Token of Trust Interview Series: Featuring Anatolii Marmelade, CEO of Wild Tornado Casino

Token of Trust Interview Series: Featuring Anatolii Marmelade, CEO of Wild Tornado Casino image

Our second interview in the Token of Trust Series is presenting Anatolii Marmelade, CEO of Wild Tornado, another reliable and authentic online casino, worthy of’s Token of Trust merit badge. We invite you to sit back, relax, and enjoy this captivating interview in order to see for yourself why Wild Tornado has received this honorable title. 

Q: How did Wild Tornado Casino’s journey start? How long has the brand been around?
You know, I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of playing games online, making real bets, and having a chance to bank a jackpot. I played at a few casinos and after a while, I thought: ’Why don’t I create one? As a player myself, I know very well what gamers want and expect when they choose a place to gamble’. So this is how it all started. The idea, however, had been in my mind for a few years until I managed to fulfill it back in 2017.

Q: The casino has a captivating name. Is there any interesting story behind the creation of this brand? 
Actually, it was my brother who suggested the name and I thought that it was indeed an interesting and powerful name for a casino. Then, I started to further develop this idea and this is how the names of the guilds were created: Lightning, Storm, and Tornado.

Wild Tornado Casino Guilds
Q: Wild Tornado is always striving to offer its customers excellent online gambling services. Do you encounter any difficulties along the way? 
Of course, this business is not without its challenges. The competition is huge, and you always have to come up with new ideas. But, what is amazing is that I am blessed with a team of professionals who know which tools should be used to make the casino be one step ahead of the competition.

Q: As one of the best online casinos in the industry, how do you manage to keep this position? Do you have any secrets you would like to share?
There is no secret, frankly speaking. You just need to respect the player and create an environment that will nurture the player’s gaming passion in every possible way. For instance, on our website, there are over 4,000 games to choose from. So the gamblers can find anything they want virtually, with no limits.

Wild Tornado Casino Game Selection
Q: Successful brands also have some competition. How do you stay one step ahead of your competitors?
There are many things that we do to stand out from the pack. We offer a bigger selection of games, fees-free deposits and withdrawals, better bonus offers, multiple languages and currencies, etc. 

Wild Tornado Casino Gambling Services
Q: In order to become successful, do you think it is better to maintain your values and principles, or always looking for change and transformation?
There are principles that you have to maintain regardless of circumstances, yet, without change and transformation, you won’t get far in business. When the first crypto-focused players started searching for a place to gamble, we were one of the few casinos where they could play with Bitcoin. Now, we have plenty of crypto options on offer and a loyal base of Bitcoin gamblers. So yes, it’s essential to be in step with the times. 

Q: Do you also like to gamble? If yes, what types of casino games do you enjoy playing the most?
Yes, I have already mentioned that I play myself. I’m into everything that kind of trains my brain. I love blackjack and casino hold’em. I also play slots every now and then, mostly when I need to relax my mind. Now, these games are so well made and entertaining that it’s hard to resist trying out something new and exciting.

Q: Do you value your customers’ feedback? How do you keep in touch with them? Reviews, live chat support, or something else?
The player’s feedback is very important, of course. Our live chat is available at any time of day or night, and we make a weekly analysis of the player satisfaction based on the feedback that gamblers give to our support assistants. This helps us improve and offer better services, so of course, we value any kind of feedback.

Q: What kind of slot brands are you going to launch on your platform? The more popular ones? Or new on the market, as well?
We’re constantly including providers, both older and new, into our game collection. And we’re currently planning to add games by Playtech.

Q: And last but not least, where do you see Wild Tornado as a brand in a few years? Do you also have plans for the near future?
In a few years, WildTornado will not be just a top choice for gamblers within many markets, it will be a trend-setter and an unstoppable force in the industry. You’ll see it soon, I promise, lol! :)

Wild Tornado Casino Logo

Final Thoughts

If you enjoyed this interview, you will definitely have a blast going on a wild adventure with Wild Tornado. All you need to do is open an account at Wild Tornado and the fun can begin. 

To see our complete list of online casinos awarded with the Token of Trust, please visit our Most Trusted Casinos page. See you in the next Token of Trust interview!

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