$150 at SlotoCash Casino

$150 at SlotoCash Casino
Min level:
Description $150 No deposit bonus at Slotocash Casino.

Wagering: 40xB
Max cash out: $200
Games allowed: Slots, Keno, Scratch cards.

You must make a deposit of $50 or more to be able to use this bonus.

Note: No multiple accounts or free bonuses in a row are allowed. If your last transaction was a free bonus, please make a deposit before using this bonus.

1 redeem per player per 2 months.

Can not be redeemed on a deposit where another bonus is used.

The following countries cannot purchase this bonus: Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan , Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina , Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia , Lithuania, Mauritius, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Tajikistan , Turkmenistan , United Kingdom, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Bulgaria, United Kingdom, Greece, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Russia and Sweden.

Best of luck!

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    • mrsjjmath account-cancel Suspended Jun 21, 2018

      Too bad this is sold out.  What a great way to get extra money to play at this site.  Can't wait until it is available again.  I will use my coins to buy this for sure!!!

      Reply icon-thumb-up Helpful (5)
    • aca293 Level 31 Portugal Jan 11, 2016


      Deposit min 50$, play with 200$(50$ 150$), have to wager 6.000$(40x150$) to cash out max 200$. Another big LOL!

      Reply icon-thumb-up Helpful (4)
    • MetalMan83 account-cancel Suspended Nov 05, 2018

      Always So..... refresh more often plz

      Reply icon-thumb-up Helpful (2)
    • Georgette76 account-cancel Suspended Oct 14, 2017

      $50 deposit for only a chance at $200 and a very high wagering. No thank you!

      Reply icon-thumb-up Helpful (2)
    • barebones account-cancel Suspended Feb 29, 2016

      I don't deposit there often but I think this big freebie could be worth it.

      Reply icon-thumb-up Helpful (2)
    • Fener27 account-cancel Suspended Apr 26, 2021

      Türkiye ile kapalolmasa iyi olur

      Reply icon-thumb-up Helpful (1)
    • Vivien080693 account-cancel Suspended Apr 23, 2021

      The casino would like to prevent bonus abuse and therefor they want to make sure a player that gets such a large bonus such as $150 will be eligible for it.

      Reply icon-thumb-up Helpful (1)
    • chato909 account-cancel Suspended Jul 02, 2018

      Dumb... you basically buy a no deposit bonus code that you could get for free hilarious and joke Reply icon-thumb-up Helpful (1)
    • silverquick Level 15 South Africa Jul 08, 2017

      Nice bonus thank you.

      Reply icon-thumb-up Helpful (1)
    • Ineednewsmile account-cancel Suspended Jun 13, 2017

      allready sold out. sad. hope to see this offer soon again

      Reply icon-thumb-up Helpful (1)
    • sumon555 account-cancel Suspended May 31, 2017

      I like to buy this item one day

      Reply icon-thumb-up Helpful (1)
    • Begum account-cancel Suspended May 30, 2017

      This is a good item for purches.

      Reply icon-thumb-up Helpful (1)
    • WTF1973 account-cancel Suspended May 02, 2017

      Is it possible to cansel the bonus i just purshed...? I want to by another bonus from your shop..

      Reply icon-thumb-up Helpful (1)
    • Swink2107 account-cancel Suspended Apr 22, 2017

      This bonus is unreal! I'm excited to get underway. Reply icon-thumb-up Helpful (1)
    • Comm4nd3r Level 13 Germany Jan 25, 2017

      great chip too. nice bonus 150 dollar cool great

      Reply icon-thumb-up Helpful (1)
    • shafy1980 Level 3 Egypt Nov 05, 2016

      is this offer  Available

      Reply icon-thumb-up Helpful (1)
    • franparkour98 Level 7 Spain Oct 02, 2016

      Everything is sold, waiting for 1 to buy it

      Reply icon-thumb-up Helpful (1)
    • chimera02 account-cancel Suspended Sep 10, 2016

      i just tested out some of slotos tournaments, theyr pretty nice, 

      Reply icon-thumb-up Helpful (1)
    • Neztoe33 Level 3 United States Aug 13, 2016

      I want this purchase cancelled but how?

      Reply icon-thumb-up Helpful (1)
    • loevens Level 8 Denmark Jun 17, 2016

      So does this work for Denmark then?

      Reply icon-thumb-up Helpful (1)
    • partyhummelberlin Level 12 Germany Mar 21, 2015

      just to make sure i understand it right. you deposit 50$, using a match bonus. after you lost it you are eligble to use this bonus. it is not necessary to skip nthe match bonus for the 50 deposit, right? (because then it would mutate from a ndp to a defacto match bonus of 300% with a max cashout of 200$ which would make it unattractive...)

      Reply icon-thumb-up Helpful (1)
    • cat7eleven account-cancel Suspended Feb 19, 2017

      If it were still $30, then it would be a nice bonus. This casino hasn't shown it's worth my $50. Reply icon-thumb-up Helpful
    • flawdagrl Level 3 United States Apr 21, 2016

      How do i get my chips back? Reply icon-thumb-up Helpful
    • alex Level 7 United Kingdom Apr 20, 2016

      Thanks what a great buy :P

      Reply icon-thumb-up Helpful
    • jimmi84 account-cancel Suspended Mar 15, 2016

      I would like to buy this

      Reply icon-thumb-up Helpful
    • krimpson account-cancel Suspended Dec 12, 2015

      nice casino to play in it

      great casino with nice games

      Reply icon-thumb-up Helpful
    • stewex555 Level 15 Oct 21, 2015

      Yes, it is advantageous

      Reply icon-thumb-up Helpful
    • andisco Level 4 Chile Sep 29, 2015

      very nice

      Reply icon-thumb-up Helpful
    • aster.nenad Level 4 Serbia Sep 28, 2015

      looks like nice offer :)

      Reply icon-thumb-up Helpful
    • Baltorx Level 6 Canada Sep 25, 2015

      not bad

      Reply icon-thumb-up Helpful
    • didasfeli777 account-cancel Suspended Sep 13, 2015

      Nice casino

      Reply icon-thumb-up Helpful
    • jhusch account-cancel Suspended Jul 27, 2015

      i will check it out ty

      i dont think ill do this one but ty very much

      Reply icon-thumb-up Helpful
    • cotta92 Level 2 United States Apr 15, 2015

      just started using this site to see what it was about and it turned out to be awesome choice thank u

      Reply icon-thumb-up Helpful
    • 73kdub Level 7 United States Feb 26, 2015

      Pretty Cool except for now instead of $30 deposit it's $50 that kinda sucks

      Reply icon-thumb-up Helpful
    • nelsnik Level 16 Netherlands Feb 25, 2015

      very nice item scored big with this one:D

      Reply icon-thumb-up Helpful
    • WyldGirl Level 7 United States Dec 23, 2014

      This is really kewl that you offer us a bigger bonus at the casino!

      Reply icon-thumb-up Helpful
    • Admin Oct 22, 2014

      Hi there Kaos4340,

      Players are request to do a minimum of $30 deposit since their last free bonus.

      That deposit can be a week ago but it will still count towards the terms of this bonus.

      The casino would like to prevent bonus abuse and therefor they want to make sure a player that gets such a large bonus such as $150 will be eligible for it.

      We already had cases which players took over $900 in free bonuses without depositing using the BFC Shop. Which is something the casino would not allow.

      I hope that explanation is satisfactory :)

      Best of luck!

      Reply icon-thumb-up Helpful
    • Kaos4340 Level 2 United States Oct 22, 2014

      Why do u have to deposit 30

      Reply icon-thumb-up Helpful
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