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True Blue Casino Review

2.7 United States United States is not accepted
200% + 33 FS First Deposit Bonus
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448 votes
Fairness 2.5
Bonuses 3
Games 3.3
  • Casino Fairness
  • Withdrawal Credibility
  • Promotions and Bonuses
  • Games Variety and Graphics
  • Support Professionality
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MG Australia

Hi I was my withdrawal was approved on the 26th April after I requested it on the 16th April.. There was no email or notification as the withdrawal request had completely disappeared from the screen, hence why I contacted customer service.. I have contacted them twice so far only to be told that the funds have been released... When I have asked for some sort of Reciept or tracking number I have been told they will notify me with this???? So am I right in saying with all this feedback from other players.. That I will not be receiving the funds that I have legally won? I would like to think that I will still recurve my winnings as it has only been 3 weeks which.. According to other players.. I still have a week or so to go lol... But why are these websites giving this casino great reviews... Can anyone please let me know which casinos are 100% quick and honest with their withdrawals.... For Players in Australia.. I would rather cancel my membership with this casino trueblue and sign up somewhere else... What a shame that they would use an iconic aussie slogan to entice honest aussies to use their hard earned aussie dollar only to be screwed.

And is there a way to blacklist this casino Trueblue? 

There seems to be more disappointment and loss than joy

Reply Helpful (24)

    Stoneyswife Level 1 Australia

    I’ve been screwed over by them too! I won $600 from them and they said it was only $100 because the rest was bonus money......I never got a bonus deal. I’m yet to see any money 2 weeks later. They are nothing but scamming c**ts!! 

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    TACAAA Level 10 New Zealand

    That is just sooo wrong of True Blue Casino or any Casino Site to do that. that is just day light robbery. Its dishonest and it is stealing. Any site that does that should automactally have serious consequences..I encourage you not to give up on what is rightfully yours and I encourage you not to let them get away with it. HEARING FEED BACK FROM OTHER PLAYER GOOD OR BAD ABOUT SITES LIKE TRUE BLUE HELPS KEEP US PLAYERS SAFE OR AS SAFE AS CAN BE. true blue will get bitten in the ass one way or another, bad carmer on them. I hope that you will not have to go through this again with any other site. keep your head up high and dont let them get the better of you. 

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Jack johnson Australia

getting fucked around with withdrawals from true blue I have won a quite a sum of money and still waiting to see it after nearly 10 days. They are operating in Australia therefore laws have to be met here if there isn't any money in my account in a couple of days I will be taking legal action 
Reply Helpful (14)

    meshelle Level 2 Australia

    Jack did you end up receiving your jackpot?

    Reply Helpful (16)

    Taleenee Level 3 Australia

    Dee  what is CDS? I have a feeling I’m not getting my money.

    Reply Helpful (12)

    Jayden Australia

    Did u have any luck with ur withdrawal
    Reply Helpful (9)


    I started my withdrawal process 5 mar 2019 after giving my details 5 times being told 5 times my pay out has been escalated to urgent then I threatened them with reporting them to CDS finally 30 may 2019 i got paid out so my suggestion is to hassle hassle threaten then you will get your money then go to another casino 

    Reply Helpful (4)

    Tara United States

    Worst Casino ever! Shit withdrawal, customer service terrible! Been waiting weeks for withdrawal, never recommend ever
    Reply Helpful (2)

    xhostagex Level 2 Australia

    What happened did u get money or did u have to take legal action?

    Reply Helpful (1)

    bslave Level 4 Australia

    I have had 3 wins from here in the last 22 months, not big but i am still waiting for the first withdrawal payment, now there saying that i need to fill in verification forms, this is what i was told directly after i asked about the first two payments and was answered with "yes they have been approved" but bow the third isn't" i dont ever expect to get money from this place

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Enigma Level 4 South Africa

Let's get a legal class action suit going against them that's the best idea for the scamm ive lost that  much money from th ed games glitch not giving bonuses and jackpots and money missing from my account and then there's the wait for money that you never get it's all false advertising so let's do it contact a solicitor and keep in touch I think shine lawyers is a good place to start if we start to contact them to start a class atction we will win and boot them out of our contry or Maurice black burn there good for class actions to. Thats what needs to be done to stop these theifs.

Reply Helpful (9)

Leann0308 Level 3 Australia

I joined here to say this.... 


they don't pay legitimate withdrawals!! There is NO customer service. their phone numbers goes to voicemail after a lengthy wait. Your emails to them requesting answers get an immediate response that says someone will get back to you in 5 fkn business days!!!!

my payout isn't large but they will pay. I'm off to the ACCC website next!!!

