Token of Trust Interview Series: Featuring Vladislav Mavrin, Affiliate Manager at Fairspin Casino

Otilia Pavel
Otilia Pavel
May 16, 2022
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Token of Trust Interview Series: Featuring Vladislav Mavrin, Affiliate Manager at Fairspin Casino image

A new casino just received Chipy’s Token of Trust as they provide high-quality iGaming services and products to their customers and also bring some new additions to the gambling industry. This way, we would like to welcome Vladislav Mavrin, the Affiliate Manager of Fairspin Casino who was kind enough to answer our questions and make the present interview possible. Enjoy!

Chipy: Greetings, Vladislav! Thank you for offering us the opportunity to answer our questions. Can you share with Chipy’s readers more about yourself and Fairspin?

fairspin casino
Vladislav: Fairspin is a licensed casino accepting cryptocurrencies that was launched in 2018. One of our main features is built-in fairness control based on blockchain. All game actions and transactions are recorded in the blockchain and can not be changed. Players can check them at any time. Also, in the blockchain, players can find out about Fairspin's income and thus make sure that the casino is solvent. 

Among our other features are a big variety of entertainment, a wide selection of fiat and cryptocurrencies for deposits and withdrawals, as well as unique loyalty programs based on our TFS token.


Chipy: TFS Token sounds really interesting and I bet that our readers would like to know more about it! Could you give us more information?

Vladislav: TFS is an ERC-20 token created on the Ethereum network exclusively for Fairspin. It has a deflationary model. This means that there is a maximum limit on the number of existing tokens. So that the limit is not exceeded, some number of tokens will be withdrawn from circulation from time to time. 

tfs fairspin casino
Overall, 30,000,000 TFS were issued. 15,000,000 tokens were sold in three stages. Other tokens are necessary for covering Fairspin operational needs, including giving rewards within the loyalty programs.

tfs tokens fairspin casino
As I have already mentioned, the TFS token became a basis for our new loyalty programs, Play to Earn and Hold to Earn, at Fairspin. So now players can get instant rewards in TFS for bets in games, multiply them with no risk, withdraw tokens to the main account and keep playing at Fairspin. Players can also trade their TFS on PancakeSwap and Uniswap exchanges.


Chipy: From your perspective, what would you say are the reasons why Fairspin Casino deserved to be awarded the Token of Trust? What makes Fairspin stand apart from the competition?

Vladislav: We have always strived to bring innovations to the industry. First, with the launch of Fairspin, we implemented additional honesty control based on blockchain. Now all players’ bets and game results are recorded in the blockchain and can be checked at any time. This made the gaming process at the casino completely transparent.

As our players wanted deposit and withdrawal transactions to be processed quickly and avoid high fees, we added more and more cryptocurrencies to our payment options.

Last year, we partnered with Trueplay to create our TFS token. Based on it, we introduced two unique loyalty programs, Play to Earn and Hold to Earn. They make the gaming process even more exciting and give our users new ways to get rewarded without any risks.


Chipy: Could you provide more info on the Loyalty system available on Fairspin Casino?

Vladislav: To start with, our new users get up to 200% deposit bonuses and 140 free spins for the first four deposits. Our VIP players can take advantage of special offers. These are weekly free spins, deposit bonuses, and an increase in received tournament prizes. 

fairspin casino vip
Loyalty programs based on our TFS token deserve special mention. The first of them is Play to Earn. Within it, players get an instant reward in TFS (tokenized rakeback) for each bet. And it does not matter if it is a winning bet or not. After that, users can put received tokens on hold and get additional TFS for doing it. This is how the Hold to Earn program works.


Chipy: How do you manage to provide such high-quality gambling services to your users?

Vladislav: We often ask our users what they would like to improve at Fairspin. Besides, we keep asking ourselves how we can make the project better.

With this in mind, we are connecting new providers, improving our game collection, add new payment methods to make depositing and withdrawal of funds as comfortable as possible for our players.

It is also important for us to stay innovative. This guided us when we created our own token and launched exclusive loyalty programs based on it.


Chipy: What cryptocurrency coins can players deposit with? Moreover, how does this system works?

Vladislav: At present, over 50 cryptocurrencies are available at Fairspin. Among them are Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, XRP, Stellar, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Dash, TRON, and many others. 

crypto fairspin casino
Funding a Fairspin account in cryptocurrency is very easy. First, it is necessary to open the Deposit page on the site, choose a cryptocurrency and indicate the desired deposit amount. Then you should copy the wallet address where to transfer funds or scan the QR code. And the last steps are to go to the website of your crypto wallet and make the transaction in your account. After that, funds will be credited to your Fairspin account as quickly as possible.

Chipy: Fairspin seems to have a really wide collection of games. Which ones would you say are the best?

Vladislav: Yes, we do have a great collection of entertainment. You can find over 5,000 games from the most popular providers at Fairspin (many of them can be tried in demo mode). And our hall is constantly updated with new games. 

fairspin casino games

We have many slot machines of classic, adventure, fantasy, Egypt, horror, animal, holiday, and other themes. Card games, roulettes, games with live dealers, virtual sports, and sports betting are also available at Fairspin.

Honestly, it is very difficult for me to single out any specific games. We try to give our players as much variety of entertainment as possible. And the choice of the game depends solely on the player’s preferences.


Chipy: What are the markets in which players will be able to enjoy your products in the future?

Vladislav: Of course, we want players from as many countries as possible to enjoy entertainment at Fairspin. Currently, our top priority markets are Portugal, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. But we hope to reach many other markets in the future.


Chipy: We noticed that you are present on many online platforms. What are the main ways you keep in touch with customers?

Vladislav: That is true. We strive to be in touch with our customers everywhere: tell them about the latest updates on Social Media, keep up the talk on various forums, be in touch on messengers such as Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Viber or by email.


Chipy: Let’s not forget about the team behind Fairspin Casino that makes it all possible! Tell us more about them!

Vladislav: Yes, of course, behind the casino, there is a large team of professionals who love what they do. Development, marketing, customer support teams, and many other professionals work every day to improve Fairspin. Most of them are young people who are very well versed in modern technologies and at the same time experienced in their fields.

The dedication of each of them and the coordinated work of all teams is the key to the success of Fairspin.


Chipy: We have reached the end of our interview and we would like to thank you for the opportunity to learn more about Fairspin Casino! Is there anything else you would like to say to our readers?

Vladislav: Thank you for your interest in our project! And I gladly invite everyone to get acquainted with Fairspin, enjoy our entertainment and loyalty programs, and then share their opinion about the casino.

Final Thoughts

Fairspin Casino seems to be an innovative gambling platform, that looks good, it is efficient, and will provide you with amazing services and products. We really enjoyed talking with Vladislav and if the details offered by him for our interview intrigued you, do not hesitate to try Fairspin Casino. Play responsibly, have fun, and win smart!

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