Winner Interview: Chipy's Winter Jackpot Sweepstake 2022

Otilia Pavel
Otilia Pavel
Mar 15, 2023
4 min read
Winner Interview: Chipy's Winter Jackpot Sweepstake 2022 image

We are super excited to announce the winner of Chipy's Winter Jackpot Sweepstake 2022!

We welcome Chris Baker! Chris is part of our community and agreed to take part in our exclusive interview.

As always, your trust is our top concern! That's why this interview is also another honest review and we also have the chance to meet an awesome member of our community

Chipy: We would really like to know the person behind the prize! Could you tell us a bit about yourself?

Chris Baker: My name is Chris Baker and I am 33 years old. I have been a gambler for as long as I can remember, I remember being like 10 years old and me and all my friends getting together with our baseball football, and basketball cards and using those as chips and we would see who could win everybody's cards.

Chipy: For how long have you been part of the Chipy community?

Chris: I believe I have been a part of the Chipy community for about half a year now. I learned about Chipy by looking for online casinos that were legitimate and ones that had good bonuses. I quickly learned that when you're looking for things like that, Chipy is probably the most helpful place on the web!!!

Chipy: If you are a gambler, what is your way of approaching it? Do you rely on your instincts or do you go full-on rationality and calculated bets?

Chris: Yes I am a frequent gambler. It depends on my location and form of gambling on how I approach it. If I'm at the casino, in person, I only play card games, especially blackjack, and poker. I try to avoid the lights and sounds of the slot machines in person.

When gambling online I still usually try to focus mainly on poker, but online isn’t when I loosen up and allow myself to just have some fun with slot machines and things like that.

sweepstake jackpot winner chipy

Chipy: What are your favorite Sweepstakes and why did you choose to participate in them?

Chris: Honestly my favorite sweepstakes is any sweepstakes being run by and that is because they are 100% legitimate and they are absolutely 100% winnable for the average Joe because I won this huge $600 prize from a Chipy Sweepstakes and I’ve never before won a sweepstake until this one through Chipy!!!

Chipy: As a gambler yourself, what is one good piece of advice you really want to share with other people?

Chris: A good piece of advice is never to gamble with money that you cannot afford to lose!!! No bet is a sure thing and if you put money up for a bet, you have to be aware of the possibility you could lose, willing to give that money up without a fight, and able to lose that money and it not have a negative impact on your life, family, and finances.

Chipy: We have reached the end of our interview and we want to thank you for taking part in this interview and thank you for your continued support! It really was a pleasure talking with you! Is there anything else you would like to share with us?

Chris: Just want to stress again that is one of the only legitimate sites on the web that help you find online casinos and gambling platforms and also free bonuses for, free chips and free spins, at many online casinos.

Chipy does all that while also allowing its members to participate in sweepstakes, games, gambling, social interaction, and even rating and reviewing the many online casinos they advertise.

We want to thank Chris for taking part in our interview! We had an amazing time!

If you want to win amazing prizes and be featured on Chipy, enter our cool Sweepstakes!

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