like our table games, especially when you play with a dealer. The game becomes more.. let's say real. You feel like you are in an offline casino but no one can cough in your direction if you know what I mean. :) 

Q: Do you take into account your customers’ feedback? What channels do you use to keep in touch with them?
Definitely. Our Support Team works 24/7 via Live chat, email, and telephone (in some regions). This is one of our main secrets, as I have already said, we cooperate between departments and quickly resolve all current requests and suggestions. We also follow different gambling websites and forums, check reviews to know the actual impressions of the customers, and do our best to meet their requirements. 

7BitCasino Contact Form

Q: What kind of slot brands should we expect to see on your platform? The more popular ones or newcomers as well?
7BitCasino works with various providers: we respect the famous ones which are well-known all over the world and have lots of classic games, but at the same time we constantly add new ones whose products we liked and checked thoroughly. Some of those we have added recently are Mascot, Wazdan, Blueprint и MerkurBlueprint и Merkur. 

Q: At last, where do you see 7Bit Casino as a brand in the next couple of years? What plans do you have for the future?
In the near future, will have more language versions and the website will be adapted to the players from more regions of the world, we also plan to make a couple of interesting co-ops and implement the system allowing better customer interaction. 

Our players will be able to see the result of every bet they make and will get additional Bonuses and ComPoints. We also plan to add another conceptual casino to our friendly 7BitCasino family but so far we would like it to be a surprise. 

Final Thoughts

If 7 is your lucky number, don’t hesitate to give this casino a try! You’ll definitely have a blast playing your favorite games at 7BitCasino and we’re sure you’ll enjoy their original approach to the iGaming world.

If you’re interested in seeing our complete list of online casinos awarded with the Token of Trust, we recommend checking out our Most Trusted Casinos page. 

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