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FREE Surprise Sweepstake - Jul 2021: $45 + 9,000 Coins!

FREE Surprise Sweepstake - Jul 2021: $45 + 9,000 Coins! image
3 Lucky Winners will each get $15 & 3,000 Coins! Get your FREE ticket and join now! All Level 0+ users are welcomed.
Timer icon Ended on Jul 28, 2021
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Sweepstake Details

Prize Pool $45 + 9,000 Coins
Prizes 3 prizes ($15 + 3,000 Coins per winner)
Start Date July 19, 2021 at 12:00 am GMT-4
End Date July 28, 2021 at 11:59 pm GMT-4

The eligibility refers to the user level. The level represents your progress as a community member. In order to enter a sweepstake you need to have reached a certain level. Read our guide to find out how to level up by gathering experience points.

Experience points and level guide Sweepstake Official rules
Level 0+ users
Entry Frequency

The entry frequency represents how many tickets you can buy in a certain period of time (per day, per 7 days, per 30 days).

Sweepstake Official rules
1 entry per day
Entry Limit

The entry limit is the maximum number of tickets you can buy at the sweepstake.

Sweepstake Official Rules
10 entries per user

Additional info:

  • You can join anytime between July 19 - July 28, 2021
  • This is a free-entry sweepstake, no coins needed
  • 1 ticket available per day and up to 10 tickets in total
  • 3 lucky winners will each get $15 + 3,000 Coins
  • The winners will be announced on July 29, 2021
  • Your tickets’ status can be tracked at all times in the “My Sweepstakes Tickets” section, in the User Homepage.
Sweepstakes Rules

Sweepstake Winners

1,564 tickets bought
3 winners
$45 + 9,000 Coins prize
Jul 23, 2021
ticket no. 17290
Status: Winning
Germany Germany Level 5
2 tickets bought
Jul 20, 2021
ticket no. 15888
Status: Winning
New Zealand New Zealand Level 6
2 tickets bought
Jul 24, 2021
ticket no. 17696
Status: Winning
Philippines Philippines Level 5
2 tickets bought
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Most helpful Newest
    • Redlotus23 Level 1 Australia Jul 19

      Great idea good luck everyone 

      Reply Helpful (5)
    • Armando01 Level 15 Peru Jul 20

      This is a good chance to earn coins and win money, but it depends of the luck.

      Reply Helpful (1)
    • terjzim Level 7 United States 4d

      Looks like I got here too late. Congrats to the winners. 

      Reply Helpful
    • carlospino642 Level 7 Ecuador 5d

      good luck everyone, I'm going to cross my fingers, i hope i win

      Reply Helpful
    • Aarto Level 5 Brunei Darussalam 5d

      Good job on creating such events

      Reply Helpful
    • Niky0516 Level 4 Germany Jul 24

      Good luck everybody good luck 

      Reply Helpful
    • Ikras Level 6 New Zealand Jul 22

      What a wonderful idea fingers crossed

      Reply Helpful
    • kayb11 Level 3 Australia Jul 21

      Such a great idea, I am having so much fun in here and it's not costing a cent

      Reply Helpful
    • Klarisa007 Level 2 Czech Republic Jul 21


      good luck everyone…

      Reply Helpful
    • DawieB86 Level 8 South Africa Jul 21

      This is awsome i hope i win:)

      Reply Helpful
    • Grzegorz91 Level 1 Poland Jul 20

      Przepraszam, pisz? w komentarzach, ale nie mog?em znale?? tego, czego potrzebowa?em. Czy kto? mo?e mi powiedzie?, co robi?, gdy brakuje monet, gdy wychodz? z gry, w której wygra?em?

      Reply Helpful
      • Admin Jul 21

        Hello Grzegorz91,

        Please contact us at support @ and our team will further assist you.

        All the best!

        Reply Helpful (1)
    • kayb11 Level 3 Australia Jul 19

      Sorry, I am writing in the comments but I couldn't find what I needed. Can someone tell me what I do when coins are missing when I leave  game I won on, please

      Reply Helpful
      • Admin Jul 20

        Hello kayb11,

        We are sorry to hear that.

        Please contact us via e-mail for further assistance.

        All the best!

        Reply Helpful (3)
      • syah9tail Level 6 Malaysia Jul 21

        Its happened to me too . It was not easy to win that much ????

        Reply Helpful

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