Chipy’s Exclusive Interview with Yulia Aliakseyeva Project-Manager at BGaming

Chipy’s Exclusive Interview with Yulia Aliakseyeva Project-Manager at BGaming image has interviewed Yulia Aliakseyeva, Project-Manager at BGaming, an online gaming software company that offers a wide variety of captivating slots and table games. Yulia shared with us some stories about BGaming’s journey, how they got started, what the company’s vision is, what makes their games unique and what’s in store for the future. Enjoy!

Yulia Aliakseyeva Project Manager BGaming

Q: Hello Yulia! First of all, we would like to thank you for setting aside time for this interview. Can you please introduce BGaming and yourself to our readers?

Hello! It’s a big pleasure to talk to you! I’m Yulia Aliakseyeva, project-manager at BGaming. I’ve been working in this position for over two years. I used to work as a web-developer, but I was interested in all stages of a game’s development, that’s why I started my career as a Project-Manager in the iGaming industry. 

In regards to our company, BGaming is a game provider that produces different types of casino games. We specialize in slots and table games with the world’s fiat currencies, cryptocurrencies, and with a clear interface and HD mobile-friendly. 

Q: BGaming was founded at the beginning of 2018, so not very long ago. What are the positives and negatives of being a new game developer on the market? 

Actually, we have quite a large expertise in iGaming. We’ve been working on making games since 2012. We’ve put all the knowledge we’ve gained in 6 years into the creation of a new brand that came to life in 2018. That’s how the team known as BGaming was founded two years ago.

So, I would say that we are an experienced team with reserves of creativity. We are full of ideas and inspiration we want to share with our players. We are ambitious in terms of creating unique games, we have enough desire and strength even to set trends in the iGaming industry. But this market is very competitive, so we have to be one step ahead of others to be in demand and successful. It’s not easy!

Q: Can you give us some more insight into what BGaming Vision is?

In this fast-paced iGaming world with its almost limitless technical possibilities, the most important thing is to respect the players and their choice. That’s why our basic idea of BGaming is that all the products we produce should be honest and credible. This is the only way to earn the attention of partners and players. 

Our team does all the best to balance visual and math components with rich gameplay and captivating features. We love what we do and therefore we are always passionate about each project. We believe that all this energy is passed on to the players.

BGaming Software Provider Team

Q: Most of the games that BGaming has released thus far are video slots. Can you tell us what are the most important qualities of a slot game?

Slots in all shapes and forms are very popular among players all over the world. We aim to make every slot unique in its style. We want players to really take in the essence by enhancing the game’s atmosphere. That’s why we’re always very demanding on graphic and musical design - this is one of the most important criteria for product quality. 

It should also be convenient for desktop and mobile playing. But the key thing is to attract players with surprising features, which can significantly increase the chances of winnings. We’re not greedy at all ;).  We want to see more and more satisfied winners!

Q: Does one of your games have an interesting story behind that is worth sharing with our readers?

I’d like to tell you about the slot Elvis Frog in Vegas. It's a very bright game full of energy and excitement. Working on this game we wanted to combine some symbols of gambling and reach. An eccentric frog in the form of the pop king performs in the most exciting place on the planet!

Just as the path of a rising Hollywood star, the process of starting with the idea and finishing with the release was not quite easy. The idea came to our minds 2 years ago but it wasn’t embodied. 

One year passed by and we started to focus on slot games, we improved our skills and had enough experience to finally embody that idea. It was early 2020, we tried our best to make this game fantastic!  We went through a lot of brainstorms and changes, and it was released as one of the most successful BGaming slots

Actually, everybody in the team loves the character of Elvis Frog. Everyone put their own talent, energy, and enthusiasm into it. And I think that this сheerful and ambitious character is a reflection of BGaming’s team spirit

Q: What are the most popular Bgaming titles among players and operators alike?

