Token of Trust Interview Series: Featuring Ruslan Legenzov, Head of Affiliates at King Billy Casino

Token of Trust Interview Series: Featuring Ruslan Legenzov, Head of Affiliates at King Billy Casino image

King Billy is the next casino on our list to have received the Token of Trust merit badge for offering exceptional online gambling services. Explore this captivating interview with Ruslan Legenzov, Head of Affiliates at King Billy for more insight into this majestic online casino!

Q: What’s the story behind King Billy? How and when did all start?
Back in 2017, fictional “royal” themes were reaching a worldwide frenzy with the phenomenon of Game of Thrones. Add to this the King Billy founders’ personal choices (all of them medieval buffs, still come to the office in plate armors on King Anniversary days) and you will see that the zeitgeist was right to hit the market. And so we did, by launching, rather audaciously, on St. Patrick’s Day, in 2017.  

Q: King Billy is a very interesting name for a casino. Is there a reason why you picked out this name?
Our strategy, as mentioned above, was the “royal approach”. Frankly speaking, there is some kind of saturation with both these types of casinos and brand names. Since differentiation was in our DNA before we even had a website, we would not want to add another “Royal-Casino-Something” name to the list. 

When King Billy was proposed, it immediately struck us as witty, out of the ordinary, and a great name to build upon. So, we lost no time, went for it and the rest is history. Interesting trivia: there was, in fact, an English King, King Billy William III of England who reigned from 1672 to 1702, known colloquially as King Billy to his friends (he had a lot of enemies too)! 

King Billy Casino Logo

Q: There’s no success without struggle. What challenges do you usually encounter while trying to provide your customers with top-level gambling services?
Absolutely correct! What you say actually works the other way around, as there is no real struggle that does not lead to success. 

We have been struggling for our good record and reputation on the market since Day 1 of operations: with our super generous bonus system, fast payouts, professional in-house Support Team around the clock, regular software and payment updates, and regular Tournaments and Raffles.

King Billy Casino Levels

King Billy Casino Level 5

Q: As a successful brand and one of the best online casinos on the market, how do you maintain this position?
It may sound like a cliché that it’s always harder to stay at the top than reaching it, but, actually, all clichés are repetitive manifestations of the truth. In order to maintain our top position, we just work even harder and never rest. We take King Billy with us wherever we go, even on holidays. 

We trust our brand, and most importantly, we trust each other. We feel like a family (okay, not exactly a royal one, no Kate Middleton in the office last time I checked) and we always finish our meetings with our favorite motto “Long Live King Billy!”. This chant inspires us and it never ceases to impress newcomers in the company!

Q: What do you do in order to stand out from the crowd and to beat your competition?
In the era of social media and instant gratification, a company can reach customers easily and in the blink of an eye. However, it can lose them exactly as easily. We believe that what makes you really stand out, apart from the offers and features is reputation. Maintaining your reputation requires efforts from the whole team, not just a few individuals. Thus, we try to work as an integral mechanism supporting all the parts of it.

Q: As a brand, do you believe in adapting your offering in correlation with new trends on the market, or do you think it is better to be consistent and offer the same products? 
We are a next-generation casino, so we always stay tuned with next-generation trends on the market and try to implement them asap. Even if a novelty may not prove to be working in the long run, we will give it an opportunity in our casino. 

However, I must point out that experimenting never interferes with us keeping up with our great quality of support services and producing great loads of content. Novelties will never substitute our great services.

King Billy Casino Products
Q: Is gambling something you practice yourself? If yes, what kind of casino games do you enjoy playing?
I am not a real gambler personally, but, of course, I have played slots in order to understand the essence of the gameplay and thus create appropriate gaming content with our Team. This is almost as exciting as gambling!

Q: What is your approach regarding customer feedback? Do you receive feedback through reviews, live chat, or do you use a different strategy?
All reviews on prestigious forums, like and a few more, are read and analyzed extensively – especially the negative ones. 

We appreciate any feedback provided by the customers through various channels, we really think it’s something special that they are not always giving us fantastic reviews, and it allows us to further improve our product and ourselves.

Q: What slot brands should we expect to find on your platform? Older, popular brands? Or newer and fairly unknown ones?
It’s a vast Kingdom! We have all well-known providers and never hesitate to bring aboard some up and coming new ones. Evoplay and Mascot Gaming have been recently added to the 35+ providers’ family and we never stop. Our library already includes over 5000 games.

King Billy Casino Games

Q: And finally, where is King Billy going to be in a few years? What are the plans for the future?
King of the World! King Billy is rapidly growing and expanding its geography to new markets such as Japan and India. We are also planning to widen our operations to Latin America in 2021. There are going to be very interesting developments, and you will be the first to know!

Final Thoughts

Long live King Billy! We had a wonderful time chatting with Ruslan about King Billy and we definitely enjoyed learning more about this “royal” gambling platform. If you too found it enthralling, we recommend opening an account at King Billy and start your imperial adventure now! 

To see our complete list of online casinos awarded with the Token of Trust, we recommend checking out our Most Trusted Casinos page. 

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