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$15 Real Money

$15 Real Money
Min level:

At we love to reward the most engaged users! Turn your Coins into real cash! will send you money in your selected payment method account!

All you need to have is an existing payment method account and meet the item’s minimum requirements to make a purchase.

Simply click "Buy Now", choose a payment method and fill in the required information and we take care of the rest.

Please be advised that all Skrill requests will have a longer waiting period than usual. Our support team will review (to make sure no abuse was involved) and provide you with its decision within 5-6 business days of submitting your request.

Another item can be requested only 7 days after the previous real money item purchase was approved.

For further inquiries please contact our support at [email protected]

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    • MissLeAnne Level 8 United States Nov 09, 2021

      I have already redeemed the $15 prize once along with other cash prizes and i received it in a timely manner. I love Thank you Chipy..

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    • MissLeAnne Level 8 United States Sep 15, 2021

      I really enjoy the cash bonuses. The only thing I do not like about it , is that the real cash prizes are always sold out. 

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    • Jimbo69er Level 7 Australia Aug 24, 2021

      This is the second real money prize i've been lucky enough to get! The first one was deposited in my PayPal account in Feb no worries! But this time around; it's been 5 days! The support team has been really helpful but It still hasn't shown up in my PayPal account! The support team are really good and will get to the bottom of this!! 

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      • Bowyalex Level 2 Netherlands Nov 24, 2021

        I really enjoy being a member of Chipy.con. It's very entertaining and has awesome rewards. I have received cash awards that are sent to my PayPal account. And i don't have to wait for a long time to receive my rewards once i redeem them. Thank you


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    • Clementero13 Level 6 United States May 26, 2021

      It was sent to my PayPal the second day after I requested very pleased with the results and how quickly it came!!

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      • Admin avatar

        Admin Aug 10, 2021

        Hello dellie777,

        As our T&C state, once the request is approved, the fulfillment can take up to 4 business days.

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      • dellie777 Level 4 United States Aug 10, 2021

        Question.. I sent my request ummm ..  19 hours ago lol. Not even 24 hours I know.. But when you say second day after you requested it, you meant like 3 days right?  I'm on a mission to make cash so I think I might be expecting it too quickly. Plus I'm excited to see if this payout really happens... Not making an issue just hard time waiting. Lol

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    • Mosquitorios Level 7 Brazil May 07, 2021

      Lamento por ter o saldo para compra ja tentei todas as forma e nada, a informação nao corresponde com o que me responderam de nao poder efetuar a compra.


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