Casinos have a responsibility and a duty of care when it comes to their patrons, theresa fine line between playing hard and all out addiction, i firmly believe this company is intentionally delaying payouts, because a gambler will cancel the request for payout sometime within that 2 week long waiting period!!! just plain BULLSHIT

Reply Helpful (7)

Kara webb Australia

It’s been over a month and I still have not been paid I’m donee

Reply Helpful (5)

maureen chant Australia

is there any legal steps we can take to het our money

Reply Helpful (4)

Playboyhash Australia

I won over $50,000 through this casino, I had multiple withdrawals pending since the 9th March 2018, their terms and conditions state it takes a few days for pending withdrawals to be assigned to a agent to review it, once it has been reviewed and if approved it takes up to another 7 business days to send funds to the service provider to do a wire transfer which can take up to 10 business days to reach a player's bank account and the maximum withdrawal per week is $2500, I have screenshots of all my withdrawals showing the date and transcripts from multiple live chats with this casino who basically will not give me clear information about my withdrawals or what's happening with them except to say I need to be patient as wait up to 72hrs for an update which I don't get because nobody contacts me via email or phone call, I continuously have to deal with agents who stall and make me wait long periods of time and tell me that there are delays with approvals. It seems as though they do this so you can lose patience and starts cancelling your pending withdrawals and playing the money again so ultimately you as the player lose and the casino always wins just by making you wait extraordinarily long periods of times to get your withdrawals approved, and even when they are approved you get no notification of the date it was approved and for which withdrawal it was for so you can keep track of your winnings or withdrawal id's. I ended up starting to cancel a lot of withdrawal requests from early March a few days ago and playing through my winnings which is partly my own fault, but honestly half of my withdrawals shouldn't have been sitting as pending at this stage in April they should have been sent for review and I should not have even had access to them, it seems as a deliberate attempt to get you to play your winnings so the casino doesn't have to pay you out, since my first set of withdrawals placed on the 9th March 2019 I have received one payment of $2180 a week ago, chat just told me I had another 2 withdrawals approved on the 6th April and another one approved on the 17th April and only one has been paid to me out of the last three and that was paid today which is 9 business days after approval and I'll have to wait anywhere up to 10 business days to receive it in my bank account, the long process times are ridiculous, as you can see, if you have up to about 20 withdrawals pending like I did you will have to go through a shit load of chats to get answers which aren't clear and good luck trying to get information from the casino because they will give you as little as possible.  In the end theu have now also removed me from using any regular deposit bonus as they usually send me via email or it used to show under coupon codes in my casino account, when i asked why i cant use the normal deposit bonuses anymore they said I can now only use a 150% match bonus with a 20x play through because my account shows me as a player who can play long periods of time without needing large deposit bonuses, are you fricken kidding me? What a shitty answer, so basically, because I won a large amount of money my usual benefits have been revoked indefinitely, I was also a VIP player who spent thousands of dollars a month at this casino.  I'm very disappointed at the way I've been  treated and I don't believe this casino to be fair or ethical, I also had $40,000 still sitting in my player account not counting the thousands of dollars in pending withdrawals, in one day I played through the whole $40,000 without really getting any big wins, it makes you wonder if they manipulate the account since they see your a player who wins big. Such a disappointing turn of events with this casino.

Reply Helpful (4)

Shannon Level 1 New Zealand

Worst online casino out there don’t bother wasting your time!!

Reply Helpful (3)

Ryan Level 2 South Africa


Has anyone had luck with withdrawals!!

Should we do a class action!

Or do they pay eventually!!!

Reply Helpful (3)

    Medlyn Australia

    I’ve been waiting since 5 March for my withdrawal I’m up for putting them through the ringer seems like it’s the norm here

    Reply Helpful (1)

    maureen chant Australia

    i have been waiting for weeks for my withdrawal, dont think i will get it

    Reply Helpful (1)

Adrodela Level 2 Australia

2.4 Poor
Needs better customer service, online help is quiet rude, it's almost impossible to get any real answers from their support team.
Reply Helpful (2)

    maureen chant Australia

    TrueBlueCasino  what about the rest of us

    Reply Helpful (8)

    CorkyCupid Level 4 Australia

    !!! This is STILL HAPPENING! since 2018 to right now - Today! May 2020!! I have been through a painstaking saga for months to be verified and after having staff assure me I was all set for a withdrawal - even a phone call to correct the amount I was eligible for... it was just denied... other. Withdrawals ignored! I have a legal appointment next week - Tuesday - QLD Australia - anyone here is welcomed to email me. Maurice Blackburn just finished a national CLASS ACTION Suite against Radio Rentals! A renowned Australian company since the early 70’s! Taking down TrueBlueCasino should be a walk in the park!
    Reply Helpful (2)


    I am so sorry for your negative experience.  If you can, please give us another try, and supply us with your username (privately) and we will do our best to make this up to you!

    Reply Helpful (1)

    Richgtp Level 4 Australia

    CorkyCupid  hey mate very interested to know the outcome.  I hope it works out

    Reply Helpful
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