Bonus Blog Update 2022 - Introducing New Rewards and Bonus Feedback Features

Chipy Editorial
Chipy Editorial
Mar 30, 2022
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Bonus Blog Update 2022 - Introducing New Rewards and Bonus Feedback Features image

Just like before, submitting your bonus feedback will be rewarded with coins and experience points.

Starting now, each valid bonus feedback will bring you 300 experience points and 50 coins.

The reward is significantly better than the previous one, which was limited to 100 experience points and 19 coins for each blog comment and like/dislike.


The rewards will be added to your balance only if your feedback meets certain conditions. All the ratings will be manually validated by our QA Team.

Why did we decide to update the reward system?

From day 1, our goal at Chipy was to bring our users the most accurate database of casinos and bonuses. 

The new update lets the community share their gambling experiences with other members. This helps our users make more informed decisions based on actual player feedback. 

Considering that only the feedback that contains image proof will be rewarded, the ratings will become increasingly more relevant over time. This way, we can protect you from spam and irrelevant comments, while increasing the accuracy of our bonus feedback.

With this feature, we want to show gratitude to our active and engaged members and reward them accordingly for their efforts.

verified bonus process


How to submit bonus feedback and get rewarded

The process of submitting bonus feedback is straightforward: 

Check out our complete guide to bonus feedback if you want to discover what type of images are allowed and learn more about using this feature.

bonus blog rewards


Now it’s your turn to get rewarded!

We hope you will enjoy our new bonus feedback feature. 

The great part is that the coins and experience reward is not the only prize you will get from submitting your feedback. 

This feature will help all the other members that will read your review and check the screenshots you’ve uploaded. Everyone benefits from your feedback, so why not share it with us? 

In fact, you can start helping out the community right away - navigate to our Bonus Blog, claim a casino promotion, and submit your feedback once you’re done.

Remember to have fun and always gamble responsibly!

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