There are many new products on the top of BGaming’s games. For example, our multislot All Lucky Clovers which was released in September has four games in one. It’s very attractive. Elvis Frog in Vegas is on the list as well. I would also outline the following games: Lucky Lady's Clover, Aztec Magic Deluxe, Book of Pyramids, and Fire Lightning

Every slot has its unique style, excellent graphics, and of course pleasant features that make games more and more popular among players. 

All Lucky Clovers Slot Game BGaming

Q: All creators have various sources of inspiration. Are there any competitors that you look up to?

Of course, we’re closely monitoring the market and all the new products. It’s very important to be in the loop of it. And actually, we’re always happy about the successful decisions of our colleagues. I’d like to think that we are more colleagues than competitors. 

So, all of this encourages the BGaming team to work harder and generate more and more creative ideas. This is what makes iGaming so fast-growing and dynamic.

Q: Do you have any personal favorites among your games? If yes, then what makes them stand out?

For me, it’s Fire Lightning, as it was my first release at BGaming. I like this game for its ancient mythology theme and for its unique and stunning atmosphere. It’s very close to my heart.

I’m also fond of our new slot All Lucky Clovers. It's a classic fruit slot but in a modern style. The main thing about this slot is that it has four games in one. There is a convenient interface that helps to change modes quickly and try all the chances to win. Actually, it’s something new on the iGaming market! As we see it, the players appreciated this innovation!

Q: The iGaming industry has developed to a great extent recently. As you see it, were there any significant trends that impacted the industry in the last years?

The most significant trend is that providers make games with 97% RTP, we do it as well! It’s really popular at the moment and it attracts more and more players all around the world. Also, megaways slots have made gambling even more intriguing. Moreover, the speed of life reflects on the games as well. For example, the speed of the round turned from 5 seconds for a spin to half a second for a spin. That's impressive, isn't it? It should also be noted that we see the influence of casual games on this sphere.

Q: “Hit the Route” is one of your upcoming releases. Can you offer us any interesting insights into the development process of this slot game?

We were inspired by the idea of traveling through the legendary Route 66 and wanted to put this authentic atmosphere in the slot - bright billboards, retro cars, and fiery rhythms of music. 

This game is about our passion for adventures. That is what connects us. Hit the Route is a story about three girls who dream of being famous. They go from Chicago to Los Angeles and have a lot of adventures along the way. 

We put some surprising features in this game. For example, mystery wilds. It’s on fire! And there is also a special music score in this slot. It has a playlist with different melodies that were сomposed by our team. Every player will find the perfect one for themselves!
Hit The Route Slot Game BGaming

Q: We’re always eager to hear about upcoming titles. Would you share any details of your future releases?

Recently, we’ve signed a significant deal with the World Boxing Council. It’s very exciting! Now our team is working on a brand new slot titled Rings of Riches which will plunge our players into the thrilling atmosphere and action of the boxing ring. It’s one of many upcoming titles. We release a new game every month. So, we have hundreds of ideas to embody ahead!

Q: Lastly, we would like to know what markets is Bgaming targeting at the moment? Do you have any plans to enter new markets in the near future?

BGaming is targeting the European market, and we also work with the countries of CIS. We have a lot of partners and of course, we aim to find more and more clients and players. So, now we are collaborating with companies from Latin America. It’s one of the steps to introduce BGaming to the whole world!

Q: Thank you again for accepting to answer our questions! It was a real pleasure chatting with you! Is there anything you would like to let our readers know before we part ways?

Thank you for an inspiring conversation! We would like to invite all readers to become a part of BGaming’s family and enjoy our games. We’re sure that everyone will find something interesting for themselves!  

Final Thoughts 

It was a real pleasure to chit chat with Yulia and learn more about BGaming and their fantastic games. We are excited to see more from them, but meanwhile, we will definitely try out some of the existing BGaming titles. If you are convinced, we suggest you do this too by checking out our Free BGaming Games Page. Good luck! 

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