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Spinnie Level 7 Australia May 16

a painful game to play.  collect 30 planets to get 10 free spins.  i collected approximately 1 planet every 10 spins that's 300 spins before my first free spins and it returned $2.

nothing much else going on.

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Lililotka Level 12 Bulgaria Oct 02, 2020

At first I started this game and it is very interesting, but after some time it stopped and I couldn't start it again

Reply Helpful (5)
JMP Level 15 New Zealand Feb 14

Rocket Star at first I thought it was great, I now think its ok, I found I got more winnings & better winnings then I did with the free spins. 

Reply Helpful (4)
Jovita Level 9 Netherlands Nov 06

After a long wait I was finally able to play the game. I got big big wins. Only it is a pity that you get almost nothing with the bonus round.
And what's really weird is that I haven't been able to play at all since a few days. I thought I finally got rid of the whining and that the problems were finally solved with this game provider, but unfortunately it starts all over again. Very unfortunate, and certainly not a good advertisement

Reply Helpful (1)
Maik. Level 6 Germany Nov 04

Nach 13 gesammelten Symbolen ist das Spiel abgestützt und ich komme einfach nicht mehr ins Spiel

Reply Helpful (1)
Rabal Level 6 Dec 11

Vaya ruina de máquina ..juegas juegas juegas ... Y con una apuesta de 7.5 paga con premios de 0.75 etc .. ruina 

Reply Helpful
Jovita Level 9 Netherlands Nov 22

I haven't been able to play this game for weeks now. When will this problem be solved?

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Admin avatar
Admin Nov 23

Hello Jovita!

Could you please contact us via email with more details regarding your issue?


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Habsouki Level 11 Morocco Nov 17

Nice game but the problem is that the winning is to low

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scottpresis Level 6 Canada Sep 08

So mind numbingly boring. Crap wins. I sped through a $100 on a $2 bet and got absolutely nothing except anxiety. 

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dellie777 Level 5 United States Aug 09

Did not like this at all. Frustration at it's best. Maybe you'll have better luck

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