How to Deposit Money to Online Casinos Using Paysafecard PINs

How to Deposit Money to Online Casinos Using Paysafecard PINs image

Here you will learn how to deposit money to your online casino account using Paysafe. Paysafecard is a prepaid card and it is mostly preferred by users that want to manage every penny while gambling at online casinos.

It’s simple: if you want to add $10 to your casino account, you will need to buy a $10 Paysafe PIN. Go to the online casino, enter the PIN, and you will get $10 in your casino balance. We will explain this more detailed in the section below, with examples.

You can continue by watching our video below or scroll further in order to read our step by step picture tutorial.

1. Go to Paysafecard’s Official Website

Access from your browser.
Paysafecard official website

2. Buy a Paysafecard PIN

Choose the „Buy Paysafecard” tab. Look for the options. Depending on your location, you can even purchase Paysafe PINs online. Paysafe PINs are unique codes you can use to load your account. 

For example: You need to make a $10 transaction. If you buy a PIN for $10, you will need to enter the PIN once you make the $10 payment, using Paysafecard, without any more money being spent.
Buy Paysafecard

2.1 Go to a Physical Paysafe Retailer

You can choose one of the online trusted sellers. However, this feature is not available worldwide. Therefore, by accessing this section you can see nearby Paysafecard sellers and go to their physical store. 

Paysafe PINs Retailers

2.2 Buy Paysafecard PINs Online

There are plenty of third-party gaming websites that sell Paysafecard PINs online, but we don’t really recommend you use them, as any user can sell fake or used PINs on the internet, as long as the website isn’t a trusted Paysafecard source. 

Therefore, Paysafe PINs can be bought at physical Paysafecard trusted stores or, if you are in one of the eligible locations, Paysafecard can recommend you online partnered shops.

These are the only sources where you can get Paysafecard PINs from.
Pay Safe Card PINs Buy Online

3. Access the Online Casino

Go to your online casino of choice. Look to see if it is eligible for Paysafecard payments.
Paysafe Card PINs Online Casino Deposit

4. Choose “Deposit”

Go to the afferent deposit section.
Paysafecard Casino PIN

5. Select Paysafecard as a Payment Method

Choose Paysafecard from the list of banking operators. Select your amount, pick the bonuses, and continue.
Pay with Paysafecard PIN Online Casino

6. Complete the Payment

The Paysafecard pop-up will open. Enter your 16-digit PIN, then log in to complete the payment.
Paysafecard Money Casino

7. Start Gambling

Your money should instantly show in your casino account.
Pay with Paysafe card PIN Online Casino TransactionWe hope this guide has helped you know more on the Paysafecard deposit method. Don’t forget to see our list of Paysafecard supported online casinos, and also take a look at our Paysafe card tutorial videos on Youtube!

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