$150 at Slotland Casino

$150 at Slotland Casino
Min level:
$150 No deposit bonus at Slotland Casino.

Wagering: 35xB

Max cash out: $150

Games allowed: All

The bonus is valid for players who deposited at least $25 since their last free chip. As well only players who deposited minimum of $50 during the last 12 months are eligible to claim this bonus.

Note: No multiple accounts in a row are allowed. If your last transaction was a free bonus, please make a deposit before using this bonus.Casino Terms and Conditions apply.

Good luck!

Make sure to check if the casino accepts players from your country of residence before purchasing the bonus.

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  • chip1head1eyes_9mouth14

    eliina1984Level 3SwedenOct 01, 2014

    This is great

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    • chip6head6eyes6mouth6

      thebeast812Level 4United StatesOct 05, 2014


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      • chip8head14eyes15mouth10

        jayc1860Level 8United KingdomNov 26, 2014

        Not bad I suppose.

        • chip1head4eyes5mouth6

          WyldGirlLevel 7United StatesDec 23, 2014

          Definately gonna have to grab me one of these!

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          • chip16head_1eyes10mouth10

            nelsnikLevel 16NetherlandsJan 30, 2015

            Nice shop item hehe you could win big with this chip:D

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            • chip10head1eyes21mouth6

              73kdubLevel 7United StatesFeb 26, 2015

              One of the best online casino's...I LIKE IT!

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              • chip4head1eyes1mouth1

                promtLevel 2BelarusJul 23, 2015


                • chip7head8eyes1mouth2

                  jhuschLevel 5United StatesJul 27, 2015

                  dont really like slotland

                  try winaday   better games

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                  • chip1head1eyes1mouth1

                    dhackLevel 3United StatesJul 30, 2015

                    interesting!! haha

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                    • chip1head5eyes2mouth6

                      MsmellymelLevel 5United StatesAug 19, 2015

                      Just trying to level upReplyicon-thumb-upHelpful  (1)
                      • chip1head1eyes1mouth1

                        hackerjoe76Level 1HungarySep 13, 2015

                        I need level! :)

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                        • chip1head1eyes1mouth1

                          ch33koLevel 17Oct 04, 2015

                          Nice site..great gamesReplyicon-thumb-upHelpful  (1)
                          • chip1head1eyes1mouth1

                            remko86Level 0NetherlandsOct 13, 2015

                            nice game is this

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                            • chip7head1eyes_1mouth_5

                              stewex555Level 16Oct 21, 2015

                              cheap and high bonus

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                              • chip1head1eyes1mouth1

                                hopnthat88Level 2AustraliaNov 18, 2015


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                                • chip20head1eyes_6mouth3

                                  barebonesLevel 12LatviaNov 30, 2015

                                  wonderful bonus:)

                                  • chip1head1eyes1mouth1

                                    krimpsonLevel 3NetherlandsDec 14, 2015

                                    great bonus but need to deposit for cash out

                                    not too bad

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                                    • green_3head7eyes_4mouth_2

                                      aca293Level 35PortugalJan 11, 2016

                                      Another one!

                                      Deposit min 25$, played with 175$, have to wager 5.250$(35x150$), to withdraw a max of 150$?! Big LOL!

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                                      • chip6head5eyes5mouth1

                                        melanieloveLevel 7United StatesJan 20, 2016

                                        what if you've never played at this casino before

                                        can i still purchase this bonus?

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                                        • chip4head1eyes1mouth1

                                          mirexxxbfcLevel 2Jan 20, 2016

                                          good cassino :)

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                                          • chip1head1eyes1mouth1

                                            ZennonLevel 5AustraliaFeb 12, 2016

                                            Cheap bonus but mite pass on it better value in real cash sale items I think.

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                                            • chip5head6eyes5mouth_7

                                              kyyla70Level 8NetherlandsFeb 28, 2016

                                              great offer

                                              • chip6head5eyes_2mouth_10

                                                loevensLevel 8DenmarkJun 17, 2016

                                                I wish Max cashout was better, but overall nice bonusl

                                                Replyicon-thumb-upHelpful  (1)
                                                • chip6head6eyes5mouth6

                                                  BianaeLevel 6United StatesAug 02, 2016

                                                  I just made my first purchase. I'm so excited. It was so easy I had to make one more.

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                                                  • chip11head11eyes4mouth4

                                                    aymenpronetLevel 14TunisiaJan 11, 2017

                                                    Yesterday I purchased the win a day item, today I will try with slotland free chip. I hope I received it very soon. thank you TBFCL.

