Diabolic Throw

3.8 (44) Played 12 times

Diabolic Throw Rating & Details

Player Ratings (44 people voted)
3.8 out of 5
1 star 0%
2 star 11.4%
3 star 27.3%
4 star 27.3%
5 star 34.1%
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Software Betixon
Times Played 12
Game type Craps
Release date -
Technology HTML5, Flash
3D animation available
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Diabolic Throw Review

Chipy Editorial
Chipy Editorial
Feb 24, 2021

Diabolic Throw Game Overview

If it’s a casual dice game you’re after, check out Diabolic Throw from Betixon. Despite it having a hell theme, it’s really just a simple game where you bet on the outcome of a dice roll. In this review, we’ll summarise how to play this quick and easy game.

Diabolic Throw Reels

How To Play The Diabolic Throw Game

When the game’s loaded, choose a bet size. There are five options in total: 0.25, 0.50, 1.00, 2.00 and 5.00. Then choose a result to bet on. You’re betting on the outcome of a roll of two standard dice each numbered 1-6. Therefore, the numbers you can bet on are 2 -12 inclusive. Choose a number then click ‘PLAY’ and a pair of dice will be rolled.

The game’s RTP hasn’t been disclosed by its provider Betixon just yet.

Diabolic Throw Help

Diabolic Throw Game Features

  • Hell Theme. This dice game is themed to hell and is set in the depths of the underworld. On the left of the screen is a stone platform surrounded by magma with a demonic-looking figure looking over it; this is where the dice land when they’ve been rolled. The hellish imagery is detailed and presented with vivid graphics.

  • Audio. The game has a rather tense and foreboding soundtrack that adds a lot of atmosphere. It’s rather creepy in places and fits the hell theme very well.

  • Payouts. The game’s payouts vary depending on what dice result you bet on. The number 7 has the lowest payout of 5.7x your bet since when two dice are rolled, an outcome of 7 can be produced by the most combinations. The two outcomes with the highest payouts are 2 and 12, both of which can only be produced by one combination each (1+1 and 6+6 respectively). For winning with a 2 or 12 you’re paid 34.2x your total bet.

Diabolic Throw Bet on Result

Playing The Diabolic Throw Game On Mobile

Diabolic Throw is compatible with mobile phones and tablets. You can play this casual dice game while on the move at a number of popular mobile casinos. The game is ideal for mobile users as it’s very quick and all you have to do is place your bet, pick a number and hope for the best. The mobile version doesn’t require any downloads and runs smoothly on a wide range of devices.

Play The Diabolic Throw Game For Real Money

Not all casino games have to be complicated with lots of rules and features. Diabolic Throw is an interesting hell-themed dice game that’s about as basic in terms of its gameplay as you can get. Pick an outcome and if it’s the winning outcome, you get paid. Check this game out at a real money casino and think about which outcome you’ll bet on first. Will you play it safe and go for 7, or go for a less likely outcome that has a higher payout?

Play Diabolic Throw for Real Money

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