Token of Trust Interview Series: Miriam Forkosh - Affiliate Manager at Rich Palms Casino

Diana Nicolae
Diana Nicolae
Dec 10, 2021
7 min read
Token of Trust Interview Series: Miriam Forkosh - Affiliate Manager at Rich Palms Casino image has rewarded yet another remarkable online casino website for its outstanding services based on trust, commitment, and high-quality gaming entertainment. We are talking, of course, about our prestigious Token of Trust award, and Rich Palms Casino is the latest iGaming platform to have received it. 

To celebrate this impressive accomplishment, we sat down with Miriam Forkosh, Affiliate Manager at Rich Palms Casino, to learn more about this fairly new but go-getting online gambling platform.

Rich Palms Casino has proved that you don’t have to be around for long to be successful and achieve major milestones. In Miriam’s own words, all you need to do is “offer user-friendly entertainment for every type of player and let every customer feel special.”

Keep on reading to find out everything Miriam shared with us during this captivating interview!

Chipy: Hello, Miriam! First off, we would like to thank you for accepting the invitation to do this interview with us. Could you share a little bit about Rich Palms Casino and where its name comes from?

Miriam: Hello, and thank you for having me, it’s a pleasure to be here! Well, when we created Rich Palms Casino in 2019, we thought about our players first. What would they like to see in a casino? So, we decided - people love recreation! 

With that in mind, we developed a unique idea: A gaming vacation for all casino enthusiasts to enjoy! This way, all our players can feel like the best friend of the casino owner and relax like a real rich man. In a nutshell, this is what Rich Palms Casino is about - relaxation, fun, and lots of exciting games!

Chipy: If you were to choose three words that best describe Rich Palms Casino, what would they be?

Miriam: Friendly, entertaining, unique. These words perfectly describe Rich Palms Casino. It’s because we offer user-friendly entertainment for every type of player and let every customer feel special. 

Chipy: What do you think are the features that differentiate Rich Palms Casino from its competitors?

Miriam: There are so many online casinos in the arena right now, and they're all pretty good. However, when we created ours, we were guided by one rule - to create something of our own and completely new. I think we achieved that 100%. Rich Palms is characterized by its friendly yet rich atmosphere.

rich palms casino website

Chipy: In your view, what were the reasons why Rich Palms Casino deserved to be awarded Chipy’s Token of Trust?

Miriam: Rich Palms Casino has been operating for over two years already, and during this period, we’ve grown so much. The team behind Rich Palms Casino is ambitious and fully committed to the success of our brand. 

Rich Palms Casino was created for people by people. That’s why our customers trust us - they can feel safe and secure, and enjoy the fun gaming entertainment, as well.

At the same time, the online gaming world is constantly changing, and we’re doing our best to adapt and ensure we provide high-quality service to our valued customers around the world.  

Chipy: What has been the biggest jackpot won at Rich Palms Casino, so far?

Miriam: The biggest jackpot won in the history of Rich Palms Casino was $43,548 on the XXX slot machine. That’s actually a funny story: the woman from Massachusetts told us later when claiming her prize that she accidentally chose that slot machine to play at and wanted to pick something else. 

However, after a couple of spins, she was lucky enough to hit that massive jackpot and become the owner of the biggest jackpot ever won at Rich Palms Casino. We were so happy for her!

Chipy: How do you manage to always provide your customers with high-quality online gambling services? And, how do you keep in touch with your users?

Miriam: Not going to lie, it’s constant work. Every day, we strive to improve in order to deliver quality services. We constantly review feedback from our customers - both newbies and regular depositors - and try to analyze all positive and negative comments, providing the best possible solutions for our players. 

Our Customer Support team works 24/7/365 via email, toll-free phone line, and Live Chat. So, our players are guaranteed to receive an instant answer to any of their questions or queries. 

And of course, to ensure our players receive constant entertainment at Rich Palms Casino, we have regular updates on game additions, promotions, holiday bonuses, and many more. That’s how we inform our beloved customers about anything new that happens and build a solid casino-player connection. 

rich palms casino sign up

Chipy: As 2021 is coming to an end, what is the outlook for Rich Palms Casino next year? Did you already make any resolutions for 2022?

Miriam: Speaking of the ways Rich Palms Casino constantly grows and develops, our major goal for 2022 is to keep up with the industry itself, offering new payment methods regularly, and improving mobile gambling accessibility. 

The world is fully digital now, and our main mission as an online casino that reaches thousands of players worldwide daily is to provide them with the most convenient and accessible online gambling options.

Chipy: What do you think are the biggest challenges you have to face in this industry?

Miriam: I strongly believe that challenges are an indispensable part of success. You cannot grow without obstacles. And of course, Rich Palms Casino was no exception. 

We have also faced some challenges while launching and trying to get on top in the iGaming arena. The biggest challenge is to be chosen among so many other great brands and become well-known. 

In fact, it’s not even about the challenges - it’s about the way we try to deal with them by building a strong strategy to improve our skills, boost knowledge, and become stronger.

Chipy: What can you tell us about the “Rich Club (VIP)” section on your website?

Miriam: Oh, we’re so proud of our Rich Club! The thing is, all players love rewards, and there is no better way to reward customers than by offering them to join a VIP Club. And the best part is that every player can join the club by simply contacting Customer Support via our Live Chat. 

Players then can receive great perks, such as personal bonuses, weekly and monthly cashback, no bet limits, higher comp points rate, birthday bonuses, and many other advantages. 

rich palms casino game collection
Chipy: To wrap it up, what can we expect from Rich Palms Casino later this year? Have you prepared something for this year’s end, or in the near future?

Miriam: Rich Palms Casino will definitely impress you next year. We’re ready to work twice as hard to provide our players with exciting new features. Rich Palms Casino is already one of the top online casinos, and we’re striving for more people to find out about our unique venue. 

Chipy: Is there anything else you would like to say to our readers?

Miriam: If you aren’t a member of our Rich Palms community yet, we gladly invite you to become one. Rich Palms Casino is here to offer you an unforgettable online gambling experience. So, join us now, and may you be rich with Rich Palms!

Final Thoughts

We hope you enjoyed reading this interview just as much as we enjoyed chatting with Miriam! Now, all that’s left to do is go on a virtual gambling vacation at Rich Palms Casino and feel like a true millionaire in a luxurious casino resort!

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