                                                    Replyicon-thumb-upHelpful  (1)
                                                    • chip16head2eyes16mouth_2

                                                      Comm4nd3rLevel 13GermanyJan 25, 2017

                                                      great bonus chip massive 150 dollar

                                                      Replyicon-thumb-upHelpful  (4)
                                                      • chip1head5eyes5mouth6

                                                        Spacky12Level 3United KingdomFeb 13, 2017

                                                        The BFC shop is great no other site like it!!Replyicon-thumb-upHelpful  (1)
                                                        • chip1head1eyes1mouth1

                                                          safwene2Level 3TunisiaApr 11, 2017

                                                          thank you BFCL you are amazingReplyicon-thumb-upHelpful  (1)
                                                          • chip6head1eyes1mouth1

                                                            Cillaloot325Level 6United StatesMay 03, 2017

                                                            Strange that even to use the free cash most casinos are still requiring a deposit alone with it. Replyicon-thumb-upHelpful  (1)
                                                            • chip6head6eyes5mouth1

                                                              SoSexyALevel 3United StatesMay 19, 2017

                                                              I love the big free chip list

                                                              Replyicon-thumb-upHelpful  (1)
                                                              • azure_3head22eyes_1mouth11

                                                                Georgette76Level 7United StatesJul 18, 2017

                                                                love this place! Although, Im not to keen on the $150 Max cash out! Seems very low!

                                                                • chip1head6eyes_1mouth7

                                                                  silverquickLevel 15South AfricaOct 02, 2017

                                                                  This is a nice amount.

                                                                  Replyicon-thumb-upHelpful  (1)
                                                                  • Seductive_EyesPointy_EarsEternal_WandPursed_Smile

                                                                    Feefs4Level 20Apr 23, 2018

                                                                    Wow that is quite a large sum of money and the wager is not badReplyicon-thumb-upHelpful  (3)
                                                                    • chip1head1eyes1mouth1

                                                                      DanniloveLevel 6Dec 13, 2018

                                                                      This is a pretty big bonusReplyicon-thumb-upHelpful  (1)
                                                                      • chip4head1eyes1mouth1

                                                                        slater1990Level 8AzerbaijanJan 31, 2019

                                                                        Fantastic bonus offer in fantastic casinoReplyicon-thumb-upHelpful  (1)
                                                                        • chip1head1eyes1mouth1

                                                                          GarciaVegaLevel 10United StatesJul 15, 2020

                                                                          That's a huge bonus . I want 

                                                                          Replyicon-thumb-upHelpful  (1)
                                                                          • chip1head1eyes1mouth1

                                                                            RzDIGG3RLevel 3CanadaAug 29, 2021

                                                                            I’m gunning for this for sure Replyicon-thumb-upHelpful  (2)

                                                                            • chip1head1eyes1mouth1

                                                                              sgamerLevel 15Nov 25, 2022

                                                                              This does look tempting because of the large bonus amount compared to what it costs in coins. Wagering requirements are time consuming and nearly impossible to overcome. (Without violating the terms and conditions). Most certainly there will be a withdrawal limit, $100 or $150. That said, as tempting as these are, the real money option is best.Replyicon-thumb-upHelpful  (2)
                                                                              • chip1head1eyes1mouth1

                                                                                str8laggersLevel 8United StatesMar 21, 2023

                                                                                I would.love to.partake in this gotta start saving my points but man it takes a.long time.to accumulate points it seems like....

                                                                                • ClaudiuR

                                                                                  ClaudiuRaccount-checkCommunity SpecialistMar 21, 2023

                                                                                  Hello @str8laggers !

                                                                                  Thank you for your comments,

                                                                                  We advise you to take place in our daily sweepstakes were we offer coins and Real Money Items and most of them are completly FREE.

                                                                                  Please see attached a link to one of our recent sweepstake: https://chipy.com/sweepstakes/today-s-5000-coins-free-sweepstake-mar-21-2023

                                                                                  Have a nice day.


                                                                                  Replyicon-thumb-upHelpful  (3)
                                                                                • chip1head1eyes1mouth1

                                                                                  str8laggersLevel 8United StatesMar 21, 2023

                                                                                  I had already bought my ticket for that sweepstakes... ;) thanks though I appreciate you mentioning it. Yeah I've bought a ton of sweepstakes entries in last 2 months I bought like 150 or.so.emtriez.so.I been buying no entries to those.also.

                                                                              • chip6head4eyes1mouth4

                                                                                David84Level 3May 11, 2023

                                                                                Hey bin neu hier freu mich

                                                                                • chip1head7eyes1mouth1

                                                                                  Travi686Level 4May 17, 2023

                                                                                  Me gusta cool

                                                                                   Muy interesante

                                                                                  Replyicon-thumb-upHelpful  (2)
                                                                                  • chip8head_10eyes19mouth1

                                                                                    twofeathersLevel 13United StatesAug 22, 2023

                                                                                    Awesome bonus!

                                                                                    At first Slotland didn't approve because of maximum NDB between deposits.  I deposited again (with bitcoin they have a low minimum), and played that out. Then I got with Slotland and Chipy support, whom collaborated unto a successful redeem. (Thanks again our Chipy friends!)

                                                                                    I really enjoyed playing it out.

                                                                                    Prosperous & pleasurable playing to You!

                                                                                    ~ twofeathers

                                                                                    Replyicon-thumb-upHelpful  (2)
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