Token of Trust Interview Series: Featuring Megan Palm, Affiliate Manager at Bitstarz Casino

Token of Trust Interview Series: Featuring Megan Palm, Affiliate Manager at Bitstarz Casino image had the honor to award its prestigious Token of Trust to Bitstarz Casino for outstanding gambling services! In order to celebrate this achievement, we had a delightful conversation with Megan Palm, Affiliate Manager at Bitstarz Casino. 

Megan shared with us a lot of new interesting details about this exceptional online casino that you are definitely going to enjoy. We know we did! 

Keep on reading to find out more about how Bitstarz started out, what challenges it faces in order to develop high-quality products, and what 2021 has in store for them! Enjoy!

Interview Bitstarz

Q: Hello, Megan! And thank you for your time! Can you share with's readers the story behind Bitstarz Casino? How and when did it all start?

BitStarz was established in 2014 and we like to think that we were an industry trendsetter, as we are the world’s first-ever casino to offer Bitcoin and fiat support. At the time, it really felt like we were the only bitcoin casino on the scene when no one even knew what BTC was.

As the years have gone by, BitStarz now boasts a wealth of options for both Fiat and Crypto players. Adapting to the changing face of the crypto space, we take a huge amount of pride in our growth and without sounding too arrogant, we certainly think we rank among the best cryptocurrency casinos in the world right now.

Q: The road to success comes through hard work. Do you encounter any challenges while trying to provide your customers with top-notch gambling services?

Oh yes, is any reward worth it without a bit of a struggle? :)

We have our everyday challenges, yes, but we always seem to come out on top and make our way around it. Our website has changed over the years and that in itself says a lot in terms of challenges. We have listened to our players, watched customer behavior and now we are ticking the boxes as to what players want and looking for.

The BitStarz team hasn’t been afraid to meet challenges head-on, as our players deserved and demand the most well-rounded casino gaming platform. 

Q: Do you have any predictions for 2021? What do you think will be the direction of the market this year?

2021… with the boom in gambling that was seen in 2020, I can only predict that 2021 will be an even greater year. More people are opting for the convenience of a casino being accessible and from what we learned during Covid time in 2020, it’s spoken volumes as to accessibility to entertainment is key as well as time-saving.

We also expect cryptocurrency casino play to further explode in 2021. When you look at the current markets and the level of adoption, it’s evident that it’s a market that’s here to stay, and we remain committed to BitStarz being at the forefront of it.

Q: What are the strong points of Bitstarz Casino? What sets Bitstarz Casino apart from other online casinos in the industry?

We like to consider ourselves as one of the market leaders and in doing so, we are setting the bar quite high for others to reach. ;) Here are a few reasons as to why we have set the bar.

Bitstarz Casino Deposit

Q: Does Bitstarz Casino have a big team behind it? How does a regular workday look like in your company?

Hmm, we still like to think that we are still a small team in a big pond. Jokes aside though, it's the talent that outweighs the quantity, right? 

We have various teams from our support heroes answering all players' questions within seconds, to CRM to keep our communications with players up to date with what is going on at the casino each week, jam-packed with promos, deposit matches, and free spins

We have our BI team who are checking on all our reporting, as well as our dev guys squashing any bugs that may come about. 

With all of that going on, we also got to look after our affiliates and keep them happy, up to date and answer any question that they may have. A ‘regular’ workday I feel is underrated as there is always something new and exciting that pops up.

Q: What is your opinion about bitcoin in online gambling? How do you see the future of these two together?

With the BTC price on a massive bull run and the number of large institutions (Paypal, Tesla, and various leading hedge funds) buying into the blockchain cryptocurrency market, it’s only looking positive and on the increase for where crypto gambling is going. 

Buckle up, it’s sure to be a wild ride ahead, and you can be sure that BitStarz will remain at the heart of this fast-growing market.

Q: As one of the most successful online casinos on the market, how do you maintain this position?

Thank you, yes, we are very well recognized within the market and we certainly feel that we’ve earned our place. I think it comes down to trust, customer service, and an all-around understanding of what players want and listening to them. 

By doing this, it has led us to obtain industry-recognized awards which we are very proud of. 

We are very proud of our selection of awards. Just recently we received the Best Customer Service Award 2020 at CasinoMeister, while Srdjan Kapor won Best Affiliate Manager 2020 at the AskGamblers.

This is on top of a stellar history that’s seen us be named Best Casino 2017 and Player’s Choice Casino 2018 by AskGamblers. We also cannot forget our Chipy Token of Trust badge that we have also been awarded!

Token of Trust Award Bitstarz Casino

Q: Do you believe in matching your offering with new trends on the market, or do you prefer to be consistent and offer the same products?

I think it’s important for any business to be open to change and adapt to trends within the market. If we didn’t evolve with the times, we would still be stuck in 2014. 

The key is to keep a constant, but be open-minded towards new trends and if they tick the boxes for the better, then it’s time to change with the times.

Q: Is online gambling something you practice yourself? If yes, what kind of casino games do you enjoy playing?

Of course! I'm not necessarily a creature of habit, so I love to test out all new games that we launch. We launch close on 5+ a week. We have over 3100 games, so there is an array to choose from and one that should tickle the fancy for anyone's taste.

Q: Do you take into consideration the feedback that you receive from your customers? How do you communicate with your users?

Yes, you are 100% correct with regards to that. We value our players with both positive and constructive feedback. We feel it is only key to know what our players are wanting from us, so once again, we need to adapt with the times. 

We have 24/7 online support chat available in both English and Russian and time zone-specific Japanese support too, as well as give players the opportunity to send us an email with anything that they may want to ask. 

Bitstarz Casino Best Support 2020 Casinomeister

Q: What kind of slot brands are you featuring on your platform? Older, well-established brands or newcomers?

We have them all! We know there are old favorites that many players find their luck in playing regularly, but we are also happy to introduce new providers to the family monthly.

Presently, we have over 3100+ to choose from. Games are categorized into Slots, Jackpots, Table Games, Live Casino, and BTC games – ensuring users can find their favorites in no time.

Q: And finally, where is Bitstarz Casino going to be in a few years? What are the plans for the future?

We may be one of the more experienced casinos around these days, especially when it comes to Bitcoin and cryptocurrency casino play, but trust me when we say that we’ve only just begun when it comes to being an industry innovator.

Our team is always working hard to find new ways to improve the gaming experience and giving our players exactly what they want. Expect new game providers, new games, new ways to pay, and new ways to play to be launched in the very near future. 

On top of that, our promotions are only going to get bigger, as we continue to put prizes that truly are once-in-a-lifetime up for grabs.

Watch this space when it comes to BitStarz, as you’ll be hearing a lot more from us in 2021 and beyond!

Final Thoughts 

An award-winning online casino that is working hard every day to keep its players happy sounds too good to be true, right? Well, it’s as true as can be! Bitstarz Casino is all that and more! 

If you wish for an authentic online gambling experience, we strongly recommend that you sign up with Bitstarz Casino right away! Good luck!

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