How to Sign Up for a Paysafecard Account

How to Sign Up for a Paysafecard Account image

Here you can learn how to open a Paysafe account, step by step. An account is needed if you wish to keep a track of your transactions and therefore manage your spendings and balance directly from your browser or app. 

Creating a Paysafecard account does not require any bank account or credit card.

Continue by watching our tutorial video or scroll down in order to read the transcript below.


1. Go to Paysafecard’s Official Website

First, access Paysafecard’s official website at
Paysafecard homepage


2. Go to the Registration Form

Choose to create an account by pressing the orange “Sign Up” button.
Paysafecard Registration


3. Select your Country

Provide your country, and click “Continue”.
Paysafecard Registration Country


4. Choose the Username & Password

Create a username and password, then enter your email address. The password needs to have 8 characters, lower and uppercase letters, and at least one special symbol

Click “Continue” to proceed.
Paysafecard username


5. Verify Your Email Address

Check your email inbox and open the email you have received from Paysafecard. Click the button in the message in order to continue the registration process.
Paysafe card email verification


6. Enter Your Personal Information

Fill in the fields for first name, last name, and date of birth.
Paysafecard registration first name last name


7. Enter Your Address Information

This step requires entering your street, house number, postcode, and city

The information is encrypted, so that no third party can get your information.
Paysafecard address registration


8. SMS Verification

Enter your phone number. You will then be required to enter the code you have received via SMS.
Paysafe card SMS phone verification


9. Paysafecard Dashboard

Now all you have to do is explore your options. Here you can manage your prepaid codes, see nearby Paysafe locations, enter new PINs, view your balance and transactions.
Paysafecard dashboard accountWe hope this guide has helped you get the basics of Paysafecard and its account feature. Don’t forget to see our list of Paysafecard supported online casinos, and also take a look at our Paysafecard tutorial videos on Youtube!

Good luck!

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