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Sky Barons

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Sky Barons
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Tom Horn Gaming Logo
Game provided by Tom Horn Gaming
Tom Horn Gaming is an omni-channel software supplier with a rich portfolio of casino games. This includes an extensive collection of cross-platform video slots, available on mobile, desktop and terminal. Their content boasts a multitude of features and promotional tools, as well as a wide variety of themes. It also offers eye-catching graphics and engaging math models, which have been carefully developed to suit players in international markets. The company’s considerable experience in both the online and land-based environment, allows them to deliver highly-engaging and commercially successful content that players want to play.
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Most helpful Newest
aca293 Level 24 Portugal Dec 20, 2019

Fantastic!! Was losing 6k, play at the max and get 5 red plains! Almost got what i lost!

Reply Helpful (1)
aca293 Level 24 Portugal Dec 20, 2019

One more try with more than 50 spins and the free spins . . . not a glimpse of them! But had a funny time!!

Reply Helpful (1)
Feefs4 Level 9 South Africa Mar 06, 2019

Lol when I look at the top winners list and there is a 94 coin win. Means game doesn’t pay

Reply Helpful (1)
cturne21 Level 6 United States Nov 03, 2018

Got the bonus that time which actually does pay a little. Not to bad.

Reply Helpful (1)
Ineednewsmile Level 11 Estonia Oct 06

i like this game, because it is so fast to play.. reccomend my friends:)

Reply Helpful
aca293 Level 24 Portugal Jul 13

At last one slot that work, but do not pay a cent!!

Reply Helpful
Romitll415 Level 10 United States Apr 30, 2020

No matter what, I seem to always loose at this one. I never get three scatters. No luck for me here.

Reply Helpful
beerkey Level 2 United States Mar 18, 2020

Game does not pay good had like 20 losing spins in a row 

Reply Helpful
Bluespirit24 Level 22 Spain Feb 28, 2020

It looks really big fun to play, and the planes will be flying through giving expensive paylines, but no ways it sas like that,  ot a single free spin, ate all my bfcs, think it was over 3000, and at times bettiwtbe high stakes and paylines were awful. But i think it is bad momentum for to play online casino, as its awful where ever i go. I'll try again soon. 

Reply Helpful
aca293 Level 24 Portugal Dec 19, 2019

Like to play this slot, but lately the pays are too short! Today played more than 100 spins and no free spins!

Reply Helpful
Romitll415 Level 10 United States Dec 18, 2019

I did pretty well on this one . I is an entertaining game. with cool; graphics.

Reply Helpful
deadribbits Level 6 Canada Oct 02, 2019

It can be very lucrative if you get the free spins on a goodf bet and  are lucky with them, but it's rare...very high volatility.

Reply Helpful
LypzzMacR Level 3 United States Sep 18, 2019

Absolutely love to play this game! Very easy to figure out and it has a lot of payouts too!

Reply Helpful
Pseudonimal Level 5 Spain Jun 20, 2019

Wasted time, he jugado la mitad de mis monedas y no ha dado nada de nada

Reply Helpful
aus1990 Level 3 New Zealand Jun 11, 2019

this game is so much fun and reasonably priced. registered here first just for great bonus on first deposit but then i have found this casino very interesting, they have great looking website with their custom template, their own achievements and hero choosing feature, something new everyone should see! Pretty nice change from all the boring. Great bonuses and great game's.

Reply Helpful
aca293 Level 24 Portugal May 19, 2019

Thank you very much for the nice performance of this slot!!!

"eat" me 13K chips, playing at the max bet, 75 per spin, without give 3 scatters or even closer!!!

It is great because, it is a lesson to "NEVER PLAY THIS WITH REAL MONEY" !!!!

Reply Helpful
lisalisa223 Level 5 United States May 17, 2019

Thanks for finally fixing these games.  I guess I am not the only one they never worked for.

Reply Helpful
grays69 Level 4 Australia Apr 10, 2019

i dont ever seem to win with this game but for some reason i always come back to it lol

Reply Helpful
Spieloflo Level 6 Feb 24, 2019

Lustiges game coole Freispiele wenn sie mal kommen mit toller bonus funktion

Reply Helpful
aras29 Level 3 United States Jan 29, 2019

BaMMeR! Not the game for me tonight over100 Put in and got one Winning spin.

Reply Helpful
grays69 Level 4 Australia Jan 29, 2019

Sky Barron's def suits the title Barron of my coins lol

Reply Helpful
rodnun Level 17 Portugal Dec 30, 2018

Cool slot. In the bonus game, the multiplier is for the total winning. 2 cool!

Reply Helpful
Chang30 Level 2 Malaysia Nov 19, 2018

Great game best winning ang so enjoyed 

Reply Helpful
cturne21 Level 6 United States Nov 03, 2018

This game did start to grow on me. I would at least recommend you try it.

Reply Helpful
cturne21 Level 6 United States Nov 03, 2018

Not much of a game. I didn't win anything. But I will try it once more.

Reply Helpful
Riverking Level 2 United States Aug 30, 2018

Tom Horn Gaming, ( it's the worst , cheap graphics, bet lines difficult to decipher, and odds are definitely killing towards the house without a doubt!!!)

Reply Helpful
grays69 Level 4 Australia Jul 31, 2018

Love this game it generally has a low volatile rate I feel but when it goes off it goes off. Not the best graphics but it has were they count

Reply Helpful
laygbet Level 8 Chile Jun 09, 2018

lo juego diariamente, es muy buen pagador

Reply Helpful
laygbet Level 8 Chile Jun 05, 2018

me encanta este juego, cuando ganas, es espectacular

Reply Helpful

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