Chipy’s Exclusive Interview with Renata - Chief Marketing Officer at Betsoft Gaming

Otilia Pavel
Otilia Pavel
Jun 14, 2022
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Chipy’s Exclusive Interview with Renata - Chief Marketing Officer at Betsoft Gaming image

The professional team behind Betsoft aims for excellence and they promise to provide high-quality products for their customers. 

Let’s hear more about this software provider as we have the amazing opportunity of speaking with Renata Banyar, the CMO of one of the well-known and most popular software providers in the iGaming industry!


Chipy: Hello, Renata Banyar! We are really excited about the opportunity of having you on, so tell us a little about yourself!

Renata: Thank you for the invitation! It is a pleasure to talk to you. 

I have been the CMO at Betsoft Gaming since March 2021 and my key responsibility is to devise and implement the marketing strategy to drive business. 

renata banyar betsoft interview

With my team, we work across the marketing spectrum – from delivering engaging content on all media platforms, to promotions, new product launches, campaigns, industry events, conferences, and everything else that carries the Betsoft brand. 

Previously, I worked in various B2B and B2C roles for globally known brands. My specialization is in marketing strategy including brand awareness, promotions, CRM, and innovative in-game tools. 

This wide-ranging exposure to the iGaming world has involved me relocating to Vienna, Gibraltar, and Malta and, as I love traveling, this is a bonus.


Chipy: You are now present in quite a few markets! Are there any new markets where your games can be played?

Renata: Latin America is a big market for us. Betsoft passed rigorous ISMS Audits in 2020 and this gave us access to Colombia (and Spain). 

Our first partnership in Colombia was with Rivalo, the country’s only vertically integrated, licensed operator. 

Rivalo works closely with Coljuegos, the national betting regulator so this openness gave us immediate standing in the Latin American market for safety and fair play. 

We have subsequently consolidated our position across the continent with other partnerships.

Betsoft has also expanded into Africa in partnership with Interbet International. They are a premier South African online betting site and the only licensed betting exchange in the region. 

We received a “Certificate of Suitability” from the Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board and this legally allows Interbet’s player base access to our games.

The new regulations in Europe since October 2021 have also massively benefitted us. Holland and Belgium are key areas and we are consolidating our presence there. 

Our games have always been well received across Europe overall and, as we translate and localize many of the big hits, this adds to the accessibility of our slots.


Chipy: Since 2006, you have provided gaming products and services. What are the values that make Betsoft stand out from the competition?

Renata: As a forward-thinking business, we have always been innovative and ahead of the curve. Over the last few years, changes in terms of regulation from the business side and technology advances from the content side were factored in. 

From the content side especially, we have always been more building the future rather than reacting to it.

We believe in quality not quantity in the creation of video slots. 

We are known for our signature features - the Betsoft Buy-In for example - as well as our amazing animations and great storylines.

betsoft game collection
Releasing series such as the ‘Take’ and ‘Pop’ games creates real engagement with players:

A long-term client base and global player recognition are a great asset at any time but especially over the last few years. It makes our lives easier to have a heritage in the industry.

Tech-wise, we offer 99.98% uptime across over 500 casinos globally. All our releases are mobile-friendly with quick loading times and lightweight deployment. 

Of course, the games are compatible across platforms and devices and there is no loss of quality in our imagery on mobile play either. All Betsoft games are verified by all leading certification houses including GLI and iTech Labs.

So, what makes us stand out is our originality; brand integrity; quality content; immersive play; excellent RTP; speed to market without lowering standards and we are an easy company to work with. 

We provide support, marketing services, and technical backup, so clients and operators are confident that we understand and support their business goals.


Chipy: What are the Betsoft products that can and will improve players' gaming sessions?

Renata: We have recently launched in-game promo tools from our Drive™ toolbox. Take the Prize™ is the first Betsoft Drive™ product and is having a big effect already. 

More tools are currently in development. Whilst each tool is designed to work effortlessly on a standalone basis, all the promotion tools can also be combined simultaneously on the qualifying games and/or across the same promotion and timeframe. This leads to substantial wins and massively exciting gameplay for players.


Chipy: We think that your in-game tool Take the Prize™ sounds very interesting. Tell us more about how it improves the gaming experience for players?

Renata: Take the Prize™ significantly adds to the overall player experience with enhanced gamification and additional wins. 

It offers a random fortune wheel with cash prizes or bonuses in the qualifying games throughout any promotion without interrupting gameplay or affecting RTP. 

Prize-winning spins can be triggered at any point in the game. It is also applicable in any chosen game in our portfolio and is a great addition for promos and – eventually – tournaments.

As it is a customizable tool, it offers in-game experiences with real-time notifications, instant rewards, and a highly inventive UI for the ultimate user experience. 

We ensured that, as a visually high-impact product, Take the Prize™ is especially mobile-friendly and compatible across all devices.

“Changing the way we play” was the driving force behind Take the Prize™. We wanted to increase the connection players have with us, boost game performance and give bigger wins. 

Not only is this great news for our players but, simultaneously, our clients are also fully supported in their efforts to enhance player engagement and retention.


Chipy: It looks like you are on a journey of expansion and we are sure that our readers will love to hear more about the upcoming Betsoft titles they’ll be enjoying in the future!

betsoft coming soon games
Renata: We are more about quality over quantity in our releases, but the company is expanding and we are also always looking for new talent to join us.

We have several releases currently in production. Gemini Joker™ was released in May 2022 and this will be followed by Book of Helios™ at the end of June. 

Wilds of Fortune™ is due out in July and a new Red Dragon™ release Winds of Wealth™ is ready for August. The Roadmap is also full for September onwards, but we will publicize those new titles next quarter.

Betsoft has a fantastic new game in the pipeline. This is quite a change of direction for us and to say we are excited is an understatement. I can’t tell you any more just yet, other than watch this space!


Chipy: We are sure that players would like to keep in touch with you! What are the platforms where they can stay updated with the latest news?

Renata: We are currently redesigning and rebuilding our website -  – which will launch mid-summer. 

We rebuilt the Client Area earlier this year to make access to all the assets as straightforward as possible for our customers. Our newsletter is emailed to subscribed clients. Subscribing is easy and accessible via the website contact form.

We are also very active on social media - all the usual platforms such as  Betsoft Gaming: Overview | LinkedIn Betsoft Gaming (@BetsoftGaming) / Twitter 

We try to keep messages on point, relevant, and short! And, of course, it’s great to be able to get feedback from our players. We actively encourage them to tell us what they think as that is how we learn.


Chipy: Thank you for accepting the invitation to do this interview with us! This was fun! At the end of the interview, is there anything else you would like our readers to know?

Renata: We would just like to say a massive ’thank you’ to all the people who play our games and support the Betsoft brand. Ultimately, it’s all about them and we don’t ever forget that!

Final Thoughts

We really enjoyed speaking with Renata Banyar and we are captivated by Betsoft after reading this interview, we hope you are too! If you look forward to trying some of their games, you can play the free demos on our platform.


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