Exclusive 600% at SlotoCash

Exclusive 600% at SlotoCash
Min level:
Description The bonus is exclusive to chipy.com

600% Match Bonus at SlotoCash.

Wagering: 15x(D+B)
Max cash out: No max cash out
Max redeem amount: €200

Minimum deposit required: $100

Games allowed: Slots, Keno, Scratch Cards, Blackjack, Bingo.

The bonus can be redeemed 1 time per player.

Instructions: Player must deposit and then purchase the bonus on the Shop. The deposit must not be played until the bonus is added.
The bonus will be added manually by the casino within 48 hours after the purchase.

600% Match Bonus Exclusively to players who registered their account through chipy.com

Make sure to check if the casino accepts players from your country of residence before purchasing the bonus.


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    • Davson35 Level 5 United Kingdom Apr 25, 2019

      600% bonus is a fantastic and wonderful offer,but casino will add it to players or no?

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    • blmt Level 15 Mar 31, 2019

      So strange bonus. It requires a minimum deposit $100 but max redeem amount is €200 so this bonus is not 600% but 200%!

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    • ericalk15 Level 5 United States Jul 02, 2018

      I just bought this not realizing I had to deposit $100 but can only withdraw $200?? Is that correct? I'm confused can someone explain ALL Reply Helpful (1)
    • thiscardnot4 Level 6 Canada Jul 01, 2018

      i like this casino, i cant wait to get this bonus offer

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    • Feefs4 Level 13 South Africa May 22, 2018

      too bad you still have to deposit

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    • jehjeh0103 Level 2 Dec 02, 2017

      Max cash out: No max cashout! :P

      franparkour98 maximum redeem is the maximum allowed deposit, you misunderstood my friend...

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    • Timeee09 Level 7 Germany Aug 22, 2017

      That means that in fact it's nothing more than a 200% Bonus "called" a 600% Bonus. Really really unethical method to promote such things - just my point of view. Enough reason for me to avoid this casino I guess... Reply Helpful (1)
    • Georgette76 Level 7 United States Aug 01, 2017

      Wagering: 15x(D B)
      Max cash out: No max cashout! :P
      Max redeem amount: €200

      I dont get what is meant by the max redeem if there is no max cash out and if you have to deposit $100 and its a 600% bonus. what does do you mean when you say "redeem"?

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    • trinh316 Level 7 Canada Mar 02, 2017

      nice place to gain alot of bonus on here. Thanks for the code offer

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    • ernst Level 11 Germany Nov 03, 2016

      Nice i take it

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    • Comm4nd3r Level 13 Germany Oct 25, 2016

      But this is a good deal people 15 times wagering is completely ok, this bonus is worthwhile but there you know at least you can make it can play it! Really great, love such bonuses continue so people you make a really good job!

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    • chimera02 Level 9 Norway Oct 09, 2016

      well, its pretty easy to cash out, and its has a cheap price,so id say its an easy 200^^ sloto is nice casino too

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    • franparkour98 Level 6 Spain Sep 29, 2016

      This bonus is very bad, i was thinking on taking it, but the maximum redeem is only 200 so...

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