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Chipy’s Exclusive Interview with Maria Bashkevich Head of Marketing Team at Endorphina

iGaming companies like Endorphina are gaining more and more ground nowadays especially in these uncertain times when everybody is looking for alternative ways to have fun on a daily basis. team managed to obtain an exclusive interview from Maria Bashkevich, Head of the Marketing department at Endorphina, one of the most innovative software developers in our industry with a wide range of games. Visit here for more details about Endorphina.

Chipy Interview Maria Bashkevich Endorphina
With no further introduction, we invite you to read this compelling interview and find out firsthand what’s next on their agenda, what new casino games will launch in the near future, and much more.

Q: Endorphina has made quite a name for itself in the industry since it was founded back in 2012. Can you tell us what was the initial idea behind the launch of your company?

Endorphina was founded by a group of enthusiasts, who were (and still are) fully immersed in the iGaming industry and are very interested in producing trendy and colorful games. It’s a bunch of professionals who are very invested in making quality products.

Slot games and the iGaming industry, in general, can make players release a massive rush of endorphins when they’re winning or even when they’re just playing, so this is how the name of the company came to be.

"Our goal is to increase endorphins, so that’s why we’re called Endorphina."

Q: With such an impressive library of slots, players wonder if there are any table games in the works for Endorphina. What can you tell us about this?

We’re passionate about slots and this is what we believe we do best. However, we receive a lot of requests from players who ask us to put in the same love and effort in creating table games such as roulette or poker games, as we do when creating our slots. We take these requests into consideration and we think about executing them. Rest assured that they’ll be as distinctive as our slot games. 

Q: Having launched a large number of slot games by now, can you share some insight into the creative process when it comes to slots? Where do you draw inspiration from and what do you hope your games will deliver to the player?

The creation of our slots is a result of the combined efforts of our analysts, developers, designers, animators, artists, musicians, and many other specialists. We draw inspiration from everywhere, it might be a journey to a new country with fascinating nature and interesting culture (especially for our oriental and ethnic games), a new book (for our mythical slots) or a new social trend (for example, Diamond Vapor, Twerk), or even personal preferences, like, you know, Taboo :).

However, there is a vast analysis behind it – we are following the trends, checking players’ interests and needs, analyzing the market, and all the statistics. We have to be sure that the game is released just in time and meets the requirements of the market and players.

We hope that players will be getting lots of endorphins, loads of fun, and big wins, as well as precisely what they are looking for in our slots. Some people love bright graphics and catchy tunes in our games, some prefer games with high volatility and a good possibility of winning big. Either way, no one leaves unsatisfied!

Slot Game Endorphina Diamod Vapor

Q: Which of your games do you think are most popular among players and operators alike?

It depends. Different games are popular in different markets - as people in different regions are different, they have different preferences in slots. But in general, of course, our fruit games - like the Lucky Streak series - are top-rated among the players. Also, high volatile slots such as Book of Santa and Minotaurus attract the attention of players. 

Our latest releases such as Chance Machine 100, The Rise of Ai, Asgardians, and Cash Tank showed impressive results. I think they might be our new hit slots.

Slot Game Endorphina Asgardians

Q: Chance Machine 100 is one of your most recent releases. What can you tell us about this slot?

Chance Machine 100 is a classic slot wrapped in modern HD graphics and seasoned with some really cool features such as expanding Wilds and double Scatter symbols. If you are a fan of the classic gambling mixed with some traditional symbols, which however are sparkling brighter than the diamonds, then this should definitely be your choice. Personally, I don’t like the fruit or classic themed games, but even I was captivated by the quality and outlook of the slot. I was hypnotized by the winning animation and all the sparkles surrounding this fun slot. Chance Machine 100 is definitely a must spin!

Slot Game Endorphina Chance Machine 100

Q: What other exciting releases should we expect in 2020?

Players may expect new historical and fantastic themed games in the nearest future. I can assure you that we’re reading forums, reviews, and feedback on our performances, taking some notes, and using them for implementation in the upcoming releases. 

However, I can share with you a glimpse of what one of our nearest releases is going to be about. Expect a mystical forest and a fairytale! 

Q: Over the last couple of years, many people have suggested VR as the next big thing for the iGaming industry. What are your thoughts on this emerging trend? Do you have plans to implement this feature in your games?

The way I see it, there are two types of trends. Some can pass as fast as a flash in the night, and some stay around much longer. Of course, every time we find out about a new trend, we take some time for research, because as I mentioned before, the creation of the games is not an easy and fast process and involves many different specialists. That’s why we have to be sure that our players will really enjoy our creation. 

As we see it, VR is not that popular anymore as it has been before, mostly because it requires quite an expensive additional equipment from the player. What is more, most players prefer traditional and classic over fast fashion. For instance, once they start playing Ultra Fresh, they will continue to play it, with or without VR features. However, if VR is claiming its position back, then we’ll discuss the details of creating such a slot again.

Q: Finally, what markets does Endorphina target right now? Do you have any plans to enter new markets in the near future?

As we’re speaking, my colleagues are already planning strategies on how to enter the expanding markets of Belarus and Romania. We’re looking forward to presenting our games and hopefully, these countries will enjoy our slots as much as the others do. But I’d say that we have a very robust roadmap for the nearest future – a lot of new releases, features, markets, giveaways, and even jackpots. So, stay tuned! ;)

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