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Jul 2021 Real Cash $300 + 6,000 Coins Sweepstake!

Jul 2021 Real Cash $300 + 6,000 Coins Sweepstake! image
Win $100 Real Cash and 2,000 Coins in our monthly sweepstake. 3 prizes will be awarded. All level 4+ users can enter. You can buy up to 10 tickets per day.
Timer icon Ended on Jul 31, 2021
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Sweepstake Details

Prize Pool $300 + 6,000 Coins
Prizes 3 prizes ($100 + 2,000 Coins per winner)
Start Date July 01, 2021 at 12:00 am GMT-4
End Date July 31, 2021 at 11:59 pm GMT-4

The eligibility refers to the user level. The level represents your progress as a community member. In order to enter a sweepstake you need to have reached a certain level. Read our guide to find out how to level up by gathering experience points.

Experience points and level guide Sweepstake Official rules
Level 4+ users
Entry Frequency

The entry frequency represents how many tickets you can buy in a certain period of time (per day, per 7 days, per 30 days).

Sweepstake Official rules
10 entries per day
Entry Limit

The entry limit is the maximum number of tickets you can buy at the sweepstake.

Sweepstake Official Rules
310 entries per user

Additional notes:

  • You can enter this sweepstake between July 1 and July 31, 2021
  • Only users level 4 and above can enter this sweepstake
  • The sweepstake prize pool is $300 Real Money + 6,000 Coins; 3 lucky winning tickets of $100 Real Cash + 2,000 Coins each
  • You can buy 310 tickets in total, up to 10 tickets per day, each ticket costs 200 Coins.
  • Track your sweepstake ticket anytime you want in the “My Sweepstakes Tickets” section, on the User Homepage.
  • Once the sweepstake ends, the tickets are drawn at random.
  • The sweepstake winners need to be validated by our Community Review Team according to our T&Cs. Upon review, the winners will be published on the website.
  • Increase your chances of winning by purchasing multiple tickets. A user is allowed to have more than one winning ticket.
  • The winners will be announced in up to 2 business days after the sweepstake ends
Sweepstakes Rules

Sweepstake Winners

1,034 tickets bought
3 winners
$300 + 6,000 Coins prize
Jul 23, 2021
ticket no. 17180
Status: Winning
Canada Canada Level 6
5 tickets bought
Jul 31, 2021
ticket no. 21270
Status: Winning
South Africa South Africa Level 6
81 tickets bought
Jul 14, 2021
ticket no. 13058
Status: Winning
Czech Republic Czech Republic Level 3
15 tickets bought
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    • CaligulaHaHa Level 6 Canada Jul 18

      I won $20 and coins a few weeks ago. I had to make a PayPal account, and the funds have been transferred. The only issue I have to report is that the funds are on hold in my paypal because the account is new. With that said, the sweepstakes are as advertised. Really happy I found this site. I hope to see the playground get some advancements. I need me some Keno. Variety is good.

      Reply Helpful (1)
      • Admin Jul 20

        Hello CaligulaHaHa,

        Sorry for the inconvinience. We confirmed the transaction.

        Please let us know if you encounter any other issues. Our Support Team is more than happy to assist you.

        Contact us via e-mail: support @ chipy. com

        All the best!

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    • Donpickles Level 14 United States Jul 04

      who won who won??!!?? I just can't wait!!!

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      • BaylaAnderson Level 7 United States Jul 05

        LMFAO!!! You have my level of impatiens and my sense of humor... Are we related? Lol/jk

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